Even the breeze is not much better, and my face is slightly pale. My wife is still there!

Huang Yin’s dust was light and her eyes flicked her eyelids for a moment, and Su Ling immediately spoke in a low voice. "We’ll discuss this later!"
"You see what you talk with age! I’ll go back to the palace later. I don’t have time to discuss it with you. Just say it quickly. There are no outsiders here! What else can’t be said! " Xia xiaoxue seems to have seen through the idea of burning the dust, but she will not give up if she doesn’t ask.
And Su Ling, who is seated at her side, always eats with low eyes, but she is wondering whether this fellow who burns three-dimensional dust will tell what he knows.
"You are slow!"
I didn’t expect that when Xia Xiaoxue and Su Ling were both looking at the burning dust with dribbling eyes, this fellow suddenly got up and drove the cold clothes to leave the dining room in a moment, and Su Ling couldn’t see him before they reacted!
"This … this is how to return a responsibility?" Xia Xiaoxue looked back at Su Lingguo with suspicion, only to see that she knew that her eyes were cocked and she said, "No surprise!"
"Is he always like this?" Xia Xiaoxue looked at Su Ling carefully with doubts. Fortunately, she didn’t see her sad expression, which was a little relieved.
But at the same time, her heart is deeper for her cousin Huang Yin Chennai. She never thought that things had such a great influence on him in those days!
Su Ling put the bowl chopsticks and shrugged at the same time. "Habit becomes nature! If I hadn’t been here just now, I guess he would have told you! I told you earlier that I had a great deal to do with the Phoenix family. Are you kidding me? "
"Don’t worry, Ling, I’ll take care of this matter. If I don’t ask him out, I won’t be surnamed Xia!" Xia Xiaoxue patted Su Ling’s shoulder with a righteously look.
Seeing this, Su Ling squinted at her eyes and then sighed lightly, "If you really marry someone, you may not be surnamed Xia!"
"Su Ling!" Xia Xiaoxue glared angrily at Su Ling, then clenched his fist and was about to start work. "Do you believe I beat you?"
"Don’t believe it!" Su Ling calmly shook her head, shrewd and watery eyes turned bright, then stretched out a finger to touch Xia Xiaoxue’s wrist and moved her fist away, then suddenly approached her ear and said, "You don’t have to worry about me, I have my way! Do you think it’s time for you to get busy? "
Xia Xiaoxue frowned. "I … What can I do? Don’t think about it!"
"I said with me, you’re a bit of a waste! Don’t you know too much about your mind? Tonight is just the right time to test what you think? " Su Ling smiled at Xia Xiaoxue’s suggestion like a deceitful fox, and kept shaking the meniscus arch eyebrows at the same time.
There is no denying that Su Ling’s words really tempted Xiao Yu Xue, because her mind has never really been revealed to the public for so long, but as Su Ling said, she is afraid that many people will see what she has done to Huang Yin Li on weekdays.
If you can find a chance to test it, it is not a bad idea.
Although Su Ling and Xia Xiaoxue have known each other for a short time, there is a kind of friendship that is not the right time to measure. When she looks at Xiao Xiaoxue intently at this time, she can clearly see how many wings have been produced in her flashing eyes.
See this Su Ling word directly pull Shinohara snow walked around and said, "Sister, I have never lived in the palace. I’ll flip your card tonight and you sleep with me! Now go back to the palace and walk! "
"Ling …"
Xia Xiaoxue was pulled by Su Ling and walked to the door. Although there were still some drums in my heart, I saw Su Ling looking back and handing her a firm eye light at the moment, and I suddenly had much expectation.
In this case, try it!
Su Ling and Xia Xiaoxue left the palace slowly and quickly in the silent night, but they have been ignored completely. At this time, they are alone in the dining hall, and their eyes are stiff and dull!
Did he hear the secret? ! What should we do?
What else can I do? Tell the Lord first!
The breeze rushed all the way to the room, and before I walked in, I saw the room was dark. I was about to turn around and walk back. Suddenly I heard a light cough and looked around.
Burn three-dimensional dust hit a slightly lonely figure. At this time, it is standing by the arch bridge not far from the house. The lonely shadow of the moon is faintly provoked and projected on the ground. It seems that it can’t erase loneliness and loneliness
The breeze is not far away, looking at the gesture of burning three-dimensional dust, and some of them can’t bear to disturb them. The four dark guards all grew up with Third Master and knew what had happened to him.
It is because I know the source that I feel a little distressed for him at this time.
It seems more and more convenient to speak. Huang Yin’s dust has long been aware of the arrival of the breeze, but he didn’t hear the words for a moment. His voice was hoarse and low, and he asked 1.
The breeze is a little dumb, but after careful thinking and worrying about the accident, I told the burnt dust a few steps ago that "Princess Sanye entered the palace with Tainv and heard that she wanted to stay in the palace tonight."
"Well, let her go!"
"Three yes …"
Before and after the breeze, I thought about talking with Su Ling and Shinohara Snow and wanted to tell Huang Yinchen. At this time, I didn’t know whether I should say it or not. When the shadow flashed in front of me, I saw that Huang Yinchen was already in front of him with a sigh of sadness and unhappiness. "Say something!"
"Three yes just heard … heard that the princess seems to be taking the Tainv to test … well … too!" The breeze is very difficult to finish his own words, but before I can lift my eyes and look at the burnt dust, I feel a cold wind blowing in my ear, and the whole person is almost overturned.
Look up again. Is Master San here?
The breeze turned around in the same place and looked around, then I thought that Master San’s kung fu was getting higher and higher, except for leaving a messy cold wind!
Su Ling and Xia Xiaoxue walked all the way to the palace. Although they just met, they just felt that they could not finish talking, and most of the time, no matter what they said to each other, there was a difference in response.