"Yes, three holes, two ways to live and one dead end. I didn’t expect him to go to a dead end. This can only say that his life is not good." Ye Guchen shook his head helplessly. Subconsciously, he realized that it was a cow demon who came to hope, not a cloud. After all, what kind of person he was, Ye Guchen was uncertain, and the relative cow demon might be safer with himself. Unfortunately, that guy had a bad life and chose the wrong road.

(ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! )

Chapter one hundred and sixty-four There’s no way out, and there’s another village.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four There’s no way out, and there’s another village.
Silence, for Ye Guchen’s words. Izumo can only respond in silence. There were more than 20 people who came with him, 28 of whom were equal to themselves. Maybe they were a little worse, but Yuan Ying, who was of the earth, was left with himself and Ye Guchen. Especially, Izumo was surprised to break out in a cold sweat just now because of his choice. If the ox demon just walked on the right, he was afraid to walk on the left, but once he left, the result was self-evident, and Izumo lamented himself very much.
To tell the truth, Izumo is very tangled now. Going forward may have a heavy treasure in hand. Since that person has the ability to design here, it is not too bad to dare to throw things here, but the problem is that Izumo is afraid that he will be killed to take that thing, and Izumo has some impulses to give up.
Looking at the silent cloud, Ye Guchen knew that the other party was thinking. The other party’s thoughts just appeared in Ye Guchen’s mind like a meteor, but they were immediately erased by Ye Guchen and disappeared without a trace. Ye Guchen doesn’t allow himself to have the slightest retreat. The way to fix the truth is like sailing against the current. If you don’t advance, you will retreat. This is the same as Ye Guchen’s understanding of the pursuit of martial arts. Although the two things are not at the same level at all, Ye Guchen feels that the pursuit of the end point is the same. On this way to fix the truth, there must be no slack and you can’t give up halfway. Otherwise, your mood will be affected. Even if he is afraid of achieving something in the future, he can’t reach the finish line. This kind of situation is not allowed by Ye Guchen. In the face of any challenge, he requires himself to walk forward and face it bravely, instead of choosing to escape under the fear of death.
Now he can retreat, but the problem is that if he retreats, this place will form a shadow in his heart. Although he can come back after his strength is superb, even if it is completely destroyed here, it will be useless. The shadow in his heart will not be eliminated, and there will always be a little flaw, which is not allowed by Ye Guchen!
"do it! Be the best! Since I fix the truth, I will climb to the top! " This is what Ye Guchen said to himself countless times in his heart. If Ye Guchen just wanted to be stronger and stronger when he entered the fix true world, now he has changed his goal. After a series of things, Ye Guchen has a new goal, that is to be the strongest in this world!
Keep climbing. Constant pursuit of the strongest, this is the quality that every first-class fighter must have. Obviously, Ye Guchen, who is a master in the secular world, has already possessed this quality. It’s just that many secular masters have seen countless powerful magic weapons after entering this vast fix-up world. The real master who can move mountains and rivers with the wave of his hand, as well as the legendary immortal who can travel around the world and do everything, can no longer rise a little bit to climb the finish line, because it is simply for them.
However, Ye Guchen didn’t give up the original heart of pursuing the finish line because of the blow. Instead, he became more and more determined. He thought about this question countless times when he was recovering from a cloud. Now he has strengthened this belief and wants to do it! Do your best!
Looking back at this cloud for a long time, Ye Guchen looked slightly dignified and asked, "Brother, do you want to continue?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Izumo is wandering. Listening to Ye Guchen’s words is like finding the guiding light in this dark night. A straw in drowning is immediately caught. A pair of deep eyes that can’t see its internal thoughts clearly stare at Ye Guchen in front of them, and ask a little excitedly: "Brother, what are you going to do?"
This cloud is obviously not as firm as Ye Guchen’s confidence. He has been somewhat shaken, because he didn’t know there was a danger ahead, and he was afraid of death, so he was shaken, but he was unwilling to give up, so he wanted Ye Guchen to help him make a decision.
The performance of Izumo Yuzryha silently shook his head in his heart. This Izumo even doesn’t have much future in the future. Even if he gets the treasure, he can only be the king in this 28 island of the Star Sea. As for the way to Sendai, there is no hope at all. How can a person who even needs the help of others to make decisions about life and death board the illusory and thorny supreme Sendai?
"I’m going to go on ~" Ye Guchen said slowly, and then walked straight ahead, ignoring the green and red expression of Izumo standing next to him. The two were doomed to be different travelers. Whether it was the performance of Izumo before or the timidity of Izumo now, Yuzryha Guchen understood a truth. Two people were not destined to be at the same level. On the road of pursuing supreme sendoh, two people were doomed to be impossible to be the same way, although friendship might be possible.
Looking at Ye Guchen’s back, Izumo hesitated and finally sighed, and slowly withdrew along the hole. He has lived for tens of thousands of years, and it has been tens of thousands of years since he was born consciously. He doesn’t want to die, although there may be a magic weapon in front of him. Those unimaginable treasures, but the magic weapon is more important, can it compare with life?
Ye Guchen doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead after entering, but he knows one thing. It will never be a smooth road. The further road is full of thorns and dangers. Izumo doesn’t want to take risks, so he can only quit. Although this will really make people look down upon him, he has no choice.
Izumo left, and Ye Guchen walked slowly towards the depths of this cave. Without the interference of others, Ye Guchen was very fast, and in the blink of an eye, he had reached this wide and flat area.
Appeared in front of Ye Guchen is a scarlet world. The ground is full of broken limbs and bones, and the area is vast, with no end in sight. There is no day and night here, but only a piece of red blood and a musty and rancid smell, which makes people unbearable.
In addition, there are many things scattered on the ground, some rusty flying swords and some well-preserved magic weapons. Of course, countless skeletons are also located around. The most surprising thing about Yuzryha lone Chen is that there are still some bodies that are not completely decomposed. Even from the appearance, they seem to have just died, so Yuzryha was shocked at the same time with some regrets.
On this bloody battlefield, these people who have already died long ago are all masters. Who is weak who dares to pursue overseas practitioners in the Sino-Turkish War thousands of years ago? At least 90% of the people who died here are much stronger than they are now, but they are still lying here. You can imagine how tragic the war was.
A different person might not think so much, let alone have regrets. If Izumo and his gang saw such a scene, they would immediately rush over and go straight to these magic weapons. After all, there are so many magic weapons to fly swords, although many of them are broken, but some of them should be able to be used. This is already a great wealth for those poor people on the 28 th island of the Stars Sea, not only for them, but even for the whole Stars Sea. However, there is no action in the face of these countless magic weapons Ye Guchen, but there is an uneasy mood spreading in my heart.
Yes, it is uneasy, very uneasy, perhaps because of the instinctive sixth sense. When Ye Guchen saw the dead body on this side, he first didn’t want to close these magic weapons, but wanted to leave quickly, because his five senses, which are as sensitive as wild animals, smelled a little dangerous. This feeling was slowly realized in countless fights, and the general fix true person could not be compared at all.
"Is it refundable or not?" For a while, two thoughts kept hovering in Ye Guchen’s mind. He also hesitated. Although the constant pursuit of strength is to constantly surpass it, it is not to die in vain. Here, Ye Guchen feels a sense of dying.
But Ye Guchen soon changed his mind, because he saw something, something that made him completely determined to stay. There was a place braved the blue light under the ruins about a kilometer deep in the battlefield, and that place was where the veins were, and a pool of clear spring water appeared in front of Ye Guchen.
"True water! Yes, it is definitely a true water! " Ye Gu-chen almost certainly thought that Ye Gu-chen was promoted to the heart for what he needed for promotion. Ye Gu-chen had a profound and thorough study on the appearance and growth environment of this thing, and when he saw that the pool was not very big, it was about the size of a water tank and not full of clear water, he could be sure that it was the ground spirit water he was looking for, and there was absolutely no mistake.
Ye Guchen didn’t expect to meet the true water here. The storage belt just now didn’t exist. After passing through those three caves, he didn’t expect to be discovered by himself. He found the true water here, and it really should be the old saying, "There is no way to doubt the mountains and rivers, and there is another village." I’m really lucky.
After the initial brief consternation, Ye Guchen understood that he would see the true water here. The so-called true water of the earth’s spirit is that the earth’s spirit is gathered in groups, and it takes ten thousand years to condense a drop, but there is one exception, that is, the real source of the earth’s spirit, but there are not many such places, and the spirit is all over the world, but there are only a few dozen places that are really the source, and the density of the spirit is amazing in such places, but such places are generally ten thousand meters underground, which is difficult to find, and this happens to be the source of the earth’s spirit.
It’s still not easy to condense the genuine water at the source of the earth vein, but it’s much faster, about a drop in a hundred years. However, it’s really shocking to make such genuine water with the size of a water tank. You know, this thing is a good thing, and it’s absolutely twice the result with half the effort for primary practitioners, which has the effect of improving the body and enhancing cultivation. More importantly, it’s more powerful to add genuine water when practicing magic weapons, so more than a dozen magic weapons of genuine water are discovered.
It’s hard to imagine how long it will take for such a vat of genuine water to condense. I want to have it before this existence, and it can even be traced back to a longer time.
But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this thing is useful to him. He wants it! This alone is enough!
"Whoosh ~" Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate. He jumped straight for it and went straight to the real water. As for the flying sword, it was useless. The distance of kilometers was not worth wasting this effort. He arrived at the speed of Ye Guchen in a blink of an eye. No matter what the result was, it was good to get the real water. Other Ye Guchen didn’t care so much.
"Click ~ ~ click ~ ~" In front of Ye Gu-chen’s rush to the true water of this place, he took out his flying sword and cut all the land and rocks next to the surrounding spring water and separated the earth. When he collected them with a dry Kun ring, a strange voice rang in Ye Gu-chen’s ear.
Those remaining bodies stood up, took up arms one by one, and the light of the orchid broke out in their eyes. They looked at Ye Guchen with a strange look. Those skeletons were ok, but those guys whose bodies had rotted or semi-rotted were the most disgusting. It seemed that Ye Guchen suddenly remembered a movie "Resident Evil" that he had seen in his last life. These guys here were really the same as those who lost in Resident Evil. Maybe there was a little difference, that was their hands.
This Yuzryha solitary Chen’s expression is dignified, and these things can be tough. Vaguely, Ye solitary Chen feels that although they didn’t cultivate before their death, they are not so easy to solve.
"People who covet the treasures here and disturb our peace, you will pay for it ~" A cold and incomparable voice immediately sounded, and a pale blue figure appeared in front of Ye Guchen, which gave Ye Guchen only one feeling, dangerous! Very dangerous!
"Who are you?" Ye Guchen single-handedly transformed this flying sword "over", and the icy cold beads also flew out of the body to protect the body. Now Ye Guchen knows that he is even dangerous, and the people in front of him are not easy to deal with. At least now, he even has no chance to escape from the right to let go.
"I am the guardian of this bloody battlefield, a combination of thousands of demons. I exist to place someone to disturb the peace of the dead here. No matter who you are, boy, you will die today!" The pale blue figure was coldly received, and it condensed into an entity while speaking. A man dressed in black armor was a little pale with a cold face. At first glance, he knew that he was not a normal human middle-aged man, and the middle-aged man still had a strange black sword in his hand. No matter from which aspect, this person felt very dangerous.
While speaking, he no longer said much. With a wave of his hand, those skeletons and rotting entities were holding weapons, and each one cast no less than Ye Guchen’s speed towards Ye Guchen. So Yuzryha Guchen was suddenly surprised. He didn’t understand that these entities had power, and even had such power after death, but Ye Guchen knew that all this was even related to this guy who claimed to be a myriad of ghosts and condensed into an adult.
At this moment, Ye Gu-chen suddenly remembered that he had heard about Bi-disc, and they talked about the matter of fixing the true boundary. He knew that there were ghosts, but the number of these things was not many, even quite rare. The so-called ghosts were actually the manifestation of the spirit after death.
Of course, it is generally not that there are great grievances or strong spirits after death. They can’t be ghosts. Generally, human beings can’t reach this level. Only those people with particularly strong spirits or particularly heavy resentment will become ghosts. One of the most special and famous ghosts is the ghost king of North Mangshan Mountain!
In front of people obviously do not belong to these two types, but a new type. It should be that the souls of countless fix true people who died thousands of years ago are broken and aggregated to form a new life. After all, fix true people are different from mortals. Once they turn into Yuan Ying’s soul, they will be combined with Yuan Ying’s. If they are killed, they will be physically and mentally destroyed, and there is no possibility of recovery. However, there are too many casualties in that war, and the dissipated souls are condensed together, which happens to be another aura here.
In the sight of this guy with the ghost king of North Mangshan, Ye Guchen doesn’t know, but he knows that people in front of him probably have no problem with themselves, which is not more difficult than crushing an ant.