"Whose disciple is this?" The owner pointed to Jiang Kui and asked.

For a long time, no one answered, and Jiang Kui respectfully replied: "Go back to the master, my disciple’s master is currently in seclusion."
"Remember in the future, don’t be brave in everything, don’t bet with others easily if you are not completely sure, and live in harmony with each other."
After saying this, the owner flew to the corner of the fighting field and sat down in a seat.
To Xiao Lingyu’s slight surprise, on the edge of the owner’s seat, the steward who recorded the tricks was there, and when the owner fell, the old man surnamed Li did not get up respectfully and was greeted with a calm face.
"This old guy is really not simple!"
Xiao Lingyu looked back, that is, he walked out of the fighting field, and didn’t mean to stay and watch.
Just as Xiao Lingyu just walked to the door of the fight field, Jiang Kui caught up.
"Sorry, I’m late." Xiao Lingyu spoke first, but the pace did not stop.
"It’s the same to come back sooner or later." Jiang Kui replied gloomily. Originally, he wanted to complain to Xiao Lingyu after winning the fight, but now he has lost the fight, and he is not in the mood to talk about other nonsense.
Xiao Lingyu came back sooner or later, and it really didn’t have much influence. After all, as long as Jiang Kui didn’t have enough preparation for the other jade, he would lose the fight.
"Fortunately, the leader appeared in time … it doesn’t matter if you lose some magic stones." Xiao Lingyu said intermittently.
"It’s still the same. Although I didn’t climb under Fang Yu’s crotch, I have climbed once in many of my classmates’ ideas." Jiang Kui said with a wry smile.
In that case, there will indeed be many disciples of the East Pole Demon Sect who can’t help but see Jiang Kui crawling under Fang Yu’s legs.
Xiao Lingyu also don’t know how to comfort, or not sure whether this Jiang Kui need comfort, so just stop walking, and didn’t make any noise.
After the two men walked in parallel for a long time, Jiang Kuicai said aloud, "I will return your magic stone to you as soon as possible."
Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said, "There is no need to return the magic stone in a hurry. It is most important to sum up the experience of failure."
Jiang Kui was silent for a while, then added, "Did you really just soar?"
Xiao Lingyu’s variety is really doubtful. If nothing else, it is not easy for him to take out so many magic stones at once, and Xiao Lingyu has always been calm and calm, which makes Jiang Kui feel that there is a problem.
"Ha ha, others will doubt, but I can understand. How can you doubt?" Xiao Lingyu asked with a smile.
"Er … this is also true. I saw you come out from there with my own eyes. You are absolutely not false when you just soared, but …"
"The Imperial Veterinary Hall has arrived, and I’m going to work first. If you have collected enough magic stones, just come here and return them to me. If you haven’t collected enough, you will be entitled to owe me a favor."
Xiao Lingyu didn’t listen to Jiang Kui finish, now quickly into the royal beast hall, he believes that with Jiang Kui temper, won’t go out gossiping.
Jiang Kui walked away at the entrance of the Imperial Beast Hall, and then simply left.
Xiao Lingyu never went to see the fight after the East Pole Magic Sect. Although Hao Ren won, he also gave up the next fight because of injury.
Although the owner said that gambling fights between the same people were not supported, the steward of the Imperial Veterinary Hall ordered Miao Yan to honor the gambling contract and let Miao Yan take care of the cubs of the Imperial Veterinary Hall in the next five hundred years.
Even if Miao Yan refuses to accept it, he can’t go to the owner to reason. He doesn’t know where to find it, and he can find others. People can’t manage the royal beast hall.
As a result, Xiao Lingyu’s previous punishment for beating Fang Yu and Miao Yan was automatically cancelled.
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Chapter 315 You also want to go in
? After more than four months, the contest held by the East Pole Demon Sect to select outstanding disciples finally came to an end. 151+ reading network romance content updates faster than the rocket, can you believe it?
Hao Ren and Wang Tai failed to enter the top ten of the demon realm. Although they performed well in the fight, they didn’t get any reward, but many monks in the demon king period were willing to accept two people as disciples.
It is precisely because there are too many monks who are willing to accept them as disciples, and the old man in charge of the Royal Veterinary Hall has a reason to shirk it. Anyway, this camel is not afraid of offending the monks in the realm of the demon king.
Hao Ren and Wang Tai themselves don’t want to worship under the Godsworn’s door, because they can achieve excellent results in the next big match, thus directly worshiping the real magic master’s seat.
As for the contest of Monty’s realm, Fang Yu was killed in the top three. Although she was only the third runner-up, she was also qualified to enter the East Pole Cave.
Many elite disciples in the realm of monty were separated from their original masters and taken away by the master of the real magic period of Zongmen, but Fang Yu was untouched.
Several powerful people in the real magic realm of the East Pole Devil Sect don’t know whether no one looks at the Chinese jade’s qualifications or whether no one dares to compete with Liu’s woman for disciples. Anyway, Fang Yu, who has achieved the top three grades, is still a disciple of Liu’s woman, which also makes Fang Yu a little depressed.
Although the woman surnamed Liu takes good care of Fang Yu, Fang Yu doesn’t want to live a life of constant loss of Yang Yuan, and he doesn’t know when he can persist.
In Fang Yu’s heart, she had long expected to be able to dissolve the mentoring relationship with a woman named Liu. Originally, this was an opportunity, but in the end, she discovered that this opportunity belonged to others and had nothing to do with herself.
However, Fang Yu can also guess that his master is certainly not simple, even if he has a deep background in Zongmen, he will be a little balanced.
After more than a month, the hunchbacked old man suddenly found Xiao Lingyu puzzled and said, "Just now, a message came from Zongmen, saying that he wanted you to go to the East Pole Magic Hall."
The East Pole Magic Temple is the place where the owner of the East Pole Magic Sect uses to discuss things with the master of the clan. If the East Pole Magic Sect is compared to a kingdom, then the East Pole Magic Temple is the golden palace of this kingdom.
Xiao Lingyu has been in the East Pole Magic Sect for some time, and naturally knows where the East Pole Magic Hall is. He is also surprised and tunnel: "What can I do?"
The hunchbacked old man shook his head and said, "I don’t know, but it should have something to do with this big match."
Xiao Lingyu frowned and said, "I didn’t take part in the big competition. What does the big competition have to do with me?"
The hunchback old man spread his hand and said, "You can only know this by going to the East Pole Magic Hall."
Xiao Lingyu thought about it and asked, "Can you make an excuse not to go?"
Without thinking, the hunchbacked old man said, "Of course not. It’s the call of the head. Even if it’s closed or seriously injured, you have to go as long as you’re not dead, or you’ll disobey the head’s order and be guilty."
"You go quickly, don’t worry, you haven’t made any mistakes, and Zongmen won’t bother you. It is estimated that there will be good things when you go." The hunchbacked old man urged.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t dawdle, so he went out of the valley of the Royal Beast Hall and quickly left for the location of the East Pole Magic Hall.
The East Pole Magic Temple is also located in the central position of the East Pole Magic Sect, which is not far from the fighting field, and it is one of the largest and most magnificent buildings in the whole East Pole Magic Sect. Xiao Lingyu can easily find it here.
Along the way, Xiao Lingyu naturally flipped his mind. However, he let go in the end. Even if the master of the spirit magic period made moves to himself for no reason, even if he was defeated, he could escape, and at most he was injured.
There is a small lake in the center of the East Pole Magic Sect, and there is an island in the middle of the lake, on which the East Pole Magic Hall stands.
For ordinary disciples of the East Pole Demon Sect, this small lake is a forbidden area, and they are afraid to come here at ordinary times without being summoned.
There are many prohibitions around the small lake, and there are some hidden laws. If you accidentally touch those prohibitions or laws, the end will be very miserable.
Before Xiao Lingyu approached the small lake, he was stopped by a monk in the later period of the demon king.
After asking the reason, the friar of the late demon king personally took Xiao Lingyu to the small lake in a safe way, and then the friar of the late demon king began to pinch the seal and recite spells, and a small bridge slowly emerged from the lake.
Through the small bridge, Xiao Lingyu came to the island in the middle of the lake, and then met a monk in the later period of the demon king. Under the guidance of others, he arrived at the entrance of the East Pole Magic Hall.
The door of the magic temple is open, and there are two monks guarding it. They look ahead, even if Xiao Lingyu walks in front of them, they don’t take a look.
"Xiao Lingyu, the Imperial Veterinary Hall, come in!"
Xiao Lingyu just arrived at the entrance of the East Pole Magic Hall when she heard a loud voice in the hall.
At the gate of the two demon king eldest brother still motionless, Xiao Lingyu slightly primly, gently under their own state of mind, and secretly convergence of their own breath, just slowly walked into the hall.
The hall is very spacious, with a wide red carpet in the middle and monks standing on both sides.
Xiao Lingyu’s mood is relatively peaceful, so he bowed his head and stepped forward, still daring to look at both sides, only to find that among the monks standing inside, there are still several acquaintances, such as Fang Yu, such as the woman surnamed Liu, and the old man surnamed Li who recorded tricks.
The head of the East Pole Demon Sect is sitting at the end of the carpet at this time, staring at Xiao Lingyu who has just entered the door like other East Pole Demons.
After a dozen paces, Xiao Lingyu stood still, threw his fist and said, "Xiao Lingyu, boy, meet the head!"
"It really is an extraordinary person."