Jade Duxiu wry smile, he is absolutely reluctant to abolish most of the mana, relying on the lotus to reshape the innate Tao to make up for the flesh, and every rebirth is not as simple as imagined, and it is not immortal without spending nine years ago.

At this time, a fuzzy transformation in the whole body of Jade Duxiu saw a fuzzy figure coming out of Jade Duxiu, whose eyes were red and blue, and the whole body was illusory, which seemed to be blown away by a gust of wind.
"It’s terrible. If it weren’t for two innate spiritual roots, I was afraid that the Yuan God had already struck a blow. The godfather Wei Neng was really beyond imagination and didn’t provoke." Jade Duxiu Yuan God looked at the broken body and saw a drop of innate water dripping from the fingertips. Jade Duxiu’s broken body seemed to be a rag doll. If it wasn’t for Jade Duxiu’s own magical power to forcibly suppress the dead body, he was afraid that the body was dead.
A drop of congenital divine water instantly stabilized Yu Duxiu’s physical condition, not to mention improvement, but to stabilize it. This water is no ordinary water, but the water of three lights. When Yu Duxiu stole the treasure house of Taidou Zongmen, he didn’t expect to refine the immortal medicine and steal the water of three lights to himself.
At this time, Jade Duxiu’s body was broken and she could not consider the elixir of immortality, so she quickly stabilized the situation and restored her body.
The elixir of immortality has not yet been practiced, and Jade Duxiu refuses to give up this body key. The elixir of immortality is very important. If it can’t be practiced for the first time, it will be difficult to practice it again.
"Xuan’s creation restores the flesh"
The Yuan God exerts his magical powers to mobilize the pure and extreme star power in the star, and constantly nourishes the Jade Duxiu’s flesh. Seeing the Jade Duxiu’s flesh, the number of quacks and creaks is broken, the bones are instantly repaired, the broken meridians are constantly linked, and the vitality gradually bursts out from the flesh.
"Alas, this body was completely crippled by me." Looking at the gradual recovery of the body, Jade Duxiu burst into a sigh for a moment, only to see that the Jade Duxiu Yuan God suddenly changed his face and instantly converged. He went into the body to see Jade Duxiu’s difficulties. He slowly sat up in the stone pit and reluctantly mobilized his mana to cast a reversal of Gankun’s rebellion of Yin and Yang to cover up his secret.
"You can’t stay here too long. It’s easy for the old guy to find a trail and change it to another place." Thought of here, the body mana rolled out and just repaired the meridians, and the cracks were derived again.
However, Jade Duxiu showed no interest in this. After mana was poured into the robe of the stars, a flicker of his body has been drawn into the stars with the help of starlight, and soon disappeared.
Jade Duxiu has just left for a few breaths. Seeing that this star field has gathered several stars, the power of the stars has instantly become a big hand. This palm is pure and the energy of heaven and earth is constantly brewing. Then I see this palm covering the star, and I will catch the first landing star of Jade Duxiu. Seeing the surge of mana in the palm, I will refine the star and dissipate its vitality.
What is the death of a star in the world? Although it will lose the gravity of a star, relying on its own strong adjustment ability, the whole star has not had the Doguro card effect, and it is necessary to clean up a star field.
"Good cunning little unexpectedly found a cat peeping and escaped." The stars roared and washed the whole star with their big hands and empty reiki stars.
"What? Escaped? "
SIRS strong people have a pair of eyes. It’s unbelievable to look at Taiyi’s ancestor.
"Tai Yi, you old guy, don’t play with anything. Can’t you decide the fate of a mere monk in the realm of nature with your accomplishments in repairing fate?" Fox God’s eyes reveal a thick questioning color.
Too easy to teach ancestors smell speech bitter face holding hands color light flow uncertain turtle shell with a bitter smile "Miaoxiu if ordinary monks we don’t have to be so big, this small is very cunning spirit unique keen seat to explore his cat was actually perceived is really terrible"
"If ordinary monks don’t practice flying knives, they will be able to go against the sky." It’s too easy for the godfather to whisper a virtual reply to peace.
It’s too easy for our ancestors to know that these guys are not satisfied with their news. After slowly putting away the copper coins in front of them, it’s too easy for our ancestors to slowly say, "According to the seat, we can determine the wonderful show. At this time, the former star failed to contribute to the JingXie law because of the hesitation of many Taoist friends, but the fire was too late. If you want to find the trace of the wonderful show, you may have some gains in the star."
After listening to Tai Yi’s ancestor’s words, many demon gods and other strong people are dissatisfied, but they can also resist Tai Yi, an old immortal, and among the immortals, it is not easy to provoke. If necessary, even if the two sides are opposed to each other because of racial conflicts, many demon gods will not easily conflict with their ancestors.
Watching all the demon gods leave one after another, the Dragon King of the Four Seas is also inspiring. I dare not say much, but I am afraid to retreat. Now the Dragon is not very friendly. It is better to leave early than to say that there is hatred to stay here and be humiliated by people for nothing.
Looking at the East China Sea, Long Jun led several Long Jun to leave, and his ancestor snorted coldly. "These guys are well-advised. Otherwise, you will have to bite hard."
"Don’t be too impulsive. Nowadays, the situation in the heavens is ever changing, and it’s even more difficult to predict whether the true Terran in the four seas will be friends or enemies. It’s really hard to say that we should wait until the race war is over." Too easy to teach ancestors slowly to persuade.
Chapter 1326 Looking for people
"Do you really believe that this old guy is too easy to talk nonsense? If this old guy cheats us secretly, no one knows the truth. "
After flying out of Terran territory, the Wolf God’s eyes flashed with cunning color, and the flight speed slowed down slowly.
"I can’t believe it’s too easy. If we really want to hide the wonderful show, there’s no good way for us, but if we want to eat alone, we have to ask if we agree or not." Fox God’s eyes flashed with wisdom. "Keep an eye on the nine old guys of Terran. If they want to move, we’ll immediately follow them. But there are dozens of mysterious and yellow people who want to eat alone."
"Not only should we keep an eye on the nine old guys in Terran, but all the monks in Terran’s nine doors should keep an eye on Miaoxiu. The old guy suffered a blow from the innate treasure. Even the last head was cut off because of his head, but it is still not to be underestimated. Miaoxiu categorically can’t bear such strength. It’s not a quasi-fairy. Even the most common monk in the realm of nature can keep an eye on us. We must never neglect being picked up by Terran."
Hearing this, the rabbit god moved a lag. "The quasi-fairy will not say that there are many monks in the realm of Terran Nature. We can’t even stare at the energy limit."
"As far as possible, it’s a wonderful show, and it’s not easy to provoke the Lord. Faced with a life-and-death fight, it’s bound to make a move. The key is to keep an eye on the grandfathers and not tamper with them to cover up the gas machine." Tiger God said
"It’s a pity that the nine old guys are extremely key to Terran, but it’s hard to get out because of Xuan Huang’s gas, otherwise you can travel around the Milky Way in person to find traces of wonderful show." The snake god’s eyes are full of regret.
The Dragon King of the Four Seas in the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea sat in silence while sitting in brocade scales.
"Brother Jinlian, what’s wrong with us sending out Long Yan Jingxue today?" After everyone takes a seat, Long Jun’s eyes in the East China Sea put brocade scales and asked, "Don’t wait."
Brocade scales smell speech shook his head. "I felt it on a whim and didn’t know it was wrong to disappoint several elder brothers."
"Alas, I don’t know what tricks Tai Yi’s old guy is playing." The East China Sea Long Jun sighed.
"Eldest brother really believe too easy this fellow failed to find a wonderful show? It should be noted that this fellow is the first person to play with the cat’s secret, even if we are not careful, we will catch this fellow saying, how can such a powerful cat’s secret skill fail to detect the trace of the wonderful show? Obviously, it is just a godsworn to deceive me to wait for the wonderful show. It should be noted that The Hunger was so powerful and overbearing in the dry days that the old guy almost killed the source. What’s more, it was just a wonderful show. "The eyes of the South China Sea Dragon King were full of disbelief."
The Dragon King in the East China Sea frosted his hands with the dragon ball, and his eyes flashed with meditation. "The mysterious and yellow people are even worse. It is normal for this fellow to hide something. It is normal for Terrans to have a bad attitude towards me all over the world now. In the future, race wars will even be full of twists and turns."
"Keep an eye on Tai Yi’s ancestor, even if the clue of Miao Xiu is concealed, we are sent back by Terran, but if Terran wants to move, it will take us a long time to say this." The East China Sea Long Jun overbearing way.
"Yes, the eldest brother said that it is extremely important to keep an eye on Taiyi’s ancestor." Sirs Long Jun echoed in succession.
Terran with the departure of the strong, the grandfathers turned their eyes to Taiyi’s grandfathers, Taiyuan’s grandfathers, and there was a flash of doubt in their eyes. "Taiyi, are you trying to eat alone and kick us out?"
Too easy to teach ancestors smell speech wry smile "I knew you would miss the seats more. This time, it’s really wrong. I really didn’t find the trail of Miaoxiu being run away. Don’t be wrong. This is dozens of Xuan Huang gas seats. I know that these dozens of Xuan Huang gas seats are not for me alone."
In the face of Tai Yi’s explanation, the ancestors of Terran were noncommittal, and there was a strong suspicion in their eyes, and they refused to believe it.
It’s too easy to see a lot of people in such a shape for the godfather. The godfather is too lazy to explain that he is shrinking into his sleeve, closing his eyes and not talking.
Seeing that these ancestors have receded, I don’t know if I want to.
At this time, the heavens and the earth seemed to be a pot of boiling water poured into a boiling oil pan, and the heavens and the earth were instantly fried.
Going against the sky, Jade Duxiu actually injured his godfather’s innate Lingbao with a flying knife, which immediately made several fairy eyes hot. Although Jade Duxiu fell not only in the sky at this time, it set off a craze for finding Jade Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu not only represents the conquerable ancestor’s treasure, but also represents the immortal machine. Dozens of mysterious and yellow spirits are enough to make the quasi-immortals crazy and make the strong people force their hands regardless of their skin.
It’s a pity that the Taoist priest looked at the mouth of Xuan Huang Qi in his hand and gave me a bitter smile. "This business lost a lot. How did this fellow win dozens of Xuan Huang Qi when he was so lucky? I knew I should have asked for more Xuan Huang Qi. I don’t know if Miao Xiu’s ancestor attacked and died."
"Wonderful show, a wonderful show is much more cruel than I was in the past, which really hurts the godparents. Although death and injury are not only well-known in the heavens and the world, it is really incredible to stand proudly on the top of the world." At this time, the eyes of the dry days are full of shocking colors, and it is natural to see the nine godparents in order to make moves, especially to see Yu Duxiu raise his hand and cast his feet to resolve the shock in the air after the attack by all the godparents. It is simply incredible.
"According to Miao Xiu’s little means, it’s too difficult to fight the last blow of the godfather, and it’s not yet known that he may have escaped." His eyes flashed with his hands and eyes in the air with a vicissitudes of life.
Terran zhong Yu gan Tian bie fu
At this time, whether it’s a dry day or xi he, it’s all about staying in the dragon chair in wait for a while for a long time. After the storm subsided in the days, you Zi slowly returned to absolute being and couldn’t believe the way, "Am I right?"
"That’s a wonderful show? Challenge the godfather? When did this small become so fierce? " There is a strong shock in the dry words.
"Yes, it is indeed a wonderful show." xi he’s words are no longer calm, and his eyes are full of shock
"It’s not wrong for me to provoke many ancestors to rush out of the encirclement in the face of the siege of the nine great ancestors." Dry day rubbed his stiff face and gasped.