A woman wearing a Bi Se lotus leaf dress and cinnabar boots is lying on a stone bed with an agate sword on her side.

It is Taishilin.
Like Chen Shaobai, he has the power of incense belief to inherit the characters beside him.
At this time, a trace of pain appeared on her beautiful cheeks. Immediately turned into a serene silence.
The arch eyebrows stretched slightly, and there was a smile on her mouth. Seems to enjoy this feeling very much.
Then, her face was fixed at this moment forever, her breathing stopped and her heart stopped beating.
"You are a genius, so dead? It’s ridiculous to die because of mental experience. "
No one knows the signs of death better than Chen Shaobai. Taishilin’s body began to become stiff, her pupils spread, and she didn’t react to the light. Her mana gradually disintegrated and her vitality weakened …
Everything, everything is pointing to a fact.
She, Taishilin, the favored child of Liuli vanity, pawn!
Chen Shaobai mind some trance, open quenching gas ten rare genius, unexpectedly because of a small experience and fall.
He finally knows why there are so few people who turn into fairyland.
Human life is so fragile …
"Alas … you are lucky to meet me. If it weren’t for kindred spirits’ sake, I wouldn’t waste a rejuvenation fragrance on you … "
Chen Shaobai shook his head, lit the only one, and the magic induced the incense, blocking the past to her other body.
He reached out a hand and pressed it on Taishilin’s left chest, guiding the effect of rejuvenation incense into it.
Time is ticking by.
Taishilin’s transparent soul suddenly appeared at Chen Shaobai’s side, and once she got into the body, she was United and completely resurrected.
The girl blinked vaguely and came to her senses quickly.
She blinked vaguely and saw the rescuer in front of her. Her first reaction was …
"lothario! How dare you sneak in and insult my innocence? You should die! "
Taishilin pulled out the sword with lightning speed, and the agate sword that resembled decoration played a sharp edge that ordinary people could hardly think of.
Sword shadow surprises, lotus flower appears at first sight.
Chen Shaobai nature, chest was stabbed to wear between the instant.
The girl subconsciously turned the palm of her hand, and the sharp edge of the sword mans twisted her heart and lungs into pieces.
Chen Shaobai clutched the blade tightly, stepped back two steps, and looked at the incredible God Se: "Bite the hand that feeds you … you are a weak soul …"
Taishilin finally came to her senses and realized that she was her savior. She was distracted and her eyes wandered: "I, I … I … I didn’t mean to …"
"Why don’t you avoid? !”
"It humiliated the innocence of the woman, and someone should eat this sword."
Chen Shaobai murmured in a weak voice, but his heart was silently reminiscing about the other side’s sword, which was so abrupt that he couldn’t dodge.
Even with the help of the life’s core monuments world and Zijin Mana, he can be a dog’s eye for many years with just a little heart and lung injury. What’s more, there are many natural resources and gas therapy secrets in Chen Shaobai?
"I, I killed my stuff …"
Taishilin, possessed by demons, was forcibly awakened, and in a state of confusion, she hastily escaped from the Y and N grottoes.
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Chapter two hundred and sixty-eight The inheritance of the great avatar!
Chapter two hundred and eighteen The inheritance of the great avatar!
As time went by, Chen Shaobai leisurely woke up and took a short rest. His injury has returned to normal.
Only figure for j and ng into, he also don’t know how many days to swallow treasure, plundered how many devil j and ng blood source.
Chen Shaobai now, compared with people, is more like a taxiing lich king. The whole person’s qi and blood are vigorous and huge. As long as it’s not that his head is instantly shattered by the enemy, he can gradually cultivate himself with his own resilience.
"Fortunately, my young master is strong and has the help of Qi therapy. Otherwise, wouldn’t he be wronged?"
"However, Tarshish that little girl, laid hands on him is diabolical ….. I have seen a female monk, even only Shangguanyue can rival her in xìng? Also don’t know who is more malicious … "
Chen Shaobai looked at the hole in his chest and muttered in a low voice with lingering fear: "That sword is fast and malicious, and there is no sign at all. It is strange that I can hide it!"
Sitting on the ground in a five-hearted posture, he repeatedly moved his body to recuperate from qi and blood, until he confirmed that he didn’t leave any hidden trouble, and Chen Shaobai finally opened his eyes.
"Look at her performance, it seems that she is not malicious. In all likelihood, it is caused by the magic of this Y and N cave and her mind is lost."
"But when I go out, be sure to kill her! Otherwise, how can I live up to the resurrection fragrance and the sword I won for nothing? !”
Chen Shaobai was so vicious that he said to himself, and then he walked back and forth in a simple cave to look at it.
No matter how he looks at it, the most dangerous central cave in the Y and N grottoes looks very ordinary, just like the potholes dug in the mountains by ordinary immortals. With a touch, all can be destroyed.
But he knows very well that this place is by no means ordinary, and it is likely to be a paradise left over from the existence of the fairyland, which contains great secrets.
Looking back and forth in the stone house, Chen Shaobai suddenly realized something unusual.
When he tried the stone house material before. From the corner of the table, I don’t know when it has returned to normal, and the boundary is dull, round and dark blue, which is generally the same as before.
"Everything here has the function of self-repair?"
Chen Shaobai was in high spirits. Walking back and forth in this grotto. Feel around.
In his mind, in all likelihood, this place is a secret place left by an expert who has gone very far in the fairyland of God. If you can get a glimpse of any benefits, it will really benefit you for a lifetime.
The hole is just around the corner. One step can go out, but Chen Shaobai is unwilling to go out.
Everyone has only one chance to come here, and when they get out of this stone gate, they will be isolated and will never meet again in this life.
"Since related to the life’s core monuments world. Then I’ll give it a try! Anyway, even if it fails, there will be no loss. "
Chen Shaobai suddenly closed his eyes and held his breath, completely immersed in the life’s core monuments world.
Today, Ri, his kingdom is no longer as humble as it was at the beginning.
The real territory has expanded to thousands of square kilometers, and travelers come and go, like cháo, but it seems to be in good order.
His life’s core monuments world came into being in purgatory. The first group of aborigines rìrì just simple goblins. Because of the laws of heaven, these residents didn’t have the ability to reproduce, so they just built and improved the world and recited scriptures and Buddha. Pray to Chen Shaobai and devote yourself.
I feel the strong force of faith instilled in me, flowing to the abdomen, and quickly transforming the fog of filar silk gold Se. The growth rate of extreme dermatitis is simply shocking. In the past, he didn’t dare to think about it.
"This kind of cultivation efficiency is ten times and one hundred times stronger than that of my retreat all night. The way to believe in incense must be perfected from Taishilin."
Once again, he strengthened his inner thoughts. Chen Shaobai noticed that the content of extreme yang inflammation was still less than 1% of the fire of Xuan Y and N, that is, he was new to evil fire.