On the contrary, Lok Fu really has a way, especially in the high position, balancing coordination and independent attack. He looks like a wide rebounding machine, but he has become able to get up on the basketball court. The only disadvantage is still the paper-like defense.

However, this can’t be blamed on Love. After all, the overall defense of the Timberwolves is that the team has no such consciousness.
Unlike the 76ers who are led by Iguodala, they are all willing to start from defense.
It evolved into a timberwolves being suppressed by 76 people as a whole. Every attack took them a lot of effort, but when it was the turn of 76 people, it was like drinking water easily.
Even the fans in the stands felt this, although the difference between the two teams was not very big.
In the first half of the third quarter, the timberwolves suddenly felt cold, and there were several consecutive missed attacks. Another time, Peicovici dunked and flew the 76 ers, taking the opportunity to play a 1-1 shock wave.
Tang Wenlong played a continuous scoring role in this wave of shock waves, and even completed a breakthrough, and the wonderful goal state of the folding basket was amazing
The Timberwolves asked for a timeout. Tang Wenlong clapped his teammates and left the field.
Go back to Tang Wenlong and look at Turner. There is no fierce flame in Turner’s eyes.
His mouth is slightly raised, and he really speaks to this famous college student, but he is just a child spoiled by the media.
I wonder why I can’t talk anymore and I can’t say anything. Tang Wenlong has scored 19 points in his head, but now it’s only four minutes at half time. Compared with himself, he hasn’t got double-digit scores yet, but he has made moves so many times. The head coach was awake when he paused just now. He should pay attention to cooperating with his teammates.
"Kyle, you attack."
Tang Wenlong and Lori in front of the technical stage said
"Huh?" Lori is puzzled.
"The Timberwolves’ point guard is poor in defense and lack of confrontation, so they contact him physically to find confrontation."
Tang Wenlong said with a big hand and hooked Lori’s shoulder. "I’m just outside the bottom corner and the 45-degree three-point line. Where am I the most accurate? You know when you divide the ball!"
"Don’t worry" Lori laughed. Breaking the ball is his strength.
In the end, the 76ers beat the Nisuda Timberwolves from afar 113-99.
Turner scored 13 points, which should be considered very good data for a rookie, but Tang Wenlong scored 25 points, almost twice as high as Turner’s score.
Turner is just a small stone on the way forward, not even a stumbling block, and Tang Wenlong’s goal is to become the best basketball player in the league, which he has never changed.
After the timberwolves game, the teaching assistant sent the itinerary for next week.
"On Monday, the Warriors played at home on Wednesday, the Pacers played back-to-back at home on Thursday, and Thunder played at home on Saturday." Tang Wenlong groped for a bar. "Hey, the trip is very tight!"
"After Saturday’s game, the Celtics will play the Bucks back to back, and then they will spend almost a week in the West for four consecutive western games," Lori said, pulling out the second itinerary.
Tang Wenlong cocked his head and looked at it carefully. Isn’t that what he meant? So he won’t be able to go to new york for two weeks. This is really not good news.
The good news is that agent Joe Thomas finally came to the National Basketball Association.
In fact, this is a problem that has long plagued the top management of the Basketball Association. Suddenly, Tang Wenlong jumped out of the cracks in the stone and has become a key figure in the reform of China basketball.
As early as the NCAA in Tang Wenlong, many fans talked about letting Tang Wenlong enter the China national team.
But in fact, chinese basketball association has been silent about this as if they had never heard of this man.
Tang Wenlong is so special.
He didn’t graduate from a sports school. He was a senior high school student. When he went abroad to study and play NCAA, he wasn’t as troublesome as the Basketball Association trained people. To put it bluntly, he was a free man. If he hadn’t played basketball, he wouldn’t have made any friends with the Basketball Association.
But it happened that such a person has become one of the hottest stars in the NBA.
There are conditions for China’s national team to recruit people. Not everyone can get in if they want to. The Basketball Association has reason to shut Tang Wenlong out because Tang Wenlong is not a national registered athlete.
But the problem is that the development of basketball needs the support of fans.
Nowadays, basketball will no longer be centralized. If China fans support the Tang Wenlong Basketball Association, they will also be overwhelmed.
When everything is clear, the last problem is "training"
When Yao entered the NBA Basketball Association, he asked Yao for 50% of his income at the beginning of his training, which once caused an uproar in the NBA. The NBA Players’ Association called it a "robbery" and then decided to pay 5% after tax after constant negotiation and wrangling, but it was still a lot of money.
So Yao played in ba at least, and was cultivated by the Basketball Association. But what the hell is Tang Wenlong? He can’t get along with the Basketball Association!
This made the Basketball Association feel very sad to see such a big piece of cake in front of them but not to eat it. This is definitely part of the reason why the problem between Tang Wenlong and the national team has dragged on for so long.
Joe Thomas is a China hand and Tang Wenlong, so making his agent the right choice.
Basketball Association can pretend to be deaf-mute, but the media can’t close their eyes. Joe Thomas found a number of mainstream media when he negotiated with the spokesperson in China. On the one hand, he released the news that Tang Wenlong was interested in participating in the China national team, on the other hand, he encouraged fans and the media to put pressure on the Basketball Association.
Sure enough, with Tang Wenlong’s more and more brilliant performance in the NBA, this matter was completed without blowing off dust.
Tang Wenlong didn’t expect it to end so easily. He will drag on for a long time.
"So I’m a national team player now?" Tang Wenlong hasn’t figured out the situation yet.
Joe Thomas said, "It’s not that simple. Now you’re just talking to me. How can you suddenly become a member of the national team when you’re still a white man? Besides, there are no events this year. It’s really troublesome that you won’t be able to get into this gate until the London Olympics in 2008."