"You said that it was a normal person. If we go to the emergency department to pull the patient, the human base can’t move that."

Du political commissar thoughtfully nodded and said nothing to signal Li Chu to continue.
"This kind of patients all go out with the car. Doctors and nurses carry them to the stretcher and then try to put them in the back of the car together with the stretcher."
Hearing this, the political commissar Du has understood. He said, "I understand what you mean. You mean it’s inconvenient to lift the car, right?"
"That’s right"
"It would be nice if a few more people carried it together."
"What if there are not so many people?"
"Every time I drive, I have to talk to a few soldiers …" Here Du Zhengwei himself feels wrong. I don’t know if I can send more soldiers to follow the car, but there are not so many people.
The soldiers in their hospital have only one company, so they can’t report to the level for application because of this, can they?
As his eyes fell on Li Chu’s paper painting, another car did. It was easy to carry the patient’s car when it was low.
"Dean Li, why do you want to draw a carriage for this car?"
"It’s not cold to stay inside even in winter, and you can put some first-aid equipment …"
As Li Chu explained that Du Zhengwei listened more and more, he felt that this thing was good.
The most important thing is that this kind of car is not a hospital emergency department, but also a field hospital.
"Hey, dean li, how long is your head? How did you come up with this kind of thing? "
"No, no, no,no. Du Zhengwei misunderstood this thing. I didn’t want to come out with this kind of car in our country."
"I know that you said that the car was modified like a coffin, and it was not as narrow as you painted it. You said that the equipment was just like what you said. That kind of car can transport and touch the roots of critically ill patients, but it can’t be rescued."
Li Chu, who just picked up the jar and prepared to drink water, was almost spilled by Du Zhengwei.
Boy, what is like a coffin?
Although it’s really ugly
While du commissar has frowned at this moment.
"Dean Li, you said that oxygen bottles, oxygen bags and fixed infusion racks are all easy to say, but what about ventilator monitors and defibrillators?"
"I can’t help it. Let’s leave the required professional things to those professionals and let the medical equipment factory study them."
Du commissar rubbed Pakistan and thought for a moment and nodded his head.
It’s true that this kind of thing can’t be done by one person or two people or two factories in one factory.
Don’t say don’t just that car is not a simple thing.
But purposeful research is better than being completely blind.
"What are you going to do with Dean Li?"
Li Chu smiled and said, "This painting is too simple. We have to redraw it and hand in the report. We have to write down the requirements and objectives clearly. It’s troublesome. It can be finished in a day or two. Don’t worry."
The current job of another headquarters is to ensure the National Day military parade and so on. After the National Day, let’s have a meeting after I put things in order and then report it to the hospital in the name of "
Du political commissar’s smile on his face can’t be concealed.
"Dean Li, I remember that Comrade Wenxuan’s procedures have been completed, right?"
? ? ?
What, you people are all so jumpy?
"Ah, yes, it’s already done. He will come and report in these two days."
"Dean Li should train the children well, and let him submit his application for joining the organization when he reports."
Is this reciprocated?
Li Chu glanced at the upcoming dean commissar nodded.
"By the way, I’m going to marry Wenxuan on the 22nd of next month, and his marriage application will be handed in later."
"This is a good thing. I’m going to ask for a wedding drink!"
"No problem. I have a little thin wine at home and welcome the political commissar to join us."
Banquet at home? This is Du Zhengwei unexpectedly.
If Li Chu had no money, he wouldn’t believe it if he was killed by a banquet outside the restaurant.
The goods are paid every month, but political commissar Du has a clear door.
His income is much higher than his.
Living conditions are better now, not to mention that cadres are ordinary people who bite their teeth when they get married. Just put a few tables outside the restaurant to support their faces.
The worst thing is the unit canteen.
And he just does the opposite. What is it?
It must be inconvenient outside.
Don’t say that his daughter-in-law and grandfather are not suitable for restaurants outside.
Not to mention that the old man whose daughter is going to marry will definitely come.
It’s still the best place at home! It’s convenient anyway.
"I’ll definitely arrive then."
Du commissar left the office with a satisfied smile.
Outside the office, Li Chu looked at his windy back and shook his head with a smile.
Just about to turn around and go back to the office, Ding Qiunan’s head poked out from next door.
Looking back and forth, there was no one else in the corridor. She just came out and patted her chest.
"Scared me to death. I almost met the political commissar face to face."
"What is there to be afraid of?"
Smell speech Ding Qiunan directly threw a dirty look at her husband and went straight into his office.
"The somebody else is a leader, is it good or not? It’s so bad that I came to you to show that I was caught deserting."
Chapter five hundred and sixty Weird
Into the office Ding Qiunan directly with the table husband cylinder shoveled water at the end of the still meet a full separation.
"I’m dying of thirst. Come on!"
"Just come back?"