As the dragon drinks low, the guards outside the door are instantly alarmed, including the hidden dark guards everywhere in hall of mental cultivation.

After the dragon rebuked him, the whole person quickly flickered from the dragon case and looked at the direction of the sound on the side of the dragon chair, so that one of the command guards had quickly shot and jumped into the dragon chair in the blink of an eye, but when he saw the small figure hiding behind the dragon chair, it came to an abrupt end!
The bodyguard stood in shock and then looked at the dragon with doubts and then at his companion. He was a little at a loss!
See this dragon heart slightly winds in three guards to protect several people together to the left side of the dragon chair and then look inside along the direction of the back of the chair. Suddenly everyone’s expression is in distress situation!
Where is this little girl? !
At this moment, I really can’t blame the dragon and others for looking so consistent and shocked!
Because the person behind the back of the chair is none other than the one who quietly ran out of the East Palace, May Girl!
It is no wonder that the guards with swords were stunned, and he never thought that it was such a situation hidden behind the dragon chair.
But at this time, in May, the girl’s small body was crouching in the crevice behind the dragon chair. Bai Xi’s tender little hand was still holding the dragon-shaped teacup, and the sweet-scented osmanthus crumbs hung on her lips. A pair of pure and transparent eyes were looking up at the dragon and others!
"You …"
When the dragon saw May’s face clearly, his heart suddenly tightened and he felt familiar.
However, he clearly knows that this girl like a porcelain doll is not from the palace!
"Positions this …"
Command guards face flash across difficult how did this girl come in hall of mental cultivation?
And look at her. She’s hiding behind the dragon chair with a teacup. !
I think if she hadn’t choked on a big piece of food, she might not have been found!
It’s really disturbing that this girl appeared!
"All back!" The dragon’s deep eyes were tightly fixed on May’s face, and then he waved absently to the imperial guards for a moment. He was extremely patient and squatted down to look at the gap between the dragon chair and the wall. May said softly, "Who are you, little girl?"
"Hiccup! My name is May! " With the answer to the dragon’s question, the girl in May burped again!
I can’t blame her. Who knew this sweet-scented osmanthus cake was so delicious? She swallowed two fruits in one gulp, and the third one began to burp just after eating the fruit too fast!
No one has ever told her that burping can’t be suppressed!
How else would she be found? !
What a bad heart!
The dragon squinted slightly and looked too petite. In May, a strange emotion was fermenting again and again!
This little girl who appeared in hall of mental cultivation, he can be sure that he has never seen it!
However, the familiarity she felt from her tender face made his memory suddenly like a flood, with a catharsis gesture crashing into his mind!
This is a watch! There are four shifts today!
Chapter Three Five, Green Country, Second Sovereign Princess!
Half an hour later
The guards at the gate of hall of mental cultivation looked at the dragon chair with horror. Even the dark guards hiding in the dark felt that the world was too fantastic!
At this time, the person sitting in the dragon chair is the highest palm of their green country!
But now he let a little girl sit in the dragon chair, but isn’t it too inappropriate for him to take food and porridge back and forth?
He is the emperor!
Once upon a time, his dragon case was full of articles!
What about now? What’s the fuss about a table full of palace delicacies? !
"May girl, try this!"
At that time, the dragon’s eyes were almost full of loving light, and he couldn’t move his eyes when he was staring at his little face carved with May powder!
It’s not that there are no children of the same age in Qingguo, but that this face hit him too hard in May!
He seems to have seen the face of his former friend from May!
This is the reason why Longfa wants to present the best to May!
"Thank you, Grandpa!" Perhaps I have never eaten the royal palace meal, and I have a great appetite for table dishes in May.
The mouth is slowly stuffed, but I still don’t forget to thank the dragon politely.
Seeing that May is so sensible, the loving light of the dragon’s face almost covers his natural majesty!
On the other hand, when Guan Qing hurried back to his East Palace, he found that Leng Han was carrying a tray in the hall, and silly wait for a while stood suddenly and had a bad feeling.
"What are you doing?" You Qing, a red robe, rippled like water in the night. When he was at the cold side, he looked at him blankly and his eyes narrowed slightly!
When I heard the cold and stiff, I turned my head. At the sight of Woo-ching, I almost threw the tray in my hand!
Immediately, he pulled out a wry smile and said, "The temple girl … is gone!"