Back to the room, it’s only 3: 30 in the afternoon, and it’s only been an hour and a half since the game and the explanation. It’s still plenty

I’m afraid this is something I never expected when I came to the headquarters. I didn’t expect this road to be so difficult. It’s not just that you have the skills to make a difference. You can’t understand the manager’s mind. Coaches can lust after teammates. There is an actor’s competitive circle inside, which is like a smoky place
Looking back, when I was still in the youth training team, there was a place where a lot of young people dreamed of fighting. Everyone really treated you as a brother and worked together, which is not like now.
Being bored in my heart is more unwilling than being twisted left and right in my bed
I suddenly sat up and my heart suddenly became cruel.
Since you want to play intrigue with me, I’ll always play with you
You want to be a fake monarch. Am I?
I calmed down. I didn’t expect this kind of line "competition" to be held before a regular game. After thinking about it, it is difficult to get results from the struggle of the old people on the reserve team by myself. The first thing to do is to gang up.
I quickly got up and put on my shoes and ran to Feng Shanze’s room on this floor.
"Knocked" I knocked on Feng Shanze door.
A moment later, the back door was hit, and Feng Shanze’s expression was still very ordinary. He gave me a look and didn’t ask me why I came to visit at this time. He turned around and went back to his head without saying a word. At the same time, the screen seemed to show that it was League of Legends. At the same time, there was a big bag of boiled peanuts beside him. Feng Shanze looked at the screen and wrote and drew, and from time to time he put a peanut in his mouth and chewed comfortably.
"That … Brother Feng?" It is also a disturbing thing to see him concentrate on what he is doing as if disturbing him.
I gathered around him and found that the screen hero was the fox Feng Shanze. After calculating some fox damage data with paper and pen, Q skill was released, he got a speed bonus, and he got a very detailed summary. Anyway, I can’t read it … I think it’s very high-end
Feng Shanze put it straight in his hand and said, "Do you want to tell me about our wild things in today’s competition?"
I am surprised that this Feng Shanze is so unpredictable?
I don’t beat around the bush and nodded and said "yes"
Feng Shanze laughed and said, "Do you think they are actors?"
I said "yes"
Then I said bluntly, "I came here today to ask Feng Ge to join us."
Feng Shanze just said a few words, but in fact, he showed a lot of meaning. He is a wise man, and the simpler and more direct he speaks, the better.
Feng Shanze turned his brain chair and said to me, "Join us? Join what group? "
It seems that Feng Shanze still wants to know more from me.
I also don’t hesitate to sit directly in his bed without answering his question directly, but instead asked, "What is Feng Ge’s career?"
Feng Shanze frowned and said "world champion"
Simple four words Feng Shanze’s dream is really not small.
I added, "What would you do if you had a suit that others could have won the world championship without strength and technology, but someone was jealous of you for holding your leg and not letting you come?"
Feng Shanze continued to frown and said, "His mother."
I felt a great joy in my heart. This Feng Shanze is really fucking interesting. How can you curse? It’s really creative.
I went on to say, "That’s the situation now. What’s the difference between those two people on our team who deliberately played this situation in today’s game?"
Feng Shanze nodded and thought of something and shook his head.
I asked, "Isn’t it?"
Feng Shanze pondered for a moment and said, "As far as I know, there are still a few days before the National League. There are three places for the bench seats, but the places have been confirmed. You, me and Zhong Xin are not jealous of your strength, but want to play you as a horse from the breakthrough of your AD core tactics, and then the ultimate goal is to replace you or our bench seats."
I was secretly surprised in my heart, too. So I thought it was simple?
I’m also the team members who are simply jealous that relying on their narrow personality to make their own decisions, Zhang Yuan has hidden such sinister eyes behind him.
If a substitute like us doesn’t have a chance to be on the home team’s outcrop, it will be a long time. If we have a substitute first, then we will be on the bench, and then we will make a big splash in a certain game, and the day of success will be just around the corner.
That’s what those two people value. Of course, they won’t give up this good opportunity to show up. In this training match, we are the first step. Let’s cancel this tactic first, and then we won’t know what they are moving. Anyway, we are trying to get the coach to stop us from winning two games. The most likely ones are Lu and Zhong Xin.
I asked, "If so, is there any good way for Brother Feng?"? We can’t just sit back and wait, can we? "
If I say "let’s", Feng Shanze will pull aside.
Who knows Feng Shanze didn’t appreciate it and said, "I can’t help it. Anyway, the two of them shouldn’t be me, you and Zhong Xin."
This Feng Shanze thing is really thorough. Where does the talent come from? How can this mind be as honest and indifferent as an old guy in his 40 s and 50 s? In fact, his heart is as cunning as a loach.