You’re the one who can climb a helicopter and pierce the bulletproof glass without a single blow …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. "

Small Guangxi took out a signal flare without saying a word ——————— A green light rushed up at a brilliant helicopter with a height of 200-300 meters. I’m afraid I didn’t expect that we would dare to expose the target automatically in such a big way. I was taken aback and didn’t think too much. The heavy machine gun sawed the wood, which was as scary as it sounded. The barrel quickly rotated six guns and spewed out a flame of more than two meters long. The heavy machine gun was lined up in a slender and hot iron broom and swept it to our hiding place! We were stunned by the iron broom, and we swept into a tree more than ten meters high. Firecrackers usually blew out thousands of white sawdust. The juice of the tree was so sore that the whole tree was more than one third, and the sawdust was no longer visible. Fortunately, we had already moved, otherwise it would have been us!
"Dadada dadada ….."
I am familiar with the gunshots. If Annan spent a day in the battlefield, no one would be unfamiliar. Yes, this is the slow and low-pitched anti-aircraft machine gun shooting, which makes the hair stand on end! 127 mm caliber heavy machine gun shells lined up in a few hundred meters long fire sickle mercilessly crossed the trees and fell in rows. I cursed while the trees flew. "Who the fuck thought of putting Gaoping two heavy machine guns into the helicopter?" He is not afraid to cut off his grandson! " Don’t blame me for being so angry. You know, the anti-aircraft machine gun is not a joke. The only result of being swept by it is that it is broken by life. It bounces for half a foot, too long and hits the chest too hard. It is a hole in the bowl. It is the most brutal amputation. Even if we all wear bulletproof vests, it will still fall apart once we are shot! While flying, the small Guangxi fired bullets and hit the helicopter chassis and landing frame, splashing bright sparks-no special bullets with great lethality can’t stand too thick chassis, unless a 2 mm caliber sniper rifle is used to make the muzzle velocity reach six times the speed of sound, no gun can stand it! On the contrary, the small Guangxi was exposed because of this, and the helicopter rushed towards him. At the same time, six tubes of rotating heavy machine guns and rocket nests fired at his position, and the bullets and rains roared and the flames soared, and the trees and stones instantly became pieces of ore flying all over the sky! The little face turned pale and was in a panic in the firelight.
"You smelly monkey will give me trouble!" I muttered cursing that a rifle was aimed at the tail rudder of a helicopter, which was much weaker than the belly of the helicopter. The manganese steel armor-piercing projectile should work, but my goal is that the tail rudder rotates rapidly. If I can get shot, I can definitely put this.
When the small propeller is broken, the plane will lose its balance, and even if it doesn’t crash, it will become unresponsive. It’s not so easy to kill us so fiercely and quickly. Unfortunately, I saw the tail rudder splashing sparks, but I didn’t see or hear the blades being broken. The loud attack didn’t work, but there were still plumes of beautiful black smoke from the tail of the helicopter. Although it was strong, it was not like an iron knot being hit, and it would be injured. The helicopter was even more violent and let go of Xiao Guangxi. Six tubes of rotating heavy machine guns swept out a straight trajectory and forced it to block me at a Fortunately, I’m not stupid enough to stay where I am. It didn’t get caught before it turned, but this bloodthirsty beast was completely angered by me. I chased after me and slammed out mud columns. I could even feel a heat wave coming from behind-it was the heat generated by the friction between bullets and air. Theoretically speaking, this heat wave is not as gentle as a breeze. When the bullets fly by you every second, even if they don’t hit you, you will still die and be scorched alive by the high temperature caused by them! At present, the firing rate of this helicopter’s six-tube rotating heavy machine gun is amazing, but it is far from the level of 1 million rounds per minute. I can still roll and crawl for my life without being burnt.
A rocket flew behind me, and the explosion distance was so close. The bombardment wave produced by the explosion hit my back like a millstone, and I was beaten straight out. My limbs fell apart and I couldn’t move. Xiao Guangxi blushed and roared, "Your grandmother!" Pull the trigger of the grenade launcher at the helicopter, and draw an oblique trajectory to hit the helicopter. It is said that this high-explosive incendiary bomb can hit the helicopter badly after its explosion, but it failed to lock the target helicopter and passed by. The helicopter pilot was angry. He has been in this business for seven years, and I don’t know how many times he flew to the top of the target and looked down on the world like a god, watching the enemy run around with his short wings. It was amazing that everything was under control. I didn’t expect that today, a ghost just two infantry dared to confront him head-on, and how could he get along without cleaning up these two guys? He rushed to the hatch to control Gao Ping’s two heavy machine guns and shouted, "Let’s clean up the guy who dared to bomb the helicopter with grenades first!"
The machine gunner said, "Well, it’s almost the same without dying … my God!"
The reason why he lost his scream was that he suddenly saw another enemy soldier appear opposite him, waving a big hand and flying towards it like playing baseball. The big soldier also scolded that if he had studied Chinese, he should be able to suck it out.
The big curse is "go to hell!" But it doesn’t matter now. What matters is that a beautiful polar parabola flies towards him in that thing that is obviously not beneficial to human health! If he’s not mistaken, it’s a broken sock with two grenades stuffed in it! What should we do? Machine guns will blow it up? Who is so amazing? Tell the pilot to get out of the way, and the big hatch happens to be the visitor’s easy door. He doesn’t think anyone can survive after two grenades explode at the same time in such a narrow room! At the last second, he made the most effective but equally effective choice to throw away the old machine gun and jumped. The group of grenades sighed that it passed by and must have flown in from the hatch. The helicopter immediately turned into a colorful fireworks …
The machine gunner avoided the explosion, but the height of more than 60 meters was enough to take away people’s lives.
Chapter 20 Poisonous Umbrella (1)
Shandong swung out that bundle of grenades and saved my life and that of small Guangxi. Seeing that we were in a bad situation, this simple and honest man turned back and gave the helicopter a big gift. Thank God, if he hadn’t suddenly shot out, we would be dead! However, we are in a very dangerous situation. As Amadou said, groups of armed men dressed in rags emerged from all corners like ghosts of the jungle to attack us. We almost fought back and retreated to the river. The huge rocks stubbornly resisted the precise shooting, and these fugitives were knocked down one by one. These guys were obviously absorbed. They actually played the sea tactics and rushed over four automatic rifles one after another. If they could not stop so many enemies, it was good that the miner woke up and picked up an ak automatic rifle to shoot at random, which also filled the white spot of our firepower.
It’s their turn to cry in five minutes.
Three flying wolves swooped down and the huge sonic boom shocked their ears. The rebels were black in front of them, clutching their bloodshot ears and rolling all over the floor. Even if we wore earplugs early in the morning, we felt like our lungs were exploding. Those guys were really hard to play with! Then several bombs were hit by our guidance, and the fireballs rose from the rebels, and the rocks and trees were instantly dusted. Since the day when the boss had a rifle in his second child, the rebels’ light flashed and disappeared completely. There were still a few rolling fireballs left hiding in the jungle, and the rebels were so frightened that they couldn’t penetrate the atmosphere in the forest. The flying wolves couldn’t find the target, so we couldn’t give guidance. So these three guys circled over our heads and acted as bodyguards among us. With these three malevolent rebels, they dared not expect anything. Did they watch a helicopter fly in and take us away?
A generous and comfortable medical helicopter, a beautiful medic, is busy helping Coulloume with the wound. This tough guy’s bones are hard enough and badly injured, but he can still talk to Amadou without falling down. Even I admire him. I noticed that Xiao Guangxi has been holding a big bag of things and refused to let go of his eyes. "Fuck, did you really bring that guy back?"
He confidently said, "Just kidding, this is a lot of money. Can I throw it away?"
I can write a word, grandma. It’s so fierce that I still haven’t lost it. I really can’t imagine how he fought Shandong with such a big piece of gold. "Don’t forget Tangshan, little monkey, but you, a baby pimple, have used bait to kill more than 30 armed men in one fell swoop. There are more than 30 ghosts crying and curses hidden in this gold. Are you not afraid at all?"
Small Guangxi said, "I’m afraid of a fart."
Children are imps, and I am Zhong Kui, who treats them as dining tables! "
It’s really a language that people and money die and birds eat and die.
Coulloume gave a small piece of plastic pipe from his arms and handed it back to Amadou. Amadou finally fell into a coma. Looking at this well-preserved plastic pipe, Amadou flashed with tears. He told us that this was a precious photo taken by a loyal agent in Belan. A year ago, the agent responded to the call of the state and went undercover in a dead mining area. Since then, the agent has managed to obtain the trust of warlords, received a lot of evidence, and a modified camera filmed the transaction process of warlords’ European and American consortia. Suffering from drug addiction and AIDS, I chose to sacrifice myself to launch a riot to cover Coulloume’s escape. Looking at this small plastic pipe, we are in awe of the famous hero. When a nation rises, there are always so many heroes who are willing to sacrifice all heroes. Is this country far from prosperity and strength?
As soon as Kimberly landed, Amadou rushed to the intelligence department, where there was equipment to develop the photos in the shortest time. He thought maybe the president needed these photos.
The negotiations are full of gunpowder. The creditors are all first-class politicians and negotiators, but the young hawks sent by Belan have long seen that they are not pleasing to the eye. It is strange that the two sides can talk calmly when they collide. The British representative is the most fierce because Belan owes them a full four billion pounds at most. Even if the interest is calculated, the five billion will not be enough. He pointed out that it is time to pay off the debt together with interest. If Belan can repay it, he can follow the agreement. The seemingly reasonable requirement of giving them part of Taslan Oilfield to pay off debts was pushed back by Su Lanwu, the young chief of staff of Belan Defence Force. "You want Belan Oil to exchange blood!"
It is such a sentence that the creditors have changed their faces.
President Nimra glared at Su Lanwu, tapped his finger on the desktop and said slowly, "Kimberly mine will be taken back by our army soon, and we can pay off any old debts by then."
Creditors look even uglier. It is not their ultimate goal to recover this huge debt, but to benefit. This huge debt puts pressure on the Belan government and finally controls the country. What they want is that if Belan really pays off the debt, they don’t want it! On behalf of Gaul, it’s better to laugh than to laugh. But respect Mr. President, you probably forgot the UN sanctions, right? At that time, your country was extremely bloody and chaotic. The rebels exchanged gold and diamonds for a large number of arms, which made the civilians bleed into a river, which promoted the peace process in your country. The United Nations imposed economic sanctions on your country and restricted the export of gold and diamonds to your country.
The international market price is much lower than that of other countries. Even if you can get all the gold out before the debt expires at this price, you are insolvent! "
President Nimra’s facial muscles twitched slightly. He finally realized that Shao Jianhui was a knowledgeable person when dealing with these countries, but he acted like a hooligan. Because of these countries, he was a Lai Jun, and dealing with them was doomed to suffer big losses! If he didn’t guess wrong, that day when the Defence force conquer the Kimberly mine was when the price of gold plummeted-everyone could play whatever they like! He said, "The United Nations sanctions against China are unreasonable, which will not only benefit the situation in Belan, but also add snow and frost …"
Several representatives shrugged their shoulders in unison. "Mr. President, what you said is unreasonable, but it’s the decision of the United Nations that we can’t help. Let’s talk about debt repayment. These loans have reached the repayment date, and it’s not in the interest of both parties to drag on like this. Don’t say that you can’t stand the interest alone! How to pay in cash or in kind? "
President Nimra said, "This is the former president’s loan, most of which went into his pocket. Belan didn’t get even a penny. This debt should not be borne by us. I suggest you go to him. He is the one you are looking for."
The representative of Citigroup said, "But the problem is that these loans are made in the name of Belan countries, and debtors do not dispute us …"
The special assistant to the president suddenly came in and interrupted the exchange of words between the two sides. The assistant handed a portfolio to the president. President Nimra took out several photos from the portfolio and took a deep breath at last. "Gentlemen, please allow me to ask a question about this negotiation. Who is this person?" Snapped a stack of photos to the front of the creditors, who looked at each other and gasped when they picked up the photos. Someone gave a low shout, "God, isn’t this the chairman of the group?" How did he come to Kimberly and come to buy gold from the rebels! "
President Nimra said, "It seems that everyone knows this man. Good. I believe he won’t be the first to buy gold from the rebels, nor will he be the last. How many such big entrepreneurs philanthropist are secretly doing such dirty business? I’m not in the mood to go into it. I want to ask, is this the way of UN sanctions? ?”
The representatives of Belan side all looked angry. The guards held the gunmen with blue veins protruding. Gold and diamonds were an important source of income for Belan and the source of all unrest. At the beginning, the United Nations imposed severe sanctions on Belan to restrict the export of gold and diamonds, with the aim of cracking down on the rebels’ financial resources and promoting regional peace. Unexpectedly, European and American countries took advantage of it and were ridiculously cheap.
The price is crazy to buy gold and diamonds from Belan for profiteering. As a result, of course, Belan is getting more and more chaotic. On the one hand, due to sanctions, hundreds of civilians have been displaced and starved to death. On the other hand, rebels have emerged like weeds, fighting for gold mines and diamond mines on all sides, killing rivers of blood. The whole country will be drained of blood! This is the way of sanctions in democratic countries!
Several creditors are slightly changed, and their most shameful secrets are finally exposed, so how to expose them? What should I do if I don’t know and there is no need to know that what I am doing has been exposed in broad daylight? It’s not hard to imagine that once this matter is poked out, it will set off a storm in the world, and then they will lose their reputation! More than one creditor realized that it was impossible to tear these deadly photos to pieces, but they were able to control it. If this nigger dared to throw the photos in front of them, he must have left a bottom. Tearing it up just showed that he had a guilty conscience. The representative of Britain said with reluctance, "The photos are shocking, but you should know that photos are the easiest to fake. Maybe some people with a heart forged them to attack business competitors …"
President Nimra stubbornly said, "Then let’s use the most advanced instruments to distinguish between true and false. I don’t believe that the sky has closed its eyes and people can’t see evil!"
Several people racked their brains to find the steps, and they were annoyed and barely squeezed out a smile and said, "OK, but when it is necessary, we unanimously suggest stopping the negotiations for a while until this matter is clarified!"
President Nimra said, "Just what I want!"
At the end of the negotiation, several delegates are a little preoccupied. Some British delegates are still so confident because they still have a trump card in their hands. Now it seems that it is time to play it out. Isn’t it necessary to make some return on such a big investment?
Chapter 29 Poisonous Umbrella (2)
The central square of London is preparing to call a press conference. Almost all the newspapers have sent the most capable reporters to compete for a seat. It is rare to see such a lively press conference. He just wants to dig headlines, and the protagonist of this press conference is the former president of the Republic of Belan, who is half British. Murphy will make his first public appearance since he fled to Britain. Although it has been more than a year, the world Interest in Belan’s coup, which profoundly changed the political structure of the Black Continent, continued unabated. This was the first time in the history of the Black Continent that people participated in it and won a successful coup. With the support of John Bull and Gaul cock, Murphy was defeated by a man who barely finished junior high school mud legs by picking up garbage. As a result, the world was amazed. Even the loser could become a strange figure-it is certainly not ordinary to lose to a strange figure. The British side said that he was being hunted by Nimra government and protected him from public appearance. Now several reporters’ requests for interviews were rejected. Many ace reporters got wind of it, so the seats were not enough, so their coats, handbags, shorthand and even wallets were all taken up.
However, journalists from African countries, especially Belan, were not allowed to enter the venue, which attracted a protest.
"False white man!"
It’s hard to get in. The black boy Sam is angry and curses. "Advocating freedom of the press is that you are blocking the news now and you are talking when you fart!" He’s a Belan Gaul, a reporter for a small newspaper, and of course he’s been shut out of the door. He’s worked hard here for so many years, and he’s seen through the western media. We advocate freedom of the press, but it’s best not to practice it in our territory! What the people can see is only the censor, but they can see that it is not the censor who cares less and passes more news. That’s all. Murphy’s name is that he has heard of the great president who ruled Belan for ten years. His family was forced to flee Belan, risk his life, cross the Spanish border and enter Europe. When crossing the Spanish border, his father even let the military and police cut him and almost died. Fortunately, the Spanish military and police didn’t have guns, or even if there are too many people like them, thousands of refugees desperately try to cross the Spanish border and escape to Europe every year.
A black man with a black mouth is full of discrimination. The situation in the mainland is very difficult. Even if he didn’t starve to death, he was lucky. Fortunately, they survived and earned a legal social status by working day and night, and he also had a small fortune, and he also made some achievements.
But how hard they went through, it made them sad to think about it. He tried his best to get in and asked if the president who brought the whole country into the abyss of suffering felt even a little ashamed! He ignored the strange eyes of the people around him and searched everywhere … Oh, there is a seat over there. It’s really a pleasant surprise. I hurried over and occupied it. Besides, when I got closer, I saw that the chair had a shorthand. It was a pity that the owner had come. It was a quiet and beautiful Asian female reporter dressed in black and fashionable. I believe that a man would be in high spirits when he saw her. She smiled politely at Sam and sat down. Sam noticed that she was holding a beautiful oil-paper umbrella in her hand. It was antique and pure.
The beauty reporter asked with a smile, "Why do you think so?"
Sam said, "It is your umbrella that tells me that only you Chinese can make such exquisite art."
The beauty reporter said, "Did you see this? I’m a foreign correspondent of a newspaper in Shanghai. Nice to meet you. "
Sam grinned. "I’m glad to meet you. You know I’m very interested in your motherland. It’s the oldest and most mysterious country in the world, and it’s also a good friend of Belan people." Sam was so happy to meet this kind of good fortune on such a depressing occasion. If it weren’t for the lack of time, he would certainly seize this hard-won opportunity to continue talking with this attractive woman to see if he could go any further. However, it is important to put aside the matter of how to connect with beautiful women first.
A long line of black cars drove up and hit a tall middle-aged man with pale skin. Several black bodyguards walked to the rostrum. The magnesium light flashed. Yes, he was the former president of Belan, and the former commander-in-chief of the armed forces often boasted that he was Murphy Balanza, the bloodthirsty butcher! This handsome aristocrat was born in Belan, a relatively rich northern region. His father is a lieutenant general, and he has a fertile farm with a total area equivalent to Qatar and three ore mines. His mother is an out-and-out British beauty. These favorable conditions make him have the opportunity to receive the best education. At the age of sixteen, he went to study philosophy and law in the UK, where he spent his whole youth until his father died, and he returned to China to inherit the property. His father and friends introduced him to the military secondary vocational school and he was promoted smoothly and surprisingly. He climbed the throne of the Chief of Staff of the National Defence Force at a high speed, and then launched a political campaign to become President Belan. Although he obtained power improperly, he still won the support of many civilians in the National Defence Force and Belan. Everyone hopes that this well-educated foreign president with many contacts can make the country prosperous.
Home brings change.
I didn’t expect this noble to bring Belan a nightmare. He has a morbid thirst for power. It seems that power can satisfy him and make him happy. Whoever dares to stop him from taking power is doomed to die. His insatiable desire for wealth has almost put the whole country’s wealth into his pocket. When the whole country can no longer squeeze any oil and water, he launched a war with neighboring countries and borrowed money from foreign countries. Anyway, he tried his best to make money. This Belan man, who was praised as a "pioneer of reform" by the western world, was more than 300,000. The figure of natural death does not include the political opponents and progressive young people executed by him. One third of Belan’s foreign debts are owed by that period. It can be said that the whole Belan was destroyed in his hands. Belan people really believe that he was bought by a certain country when he was studying in Britain. That powerful force spared no effort to send him to the peak. The amazing loss of Belan’s wealth is his return to that force. It is hard to imagine what Belan would become if his rule had not been overthrown. Even so, he is still Belan in the western media. Britain, the victim of the legitimate presidential coup, has received the best protection. The Nimra government has repeatedly asked him to be extradited to the country for trial, but it has been coldly rejected by Britain. Obviously, Britain regards the former president as a bargaining chip with sufficient weight to bargain with Belan altruistically. Now Nimra is too lazy to slobber with them. If you want to keep this scourge, I don’t want it! On this unfavorable occasion, Britain played him as a trump card.
After Murphy sat down, his speech was of course prepared in advance, which was extremely inflammatory. He vividly expounded his political views and hatred of Nimra and anger at Belan’s current foreign policy.
"That mercenary guy who stinks of inferior flour overthrew my legal rule by launching a coup, and deceived some untrue national support by rhetoric … Of course, I didn’t hold a grudge against him. After all, politics has always been a strong thing. If he is stronger than me and does better than me, I will never have two words. But what did he do during this period? Make a mess of the whole country, forget about maintaining his own rule, and use the gold and diamonds belonging to Belan people to hire vicious mercenaries to kill dissidents and carry out bloody suppression on the insurgents pursuing democracy and freedom! Is such a person worthy of being president? He will destroy the whole country! Here I appeal to all my compatriots to polish your eyes. That old dog is ruining your bright future! "
Sam can’t listen to it. Although the western world has imposed a targeted news blockade, he still knows what happened in the motherland. If you compare the two presidents, if you have a little brains, you will know who was buried.
After sending his country to the future, Murphy’s first thing is to collect money, and after Nimra’s first thing is to drag his body around the world and call on the international community to lend a helping hand to save Belan. Is it not clear enough? Looking at the podium Kan Kan and talking about that bastard, he is about to explode with anger. If there is a Grenade in his hand, he will not hesitate to throw it at that bastard, even if it is smashed by a British agent submachine gun. It’s a pity that he has nothing in his hand.
The half-hour speech of the black boy gnashing his teeth has ended, and now it’s time to ask questions freely. Many reporters are scrambling to come up with their most heartfelt questions, from Murphy’s policy to his private life. It’s really lively.
Ambassador Beran broke into the British Foreign Secretary’s office and asked angrily, "What do you mean?"
The foreign minister was surprised. "What do you mean?"
Ambassador Beran: "Two days ago, you decided that Murphy Balanza should be tried for war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity and so on. Why can he brazenly call a press conference in public to attack our government instead of extraditing us for a just trial?"
The foreign minister said slowly, "is that it?" You know that his identity is very special, and the public is very interested in him. Many journalists strongly demand to interview him. We have always advocated freedom of the press to satisfy the public’s curiosity and let them know what they want to know, which is the concrete manifestation of freedom of the press, isn’t it? Would you like a cup of coffee? "