"Are you crazy? Extremely spiritual stone? Do you know how big Lingshi is? Have you forgotten that you need a blue Dan? You will know that there is not enough money at the Wanbaozhai auction in the future, "Nan Guang said.

But Zhang Tao ignored "Zhang Gong is serious. This is the way for our Sima family to repay kindness. If Zhang Gong doesn’t accept outsiders, wouldn’t it be said that our Sima family is grateful? This is too unkind and unjust. "
"Since Sima Guzhu is so kind, it is not good to refuse, so thank you for your kindness." Zhang Tao picked up Lingshi with a face of shame.
South wide to turn over their language this Zhang Tao also don’t know is contact with yourself for too long or because he is so more and more cunning.
"We also inquired about Zhang Gong’s search for people and finally got a little news." Seeing Zhang Tao’s sorrow for Lingshi Sima is a sigh of relief and then continued
"Oh?" Zhang Tao immediately sat up when he heard the news, and seemed a little excited. Did he finally get the news of the poisonous cloud? In order to find the poison cloud, you can experience life and death.
Syma sorrow nodded, "If Zhang Gong was right, there was indeed a poisonous person who came to my Yuan Mucheng to make a scene once. Fortunately, it passed by, otherwise we would have nothing to live in here." Poisonous person! It is the Dongyue mainland that is extremely afraid that if it explodes, it will not be suitable for human habitation for a hundred years.
"And then what? Where did you go? " Zhang Tao asked.
"Zhang Gong, please forgive me for saying more. Although Zhang Gong is powerful, it is best not to provoke poisonous people or it will be very troublesome." Sima is worried
Zhang Tao was slightly grateful for fuels and said, "Please rest assured that Sima Guzhu has his own discretion."
Hear Zhang Tao said so syma sorrow didn’t continue to nonsense, but said, "smell this poison people in the mountains seven miles south of the city of Yuanmu."
"oh? Mountains? " Zhang Tao frown indeed! Poisonous people are not suitable for living in crowded places, because they will explode at any time, and there will be no worries in inaccessible places.
Hearing this news, Zhang Tao was a little excited. It seems that there is really definite news. "Is the mountain range an ordinary mountain range or?"
"Animals are all over this mountain range, which is very strange. You need to pay more attention to it," said Sima You.
Hear animals all over the word Zhang Tao frowning slightly. Animals from overseas land are much stronger than Honghaoguo. Poisonous clouds are so reckless?
"I wonder what’s strange about it?" Zhang Tao asked again.
Sima Youshen said, "Because this mountain range is the largest connecting zone between the overseas land and the exotic mountain," Sima Youshen said.
"If so, you should be careful. Abnormal and powerful animals are likely to appear in this place," Nan Guang said at once.
"Animal mountain?" Zhang Tao frown asked.
"Zhang Gong don’t know? But also for Zhang Gong’s first visit to overseas land, I don’t know that the mountain of animals is also normal. The mountain of animals is the most powerful gathering place of animals from overseas land. There are many blue Danhua animals and even purple Dan peak beasts. "Sima’s face is very serious.
The place where Tianshi was put at the peak has a certain position, but I’m afraid he didn’t come out alive when he went in the mountain of exotic animals. Can you imagine the danger inside?
The connected zone is also a place that can lead to the sacred mountain of exotic animals. Since it can lead to the sacred mountain, exotic animals can naturally come out, and the risk is quite high.
"So that’s it." Zhang Tao said four words lightly but didn’t say that his intention to go was obviously very firm. Sima’s sorrow and dark sigh didn’t say much, but said something painful
Finally, Zhang Tao said that he would leave Sima’s family early in the morning and plan to practice in Zhang Tao. It is also a lively evening.
The moon is dark and the stars are sinking. It’s still noisy in the distance of Sima’s courtyard in Zhang Tao. But Zhang Tao chose to be quiet and walk carefully. Zhang Tao didn’t turn around. "If Snow Girl is also interested in coming out to experience the soft night wind?"
"Zhang Gong Ruoxue has something he wants to ask," Sima Ruoxue said softly.
"If the snow girl please say"
"Is it your friend that you are in such a hurry to find that poisonous person?" Sima Rexue asked
Zhang Tao turned to carry the original dim moonlight and looked at the familiar charming face "Yes".
"Is it a man or a woman?" Sima Rexue also didn’t know where to get the courage to ask.
Zhang Tao sighed "it’s a woman"
"She" hasn’t finished yet. Zhang Tao said, "It’s very beautiful and important to me."
There is nothing left but the night wind whistling. "No wonder Zhang Gong is willing to take risks with her. She is very happy." Finally, Sima Rexue came up with such a sentence.
After that, she left Zhang Tao without stopping, but quietly watched her beautiful back disappear. There was a bitter smile on her corner face, but she didn’t say much.
In the distance, Sima Re’s castle in the dream and Sima Chang witnessed the scene of Zhang Tao and Sima Re’s snow. "I am very relieved if my little sister can be the eldest brother with Zhang Xiong."
"Fate is hard to force" Sima Ruomeng sighed.