Looking at the distant mouth spray blood was combo Biyou Fan Cang face cold hideous "since I stepped out of this step Fan Cang will no longer regret"

"You are betting on the whole monster beast forest creatures. Once you know that the war is going on outside, my family will face disaster." The middle-aged man seems a little worried. "I’m afraid Lin Tian’s predecessors will oppose it after they come out."
"Lin Tian will support me," Fan Cang chuckled. "If you can live to his age in the thirteenth order, nothing is more important than going out of the mountains and seas to make further repairs!"
"And I …" Fan Cang took a contemptuous look at Guo Que. "I will take this opportunity to dominate the mountains and seas even if I can’t go to the clouds!"
Guo Que bit his teeth and wished he had a palm that was afraid of death, Fan Cang, a nine-headed dumpling.
He’s a finch. Why?
He’s reached the 13th order for a swallow. Fan Cang’s veins are many times higher than his. How dare you despise him?
He should be the demon master who worships the mountain and sea mainland!
One day he will cramp and skin this bug.
"In the outside world, you can fool around this for a while and then lay out the layout for a few days. We will go out and wait for other mountains to reflect that Nanshan is my family’s day! At that time, I will not be able to break the worry plan one by one! " Fan Cang spoke of his ambition.
Guo Que thought that if Fan Cang occupied Nanshan, his prestige would be even worse. Is his demon master’s dream still coming true?
Guo que had an idea in his heart.
However, he still plays the role of being timid and worrying about the country and the people. "That evil spirit kills life alone. He regards it as fun. He is good for us demons to deal with the major factions. He wants us to kill each other in the mountains and seas!"
Fan Cang laughed after hearing this. "You’re not a dull monster. There are so many monsters in the forest, so it’s our turn to fight. It’s just a trade between profit and profit. We each get what we need!"
At this moment, I feel that my idea is right.
He’s the one who should be the monster beast forest demon master.
If he wants to kill Fan Cang and his demons, he can still protect them.
It was only a matter of time before Biyou was killed. Fan Cang asked Jin Yao, "Are those people brought by Biyou still alive?"
Jin Yao respectfully replied, "Taihua Kunsha has been put to the test by the fox. Six people in the forest have died, and three others should be soon."
Fan Cang frowned. "Why haven’t you killed just a few golden elixirs? Hurry up and solve it yourself!"
With a small eye, Guo Que turned around and said, "No, Jin Yao went to the former ape Xuangang and put a group of younger brothers into the test forest to experience. He should still stay in the battlefield and I will send a message to inform him."
Jin Yao is Fan Cang’s confidant and the ape Xuan is him.
The test forest exit is an array place. If monsters with array cards come out of the test, all the monsters in the forest core will be sent to the array. If they want to enter the test forest through array cards, they must also go through the array.
At this moment, if you want to go to the battlefield, you have to go through the Dieyuan Biyou War.
After hearing this, Fan Cang nodded his head. If the ape Xuan really didn’t go there, he ordered, "Tell the ape Xuanre to go in himself before he kills him."
"Well," Guo Que promised to my heart, but Wei Lan gradually had other plans.
The great war is still going on like the sky were to fall.
When Lin Qing disappeared from the test forest, she just opened her eyes and her face turned white with a brush.
She was seeing a black force coming in the distance and being hit. Biyou Shengjun was covered in blood, like a broken kite, and was thrown in the direction of the battlefield by this fierce force.
"Bang" people fell not far from the battlefield.
Lin Qing mechanical eyes to the battlefield.
There are a bunch of monster beasts sitting on the ground in the battle field. Are they injured or not? They all look up at the sky, including four monster beasts, such as scalpers and fans, which she defeated.
What made Lin Qing’s eyes split was that she saw the bodies of Zhong Jujian, Zhang Chirui and Hu Lu.
All three eyes were open.
die with one’s eyes open—die with one’s wishes unfulfilled
Not far away, the dying sage struggled to get up and spit out one mouthful blood.
Blood is red and harsh.
Lin Qing instantly red eyes.
Drop one person in blurred vision
Black shirts stand cold and bloodthirsty.
It’s Dieyuan!
Lin Qing’s heart clenched her fist in a blaze, but she worked hard to fix reality.
She saw the fold deep kill god generally slowly walked to Biyou Shengjun, grabbed her neck and lifted people high.
Lin Qing trembled and covered her nose and mouth tightly, and tears gushed away.
"Who is it? !”
Overlapping deep keen immediately feel not far away very subtle spiritual force fluctuations, he took a palm to Lin Qing position.
Lin Qing can escape. She will pour spiritual power into the array card without thinking about it.
The battlefield was blown up by half.
The monster beast in the original battlefield was frightened and scattered, and the ox was near the original Lin Qing’s place. It was so bloody and twitched that it died without a fight.
The monster beasts destroyed in the battle field temporarily entered and tested the forest, but no one dared to squeak.
And Lin Qing beat the moment to return to the test forest without being hit by the deep stack.
She sat on a big tree, her face as cold as pig iron, and she clung to the array of cards and was heartbroken.
The monster beast and the evil spirits in the forest colluded!
They are late!
They all guessed wrong. The mountain is not maple, the night city is bloodied, and Dongshan is not evil. The Beishan Mountain is actually the Nanshan monster beast forest!
She clenched her fists and her teeth could not help but giggle.
Just then there was a sound in the forest. "Why is there a personal repair here? Didn’t I kill the Taoist priest who fell into the jungle before? "
Lin Qing lowered his head and slowly raised his ear "sword …