Du Yun suddenly drank the aura of heaven and earth around him, and it was like he was in control. The aura of heaven and earth gathered and interwoven into strips of dragons gathering at the top of Du Yun’s crown.
The scene of Wanlong’s return to his home is spectacular, but there is Du Yun alone here, and he is now busy enjoying this spectacular scenery.
A large number of heaven and earth reiki converge, and Du Yun’s body is also gradually expanding. The chamber of secrets suddenly set off a reiki storm, and the speed visible to the naked eye swept through the center of Du Yun.
Du Yun’s mind moves the aura of heaven and earth gathered outside his abdomen, which is constantly compressed and then turned into fist-shaped energy groups. When these energy groups reach a certain number, Du Yun stops.
Otherwise, if there is too much energy, it will probably make him unable to bear these reiki and die. Although he has a mysterious vein, he will not try this kind of life even if Du Yun is brave.
Du Yun’s pure spiritual force interwoven by an idea, Xuantian Vein, was violently released through two cyclones, one gold and one silver. After this powerful pure spiritual force was released, it immediately occupied his whole abdomen.
Du Yun, a powerful spiritual force, suddenly turned into a heavy hammer with a handle and slammed it at the solidified silver diaphragm outside the abdomen, but it didn’t make the diaphragm move at all, while in the abdomen of Du Yun, there was a sharp pain caused by the anti-seismic force.
Du Yun one mouthful blood can’t help but spit it out and turned pale, but this situation is obviously bitten to grind his teeth as he expected. Du Yun leng didn’t hum 1.
"Come again!" Du Yun made a determined effort in his heart. Every time he was promoted, the diaphragm was like a solid barrier, which made him want to break down and was full of lingering fear.
However, Du Yun was able to walk all the way to the present mind and tenacity. There is no doubt that an idea, Xuan Tianmai, is running again, and a huge spiritual force has swept out from his abdomen and instantly impacted the diaphragm.
So repeatedly, Du Yun’s face gradually became bloody, but his face showed a look of surprise, because just now he felt that the barrier had been motionless and suddenly trembled slightly
Although it is very subtle, it is a success to vibrate Du Yun. Generally, when he laughs, his eyes become dignified again, followed by more than twenty energy groups outside the diaphragm of the abdomen, which suddenly exploded at this time.
Bang, bang, bang!
The violent collision made Du Yunlai’s face even paler since Du Yunti came out, but the result was also amazing. The diaphragm was already crumbling and trembling.
Du Yun could feel that if he worked hard a little, the diaphragm would definitely break, but when God explored his own situation, Du Yun felt a force again.
The mysterious veins of other bodies are almost exhausted, and it is quite difficult to maintain operation. It is even more difficult to dispatch spiritual force to hit that layer of diaphragm than to ascend to heaven.
At this time, the thunder heart in his heart suddenly trembled, followed by a subtle silver flow that slowly flowed out and then spread all over his limbs.
At this time, the meridians that have been exhausted suddenly set off a glimmer of life again, and at the same time, the fire element condensed into crystals and released a warm heat flow. Here is the fire element source power.
Du Yun couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he looked at it. The dried-up mysterious vein is also running again. When everything gradually recovers, his speed is suddenly accelerated, and at the same time, his hands are one move, and the aura of the Chamber of Secrets and Heaven is gathering again.
When everything is ready, Du Yunti is once again condensed with more than a dozen energy groups, and his abdomen is also full of huge essence and spiritual force. Du Yun drinks a lot, and then two forces suddenly attack the layer that is about to break the diaphragm.
Du Yun has put all your eggs in one basket. If it doesn’t succeed, it means that his college is bigger than Qiangen and there is no chance to find a promotion opportunity again.
Bang, bang, bang!
The violent collision happened again, but even outsiders in the Chamber of Secrets heard the sound, and Du Yun’s pale face also showed joy. Chapter 19 Reunion of God.
Raging heaven and earth reiki tower on the second floor, a secret room swept through, and suddenly there was a popping sound in the secret room, but Du Yun, the voice figurine, was full of joy.
It is hard to imagine that this scene turned out to be a human body, but Du Yun’s personal experience was nothing more than white.
He looks a little pale, but the diaphragm should break his body. Suddenly, he gives birth to a strong vitality again, and the powerful spirit keeps gathering and the strange meridians suddenly expand a lot.
After the diaphragm was broken, the strength gradually spread to the clouds, and then it was absorbed by the silver vein, and then it was transformed into a pure spiritual force and absorbed by the golden vein.
In the two veins, the golden species also suddenly became larger, and a circle was comparable to the size of an adult’s fist. The two cyclones, one gold and one silver, also became a little firmer, and some were not as ethereal as before.
Du Yun corners of the mouth raise a strange radian mind flashing origin definitely run to the extreme at the same time, his hands are stretched.
Then the aura of heaven and earth is * * around, and then the Du Yun top of the skull swarms, and the crazy state makes many secret gods sweep here and the elders are frightened.
Du Yun wants the tower to break through the outside world. The students of Jingwu College don’t know it, but these elders and two vice presidents are in vain. Now Derek Du has been promoted to Duvan, and its strength has made a qualitative leap.
After about half a day, Du Yun slowly stopped all the movements, took a deep breath, and then the gods swept away his physical condition and suddenly appeared.
"In the middle of the exchange!" Du Yun corners of the mouth peep out one silk genial smile swept the body, he can feel his strength has suddenly doubled meridians and thus expanded a lot of speed to absorb the aura of heaven and earth is terrible.
Tightening his fist, Du Yun exhaled a polluted air, and then his chest stood straight and slowly walked out of this secret room. At the moment when Du Yun appeared, he suddenly felt that more than ten gods had swept away from him.
Du Yun didn’t stop these gods from fluctuating. He knew that it was the elders of Gaota who found out that he was repairing Du Yun. Naturally, he didn’t dare to ask for help. Instead, he released his own mid-term atmosphere as much as possible so that these elders could feel it carefully.
Soon there was a lot of surprise in this tower. Of course, Du Yun couldn’t hear it. It was difficult to get in, but it was easy to get out.
Out of the tower, Du Yun answered the dormitory directly, but he was promoted to Jingwu College in the middle period, but he didn’t know anything about those who knew that the elders naturally wouldn’t come like hexagrams.
At that time, the students of Jingwu College were both nervous and looking forward to five days in the atmosphere. On this day, the endless sea of people in the center of Jingwu College presented a lively scene.