At this time, the green capsule fairy is better than Shu Chang. Although he is a man who doesn’t want to fight, he still likes to make do with the excitement. His strength is not the strongest, but his speed advantage is definitely the most. Often, others have died before they react, and he can kill whoever is around him. He doesn’t merge with Jieya. Instead, most of the people are Jieya.

The gods looked around at Jieya, but he was almost depressed with anger. Fortunately, he stopped because he found that the green capsule fairy seemed to have some purpose … This purpose seemed to be very beneficial to himself.
When there are many people, there is no place for the trapped god array. It is also easy for hundreds of people in this millions of people to form a large array, and it is very clever for the East Dragon Immortal Emperor not to arrange others to form this large array of trapped gods.
Although the East Dragon Immortal is killing the Jieya people, Jieya doesn’t really believe that this guy of the East Dragon will fight himself with those two. At this point, Jieya is quite familiar with the fact that the East Dragon people can be simple in several words, that is, calm, treacherous, weird and changeable, and very conservative, and very particular about others not knowing this, but Jieya Immortal is quite familiar with it, otherwise Jieya would have killed him. It’s his turn to show off here.
Jie Yashi is very naive. If Tianying is himself, then it is not the turn of these people to mix with Tianying’s ability. He knows it very well, just as he knows that the East Dragon Immortal is the same as Tianying. That fellow didn’t go somewhere to play by himself. It is so difficult for him to find out.
In fact, Jieya was right, and the East Dragon Immortal Emperor was right. He lied to the Green Wounded Immortal Emperor and Di Hong. Although they are now United, Donglong still knows that this is not Jieya Immortal Emperor Root. Even if he kills himself, there is nothing. The East Dragon kills the lowest-level immortals and immortals, and even Jin Xian has not killed a few.
"It seems that it’s time for Jieya." Dong Longyin gave Jieya Jieya a sudden change of heart and quickly turned out of the crowd, but it was a sudden sound to kill Di Hong and Qing Yi. "Can you feel like fighting with me when you come out?" In the distance, Jieya looks like a fiend, and his body is covered with a black paint. This instant also makes Qing Xian Di and Di Hong Xian Di know that Jieya’s momentum has never been strong when he was young.
Now is the period of Jieya victory, right?
"Beware of Jie Ya, this fellow actually hides his strength." Di Hong gave green wounds and Donglong two people nodded to each other …
At this time, Xiao Leng, this fellow, has already run out for quite a long distance, fully running to the place where he has just arrived in the celestial world, that is to say, he has just arrived in the celestial world, but when he has just arrived, it is discovered that someone has come to the celestial world, and a little fairy has soared to the celestial world.
This immortal is really unlucky. He just arrived and caught a big war. Xiao Leng didn’t have time to worry about it. He prayed for this buddy in his heart and hoped that he wouldn’t go to war. It would be really hard luck if he died.
Shaw’s cold speed is very fast than this buddy who just soared. He felt a wind and then saw a figure and soon disappeared from his sight.
"strongman …" This is what he thought in his heart. Who knows this person? Who would have thought that he would be able to meet the huge scene of killing when he was away from time? Xiao Leng’s prayer is a little white. He can’t blame the society. Xiao Leng’s purpose is definitely not that others can think that he is far away from the lost fairy array now. His speed is also one day.
"It’s fun that this situation hasn’t happened in the celestial world for many years. My tiger Yan can still catch a good time. Haha … Little master, you two have to stay honest. This situation is not that you can interfere." A laugh is accompanied by two sighs.
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Chapter 144 Dragon Soul
Xiao Lengli no one noticed that the place was dark, but Xiao Lengli didn’t live up to expectations for the prayer. He quickly ran to the battlefield, but the place was already killed and extremely bloody, and this strength was just a fairy lever. Before he arrived, he was sent a fairy force by a person who didn’t know what kind of strength, so he died. What is the way?
The war was fought for more than ten days, when there were millions of dead people in this period, but it was easy to defeat Qing Yi and Di Hong. He didn’t kill them, and it is impossible to kill them. Now Jie Ya can be said to be the only one in the celestial world. He has gathered Qing Yi and Di Hong to occupy three-quarters of the celestial world, while the remaining piece of land is still occupied by Dong Long Xian Di, who can be said to have created the history of the celestial world. He has also taken over Qing Yi and Di Hong’s territory. Is to give the two immortals a part of their original artifact or their Jieya didn’t want it, and their attribute artifact is still in their charge. Di Hong Xiandi now has no Fengshen bag, at least he has to get it back to make Xiao Leng. If he can get it back, but now he doesn’t know where Xiao Leng is. Even Jieya, the strongest god in the celestial world, can’t find Xiao Leng.
Xiao Leng’s present place is outside the scope of the whole celestial fairy’s rule, and it has been a month since Xiao Leng left there, which is long enough for Xiao Leng to leave enough distance.
"Please also help me to find out about my Fengshen Bag." Outside the lost fairy array, the immortal emperor of Di Hong bowed down and said to the immortal emperor of Jieya. Now he is still the immortal emperor, but he belongs to the immortal emperor of Jieya. It is said that the immortal emperor can be called the immortal emperor for nine days, but in fact, there are so many people who are called immortals for nine days. Their strength is either almost or subordinate to a powerful immortal emperor. Of course, they can no longer be called the immortal emperor. Now they are honest and can continue to live in front of Jieya. Maybe one day.
It’s all possible. After all, it’s only a matter of time before Jieya is a nine-day Xuanxian separated into a ninth-grade Xiandi. He must have soared before Di Hong, but the success rate of this soaring is hard to say.
Jie Ya didn’t speak, because his knowledge of gods has covered all the areas of the celestial immortals, but Xiao Leng’s figure has disappeared. With his strength now, you can’t find Xiao Leng. Where on earth are you? Jie Ya thought in his heart, but he is very sorry now. Why didn’t you watch and control Xiao Leng carefully at that time? It wouldn’t be as difficult as it is now.
Xiao Leng experienced that time and absorbed the energy of God’s robbery. Now he can be regarded as a "divine knowledge", but even Jie Ya can’t find it. Although Xiao Leng’s strength still reaches Jin Xian in the original way, his divine knowledge can’t even find the nine-level and nine-day Xuanxian. Now even Xiao Leng can’t find Jie Ya’s divine knowledge in front of Jie Ya. If he has a very strong stealth magic weapon, then the whole celestial world will also go.
Xiao Leng also found himself changing, but he didn’t expect his gods to be so powerful. Now he has reached the edge of the celestial world, but he is about to leave the celestial world. No one knows where he is going. Xiao Leng doesn’t know that someone can find him secretly. This person is not going to arrest him.
"Xiao cold where is he going? That place is not fun, even if I go, I may not be able to take advantage of it. He went so rashly, but what should I do? Can his mission be completed? " A tiger leader said that this man is the strongest and a powerful god in the Tiger Yan Fan Trace Fairy Array. Although he is not a god who can know the facts, no one knows that there is still a god in the celestial world. Oh, not one, but several, but none of these gods have made moves in the celestial world.
Feel a throb in my heart. Xiao Leng found himself in the body, but he already recognized the main ice soul sword, but it shook badly.
Mind move Xiao Leng released the ice soul sword. Although this is the fairy sword, I felt a little disturbed in my body, and I didn’t feel so good. Xiao Leng found that the ice soul sword appeared in front of me. It was no longer radiant, but it was very plain. Xiao Leng’s knowledge infiltrated into the ice soul sword and found that there was a very powerful soul inside. It was that Yi Long was stronger than frost wyrm Xiao Leng, but it was different. When did such a powerful soul appear?
"You are …" God’s knowledge infiltrated into the ice soul sword Xiao Leng, but before frost wyrm, it turned into a villain. Of course, this villain is aimed at this huge dragon. Actually, he condensed a villain according to his own body proportion, of course, to prove that this dragon is huge.
The huge dragon body is hundreds of meters long and very thick outside. The huge dragon head makes Xiao Leng feel that there must be someone in the world. The size of a house is huge, but there is a huge window, and the head is several meters high. Xiao Leng is of course small in front of such a huge dragon.
"Ha ha, don’t you know who I am? I am the ice soul, the sword and the ice soul. Didn’t I talk to you at the beginning? How could I forget it so easily? " Dragon laughed and exhaled gas, but it made Xiao Leng feel a cold. It was Xiao Leng who felt that this gas root was abundant aura.
Xiao Leng remembered that there was indeed a voice who spoke to himself and told himself that Yuan Ying was very good at practicing for him. When did he get such a diverse baby and let him grow up so big?
"Ha ha, don’t be surprised. Now you are my master. I will tell you that you didn’t kill many people, but how can Yuan Ying make up for it with the fairy? Not long ago, I absorbed enough energy to make myself grow to this level. The master is the master, and my realistic power is close to the level of the man of God. I haven’t reached the peak yet. When I reach the peak, this ice soul sword can also exert its strongest strength. Master, you have to believe in yourself. Now the ice soul sword is no ordinary fairy but close to the artifact." The dragon said with a smile and looked at Xiao Leng with
Xiao Leng didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Powerful, this blue dragon feels powerful to itself.
"Master, when my strength can be restored, I almost hope that my master can help me find a strong body. I need to be reborn to restore my strongest strength, preferably the dragon body, but there seems to be no dragon in this celestial world. Now I know the soul." The dragon said it in a bad tone and seemed to be full of sadness
Fairyland is not without dragons, but the reign of the immortal emperor is really without dragons, but where there are dragons, ordinary people dare not go. Even the immortal emperor dare not go easily. Fortunately, these super dragons don’t have a strong desire to fight, otherwise it’s really hard to say whether they can occupy the celestial world. This dragon can understand himself, but he doesn’t know much about this place.
Outside the scope of celestial rule, it is more powerful than the beasts, but it is reassuring to practice.
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Chapter 145 God beast domain
Powerful than the beasts, they practice safely and safely, and they are not worried about any danger. They are the masters of this place, even the most powerful immortals dare not rashly enter their world because they have the strongest masters, and that is their leader.
There are several different kinds of beasts scattered in the realm of beasts: Phoenix Linglong Kirin Xuanwu Baihumon. These five kinds of beasts are the places with the largest number of beasts in the whole celestial world. The rest of the places are not without beasts, and the owners of the realm of beasts have no sense of deviating from the realm of beasts. Even if one of them recognizes the rule of a fairy Lord, it is still necessary to listen to the rule of the realm of beasts. If any beast dares to deviate from the rule of the realm of beasts, his death will not be far away, and there is a most powerful master in the realm of beasts. This is all beasts. I know that no god beast dares to betray things, but this master has not appeared for many years, but no god beast will betray the idea of god beast domain. It is safe to have this god beast domain to protect them.
There are many people in the celestial world, but there are not many in the realm of the god beast. Even Baihumon, with the largest population, is only a million members. The total number of the whole realm of the god beast is less than four million, which is much less than that of the people in the celestial world. Fortunately, the people in the celestial world also know that they can’t go to that place or they will still die.
However, although the beasts in the realm of beasts are several times less than those in the celestial world, the strength of beasts is extremely strong, and dozens of immortals are no match for a beast. Of course, these are all ordinary immortals and the lowest-level beasts, and their talents are extremely strong. This is a well-known thing. An ordinary beast is not a low-level fairy at all, or so many of their people may have been extinct long ago and would not have been so nourished here.
Xiao Leng is now lost in thought at the entrance to the realm of God beast. He also knows that his knowledge of God is a little strong. He has just easily discovered Jie Ya Xian Di and that group of people who are not far away from the lost fairy array, but who dare not enter the lost fairy array. They all know that the root of the magical place is not that they can find out that this is the fairy array left by God. This is indeed the case. There are not only gods left here, but also two gods, Sebastian and Sai Ba Le. Even if they are gods, there is also a guardian left by God here. Of course, this guardian can’t be seen by anyone, even the outermost one
"Positions we now enter? Fairy array is very dangerous. Let others go and have a look at it first. "A pick Jin Xian said that he belongs to Di Hong Xiandi, but now he is a Jieya. He is also able to talk to Jieya Xiandi naturally because his strength is not so weak, but he is nothing in Jieya’s eyes.
Jie Ya didn’t speak, but he was cold-grunted. A strong pressure made this little Luo Jinxian look pale. "My mind is also can you guess? It seems that you want to die? Hum" The five-level nine-day Xuanxian is really strong, but he deliberately frightened a group of people who are not very irritating. These people are also not so good at their heads. Now they all belong to others. Even saying "genus" is very embarrassing for themselves.
"Remember the positions, you should always obey the positions, and the predecessors who didn’t speak don’t speak first, otherwise it’s dead. This person is your role model." This person who doesn’t know the name Luo Jinxian screamed, and his strength was suppressed by the late stage of Luo Jinxian, and his strength was just returned to the early stage of Luo Jinxian by this five-level nine-day Xuanxian. This kind of strength is really terrible, so the lesson can be said to be quite serious, so it is impossible to recover without thousands of years. For this five-level nine-day Xuanxian Jieya, it is appreciated to look at it. However, he also believes that this punishment is a bit heavy. Although it is necessary to punish a disrespectful person, this punishment is a bit serious. However, Jieya, the immortal emperor, is still very qualified and worthy of being a powerful immortal emperor. It is really easy to show that he is going to shock the mountain.
Let go of Jieya and Xiao Leng, but there is something wrong here.
He mused, but found that there was a powerful barrier in front of him, which cut off the road from here to there. If you want to go there, you can break this barrier or cross it, but Xiao Leng just asked the dragon soul, but it was told by the dragon soul not to think about breaking this barrier. Even in his victory, this barrier is quite difficult. Now I want to find a weak place to break through and distract the gods. Xiao Leng found that there is a little barrier not far away, but there are two strong ones in that place. Xiao Leng is no way now, but those two are also gatekeepers. Is it possible for people to get in? The answer is no, unless someone can help him to hide his breath, but this is too little. Xiao Leng is strong now, but his strength is a little poor.
"Master, you may be able to go in first. Haha, it’s hard to say." The dragon soul laughed and Xiao Leng didn’t treat him too strongly. He is very good with Xiao Leng now, and it is in this way that Xiao Leng can joke and Xiao Leng is depressed.
Now Yue Linger is still a fairy house, and now it is also a very fairy. Xiao Leng doesn’t trust to let his little wife out. His walking speed is still very fast, but the speed will drop a lot with Yue Linger. This place Xiao Leng doesn’t trust to let his little wife out. The outside world is very dangerous. Yue Linger’s realistic power is still not even immortal, but he can be killed by any powerful attack. Xiao Leng doesn’t want to let his wife die. At least in Jin Yixian House, she can be safe.
"Well, it can be like this now." Xiao Leng sighed that he didn’t know that he would not be found in the celestial world. If he knew it, Xiao Leng probably wouldn’t have come to this place from the celestial world. He didn’t know this place. Xiao Leng was still reluctant to come, but what can he do now? Xiao Leng is really a little worried that Jieya sent people to look around for himself, and he is even worse. He has the Fengshen bag, which can still be found by Di Hong.
"Bad now that Xiao Leng is going to the realm of God beast, please …" Di Hong’s face became very ugly. Although he couldn’t find Xiao Leng’s breath, he was able to find that Fengshen bag had his arrangement breath, but the man actually took Fengshen bag to the realm of God beast. That place was not as accommodating as the celestial world, but Jieya didn’t seem to hear the situation inside the fairy array, but he still had to listen to Di Hong dialect. How to say this is his new younger brother?
"Rest assured that nothing even if he went to the god beast domain he can never come out? If he comes out, we can catch him, "said Jieya with confidence. The most important thing now is to get those artifacts from the fairy array, but it is the most important thing. Although the celestial world can be regarded as Jieya now, Jieya’s goal is not just this.
Xiao cold thinking is quickly toward the weak point of enchantment that he found. Now he is flying at a high altitude, and now he has to be captured by Jieya. It would be silly to accept the restriction of that nonsense rule again.
Soon Xiao Leng came to that place, not only with two strong smells, but also with a stronger smell, which can only be found in a very close place.
第146章 那是什么?
"Adult tiger wei didn’t find the man you see? That person seems to have the breath of Linglong, but it’s not exactly the same as Linglong’s breath. I don’t know if this person can be found only by several of our heads. Even the strongest Linglong Wei can’t find them, but it’s second only to their heads. "A female head said that in front of her is a huge beast, which is the strongest person in Kirin’s whole beast domain. Let’s call it people here because of the perfection of cultivation. Several heads can also be transformed into human bodies. Only with this Kirin king can they become human bodies.
The female patriarch is Suzaku (Phoenix), the god beast patriarch, and the Suzaku clan is the female patriarch, and most of the clansmen are also women. Now there is no male clan in the whole Suzaku clan, and there have been less than ten male clansmen in history. The Suzaku clan does not rely on sexual reproduction, so it doesn’t matter if there are no men and there are women, so there is no problem of racial continuation.
"It’s okay. Let him in. I have already found him. There is no harm in his coming here. It won’t delay our normal practice. Let him in. Besides, I am very familiar with the smell of his body. It won’t threaten us. Don’t worry. Tell those heads of families not to worry." The Kirin beast said that he is here to show the body and practice faster. Although it is not much different for him now, he is still used to his own body. Susaku heads are very relieved.
From the realm of this god beast to the present, this Kirin beast has been his strength for so long that no one can know, and that Suzaku patriarch has only lived for less than several million years, which is a junior for Kirin beast, and they also have to listen to his words.
"Interesting tsing lung you finally want to come back? You don’t think this day is quite uncomfortable. Although the celestial world is very good, I’m not going there yet. Will we still be like this celestial world? Attaching to people is not my Kirin style. Are you better than me? Haha, I have to admit this, but now you can’t do it. You can’t even reach the level of God. Why do you fight with a strong man like me? Come back this time to see what you can become. It’s hard for me to help you. "Kirin said to himself that what he just said was full of twists and turns. There was a sentence that sounded like a great hatred with Qinglong, but the latter words were very close. The fact is that two powerful beasts fought. I don’t know how many years Kirin has been slightly suppressed. It’s not that two people have been at loggerheads against two or not.
Xiao Leng found that the strength of the dragon soul is really strong, and none of the guards in the domain of God beast can find him now. Xiao Leng seems to be as strong as the idlers that day, but he doesn’t know that the strength of the dragon soul is not the strongest, but the strongest moment of the idlers that day is just nine days. The peak of Xuanxian is still far from this level, but it’s really hard to say that God’s ability is strong. After all, it is unknown whether the dragon soul is a soul form or not, but it is really strong.
The realm of god beast is really big, with 4 million god beasts, but it occupies half of the whole celestial world, and the aura of this place is also very abundant. There is another place here that is very dangerous, even the unicorn dare not go to the center of the earth, and it is precisely because of this that the celestial world no longer has fantasies about this land.
Xiao Leng is now quite relieved to cover the dragon soul. He is not worried about what his heart is still a little chug, but he doesn’t know the truth. He has really been discovered, and this dragon soul has many things that he hasn’t told Xiao Leng. He is still a little selfish and has his own goals.
"This place is really not bad, hehe." Xiao Leng looked at the scenery in front of him, but he was a little happy. The scenery of God beast domain is really good. There is a huge lake not far ahead, but there are many God beasts in it. Baihumon and Qinglong beasts have fun and fight, but they don’t dare to die. If anyone kills, he will be severely punished. If this God beast kills the same God beast, then punishment is necessary. This God beast domain is unwritten and few God beasts will go out. After all, the immortal rule is too large and the number of immortals is quite large.
However, there are still beasts caught in history, and people can’t stop them. Even if there are guards outside, those beasts can still find a way out.
"This just where where there are more interesting things?" Dragon soul sound to Xiao Leng let Xiao Leng a burst of doubts. It seems that he knows this place very well.
"Hey, what’s that?" Taking advantage of the bright light, Xiao Leng saw that there was a flash across the lake in the distance. Xiao Leng’s vision was very strong, but his knowledge of god was quite strong, but Xiao Leng could not find out what it was.
"Let’s go and have a look," Xiao Leng said, and quickly flew to that place. He is now invisible, except for the powerful god beast who can find that he is invisible to the naked eye.
(Arrive today …)
Chapter 147 The original …
Xiao Leng looked at the bright curiosity in the distance and came to curiosity kills the cat’s truth. He knew it, but he was still curious. Curiosity often caused bad results, but Xiao Leng was still curious.
It’s not that he saw that thing floating, but he didn’t tell what it was at this time, but the dragon soul found out what it was. He’s a little embarrassed now. That’s how the god beast is. Xiao Leng also found it. He didn’t feel embarrassed, but felt a little incredible. That god beast is too …
I’m sorry to say that the bright light turned out to be a white beast belly. It’s a huge old turtle. It can’t be called a turtle in the domain of the beast, but it’s called basaltic. Generally, XUANWUMON is a soil attribute, but this basalt is actually a water attribute, which makes the dragon soul embarrassed. It’s actually that there is another basalt, two basalts, a male and a female … It’s very normal that two XUANWUMON are carrying out very primitive activities to breed a generation of beasts. Who can think of it? Xiao Leng has just arrived here and encountered such a thing. It seems so incredible that Xiao Leng