And when Zhenyuan flows through Zifu, there are also spots of consistency.

After nine weeks, Dantian melted a drop of Yuanjing.
Sometimes it condenses like a water drop, and sometimes it turns into an airflow.
This is the innate essence of Yuan, which is a combination of acquired vitality and ecstasy.
Then he made persistent efforts to nourish this drop of Yuan Jing.
At the same time, Yuan Jing’s breath is constantly strengthening the abdomen.
I don’t know how long it took, but it has become a longan-sized essence, and a drop of rice-sized essence is separated by a steep quiver.
This drop of Yuan Jing followed Sunday’s movement to a point called Shimen.
As soon as Yuan Jingfu entered the middle school, he dispersed into gas.
After a week, the essence of Shimen point condenses a trace while warming up the acupoint orifices.
With the continuous cultivation, Shimen point gradually re-coagulates to be Yuan Jing.
Continue to warm up like this, then separate it and open a hole
While the previous point was growing. Lingqing stopped when there was a Bigu Dan left in the porcelain bottle.
At this time, he has refined all the more than 50 acupoints of Du Ermai.
When he did the math, he found that a year had passed.
In a year, besides eating Bigu Dan Kung Fu, he kept practicing martial arts to rebuild the three magical powers of Qi Forbidden, Fu Shui and Zhen Zhen Fa Yan.
It’s not over until now.
He didn’t have time to study the hidden spirit "Xuantianjiu Dafa"
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-three Xuan day nine change
Lingqing will put aside a copy and take it over and read it carefully.
Found that this is a concise killing method.
It’s not just a simple murderous look, but it’s going to be a little ridiculous.
At the beginning of practice, it is necessary to constantly refine one’s true qi with a wisp of murder in one’s heart and turn it into a murderous look.
Then, through constant fighting and killing, this murderous look is sacrificed.
Of course, this is a quick way.
There is also a kind of slaying not by killing indiscriminately, but according to the fate of the living beings.
So as to absorb this kind of heaven’s pitfalls to practice.
And repairing to the top can lead to murder and robbery
As the saying goes, it is easy to move the stars and stay in the sky; Land-killing dragons and snakes land; People kill each other again and again
If you can aggregate the dangers of heaven and earth, you can kill them if you can prove it.
But it is a pity that there is no part of humanity in China and France.
You can only cultivate by killing creatures.
Lingqing will be destroyed directly after watching it over and over for several times.
This method is incompatible with his nature, and he is not that deadly.
It’s definitely slow to practice, so it’s better to practice the "A True Sutra of Innate Nature" honestly.
Even the Law of Merits and Virtues, or his creation of nature, summoning and other practices are better than this one.
After giving up the Xuantianjiu Dafa, Lingqing picked up the white jade with suet.
This white jade has a slap in the face, which is very good. It is as cold as snow fat without any noise.
He explored the mana again, and there was no impurity.
Heart can’t help but rise a little joy.
Lingqing will take the mana in his hand and constantly refine his own yuan.
In a short time, this white jade became a jade brand with three fingers wide and one finger long.
Then he drew the outline of a sword crane ofuda.
Then, it was continuously sacrificed and refined into a sword crane charm.
This sword crane is a template of Yan Chixia’s ordinary xuanhe.