Wang Yaoru, such a large team, couldn’t help but feel a little worried about coping with Lengqin, but soon calmed down. She believed that the omnipotent king had already had a coping plan, and he had never lost, before, now and in the future.

With her understanding of the route and agility, she easily mixed into the castle and walked to the bedroom with tea like an ordinary waitress. If she guessed correctly, Xi should have been there.
"Live" An arrogant voice came from behind. A cold light passed through Lengqin’s eyes. It was a green shadow. She had long known that ghosts made people take green shadows into custody. It was a situation that would not really punish green shadows.
The "Three Instructors" Lengqin turned around and bowed his head, which is to suppress his throat and easily make another soft sound.
"Where are these going?" Green shadow narrowed his eyes and stared straight at Yi Lengqin.
"Back to the third instructor is for the queen." Lengqin was a little empty in her heart. She was not sure that she would be sleeping in the temple in the evening, but she couldn’t think of any other excuse.
"for the queen?" Green shadow smiled coldly and slowly approached Lengqin. In an instant, a gun was aimed at Lengqin’s temple.
Leng Qin’s right hand is slowly retreating to the sleeve to prepare the ecstacy. Who knows that Green Shadow grinned and took out a pack of powder and poured it into the teacup. His fingers stirred it and said to Leng Qin darkly, "Give this cup of tea to the queen."
Lengqin looked at the green shadow in astonishment. The original green shadow didn’t recognize Lengqin’s intention to poison the queen. Isn’t the green shadow a ghost loyal servant? Why would she do that? If an accident occurs due to evening poisoning, what chips do ghosts have with Wang Dou?
Leng Qin took this opportunity to look at a green shadow and found that the wound in front of the green shadow was injured by Leng Qin powder. Not only that, she was shot in the shoulder. It seems that the ghost is really rude to her. Green shadow must have just escaped from prison.
"A dead rabbit cooks a bird and hides ghosts. Hum, if you are unkind, don’t blame me for being unjust." The green shadow looks mean, whispers, looks up, stares at the cold piano coldly. "If you don’t do as I say, my horse will make you go to hell."
Hearing this, Lengqin immediately turned against ghosts. Ghosts must think that Green Shadow knows that he has too many things to worry about in the future and wants to kill Green Shadow. Green Shadow has been following ghosts for so many years. In the end, when ghosts are about to succeed, they not only treat her badly, but also kill her. No wonder Green Shadow is so chilling.
Green Shadow must have killed the waiters who were guarding the prison, and the ghost just left the base with the team. Others didn’t know that Green Shadow’s rebellion would happen, but Green Shadow was once the most trusted ghost.
What’s more, ghosts can do it secretly if they want to get rid of the green shadow, otherwise they will be punished. Even if the green shadow offended the queen and was taken into custody, the ghosts will execute the instructor-level high-level.
"I’ll just do it." Lengqin pretended to panic and nodded and headed for the bedroom with refreshments. The green shadow hid behind it and monitored Lengqin’s action.
"What for?" A servant stopped the lengqin at the stairs.
"I’m here to bring tea to the queen," Lengqin replied respectfully.
"Who sent you?" The servant immediately became suspicious and looked at the ghost of Lengqin. He had already ordered that no one should send food to the queen without his command.
Green Shadow and Lengqin were taken into custody by ghosts as soon as they got on the plane. I didn’t know that ghosts made people detain Xi and ordered Xi not to eat.
"Is a big instructor when he left …"
Lengqin’s words were not finished when the tray in his hand was smashed to pieces by the waiter. Looking at the broken teacups and the flowing topographic tea, Lengqin felt a sigh of relief. The poisoned tea was knocked over and he was not worried that someone would poison the queen.
"It’s a lie for the big instructor to order not to send food to the queen." The waiter stared at Lengqin aggressively and shouted, "Somebody take her …"
The words sound just fell and the servant was shot between the eyebrows, and his eyes were startled and he fell to the ground and died with a bang.
The green shadow rushed out of the dark with a silencer hand, killing the servants stationed in the promenade with several shots and directly breaking into the back bedroom. The queen must be here because it is so heavily stationed here.
Lengqin followed closely. She couldn’t let the green shadow hurt her. When she saw the green shadow, she would kick the door in. Lengqin slipped out of her sleeve and was about to sneak up on the green shadow, but she accidentally saw a red light flashing in the gap at the bottom of the door …
A frightened thought quickly passed through my mind. Lengqin opened her eyes and shouted anxiously, "Don’t go in …"
Everything can’t come. Lengqin screamed and stopped the green shadow without hesitation. The green shadow kicked the door and had to react in the future. An earth-shattering blasting force came from the avalanche …
Lengqin jumped to the first floor as fast as possible to escape from the explosion, but it was still injured by the blasting splash, and the green shadow had been blown to pieces.
fast changing
Even the luxurious castle was blown to pieces in an instant.
In an instant, those living people turned to ashes.
Who said that the killer’s life is as fragile as the morning dew and will disappear in an instant? It’s really … sad.
In the distance, the team led the off-road vehicle, wearing the mask of the dark night instructor, and the alarm sounded in the arms of the ghost. He was shocked and looked complicated and said, "As expected, someone really came to save the queen. I just felt that something was wrong. He was never so easy to deal with. How could I beat him so easily?"
"But Zun Wang has been arrested by Interpol. He can’t be separated, can he?" Xiao Jing, the right-hand man of ghosts, is playing with his hands and brain. The network is watching the live broadcast of international news. At the scene, a deputy armed Interpol is holding the king.
Silent for a long time, ghosts suddenly raised their hands. After the car stopped, he picked up the mask of the big instructor and handed it to Xiao Jingshen. "From now on, you are the big instructor of the night, and you will carry out the plan instead of me …"
(please support the baby to finish several other "sky-high bait", "three into the giants guilty love displaced" and "have the guts to marry my witch to get married", all of which belong to the same column. Chapter 211 Life and death escape.
In the dark secret room, the evening was awakened by the earth-shattering explosion, and the whole room shook with wide eyes. There was chaos and noise outside, and the waiter talked about it …
"The statue of the king came back must be the statue of the king came back …"
"What should I do? I really shouldn’t have been threatened by the big instructor to obey him. If the king returns, we will die. "
"King almighty, he won’t lose to the big instructor …"
"What do you say here? The horse went to the front hall to help put out the fire! " Suddenly, a cold drink interrupted those discussions, and then the hurried steps faded away.
Evening knew that her opportunity had come.
Evening hands were tied tightly behind her back, and her legs were tied tightly. Her belly swelled slightly, which made her unable to move, but now she had to hold her breath and try to escape from here.
Evening turned her body and tried to sit up. It was very difficult for her to reverse her posture and move. Well, she learned ballet from the age of five, and her body and bones were as soft and resilient as ordinary people.
This low wooden bed is not soft, so that Xi has the opportunity to borrow money. Finally, he sits up with his legs bent, takes a breath, buries his head in his knees, and then holds his stomach and shrinks up, trying to slowly turn his hands from his hips behind his back …