"What about me?" Su Yuqi said that she had already eaten it in one bite and then spat out a small sweet tongue. "It’s so hot that it burns me to death."

"What a suck!" Qin Ning gave her a fairy white look.
Su Yuqi, miserable as a puppy, rushed to pour a glass of juice in order to stop.
After a while, Qin Ning Xianhong came out and put the bowl in front of Ma Liang with his head down.
Ma Liang is one leng. Is this a bowl? Maybe she will perform magic tricks to change rice.
"I forgot to insert rice or rice," she said shyly, and then sat down honestly, which gave Su Yuqi a chance to play:
Chapter 44 Stupid woman
"What a stupid woman! You won’t get married then. Although you can cook some food and eat rural romance, you can update it faster than a rocket. Do you dare to believe it?" Su Yuqi laughed.
"Don’t eat if you don’t like it," she growled, her beautiful eyes staring.
"Okay, okay, let’s just eat slowly and wait until the rice is cooked. Sometimes it’s normal to forget this kind of thing." Ma Liang quickly came to be a peacemaker, but she was immediately despised by Su Yuqi
"I’ll give you a big meal and help you talk if you don’t get it. It’s really a long time before she cooks raw rice."
"Eat" Su Yuyao said to Ma Liang spoon delicious chicken soup, in fact, it is not that important to eat rice because the food is delicious.
"How does it taste?" Qin Ningxian asked.
"Very good" Ma Liang nodded, and Qin Ningxian also showed a natural smile, and she and Su Yuqi were really enemies. At the same time, they took a fancy to a big mushroom and then stretched chopsticks at the same time, and then Su Yuyao grabbed it and ate it.
Two Xiaomei’s popularity is bulging and she is quite dissatisfied with her trip and has been protesting.
"Ma Liang, you can control her stealing other people’s things. What is this? If a woman is not good, it means that she will steal after eating." Su Yuqi said with a sense of justice.
Now stealing food means secretly having sex with others.
"I steal to eat. Some people have already stolen enough." Su Yuyao saw Ma Liang, Xia Xue, Zhou Ruotong, and she still remembers it clearly.
Su Yuqi’s face turned red because she and Ma Liang had done something similar to stealing food, so the topic stopped obediently
At that time, the atmosphere was strange and quiet. Everyone ate Ma Liang and watched three beautiful women with different postures eating. This was also a kind of enjoyment. Although Su Yuqi was beautiful, she didn’t eat like a big lady, but she was hungry for three days and didn’t see a fish cat.
And Qin Ning Xian is slow, but it is not weak at all, encouraging the sweet cheeks and small mouth to be greasy and lovely.
It can probably be called a lady with Su Yuyao. Her chopsticks are gently clamped and then put in her mouth. Her lips are closed and she eats slowly and gracefully.
"What are you looking at me for? Do you want me to feed you?" She was stared at strangely by Ma Liang.
Then she really took some food and asked Ma Liang to open his mouth and feed it to him.
Su Yuqi, a "show of love", wants to say it quickly, but when she thinks about it carefully, this is what her sister can’t wish so well.
Su Yuyao glared at her. "Don’t, I don’t know what the second half sentence is. No matter how you say it, I will let you sleep on your stomach tonight."
"What’s the big deal if you sleep on your stomach?" Su Yuqi sneaked a look at Ma Liang’s eyes and quickly swept away things in the small village. I still remember the feeling of sleeping in Ma Liang’s body
"Don’t you dare me?" Su Yuyao’s eyebrows are wrinkly. Recently, her sister likes to challenge Wei more and more, but she won’t be polite.
And just then came the click, and then there were steps in the living room.
Several people looked down at the same time, and it was Bai Xuan. She was holding a briefcase, and this was the first time that Ma Liang saw her beautiful mother-in-law completely, even compared with Zhou Ruotong.
Calm with a little cold expression, even Ma Liang, who is very elegant and beautiful, has a bad impression on her, and he has followed the individual Ma Liang to see that Wei Tianyun.
He obviously doesn’t have much impression on such marginal figures as Ma Liang, because at that time it was completely different from this time. His eyes swept over three beautiful women and he smiled and showed his white teeth. I have to say that this man is quite handsome.
"It seems that it’s just the right time. It seems that who did this?" He probably came to get closer.
"This is" he looked at Ma Liang, who is probably able to be here. People are a bit complicated, especially Ma Liang’s clothes are still very particular about his hands. The swinging watch also represents this person’s taste.
Poor people play with cars and rich people play with watches. Poor people here don’t mean wealth, but people.
"My name is Ma Liang" Ma Liang introduced himself.
"My name is Wei Tianyun." He reached out and shook hands with Ma Liang and sat down directly.
"Rain Yao, it’s no wonder that you didn’t have time to eat good things at home today." Wei Tianyun laughed while Su Yu Yao bit his chopsticks without answering.
"Interesting" Su Yuqi’s beautiful eyes glanced and smiled.
Wei Tianyun scolded 1 in his heart. This Ni is really charming. She is simply a heady little fox, but Su Yuyao is not bad. It is two different feelings.
Some women are as amazing as champagne, full of sensory stimulation at all times, while some women can find that irresistible charm only by savoring red wine.
However, this girl is a child prodigy, and it is difficult to deal with her. She has had the idea of chasing her and fantasized about sisters serving their men together, which is usually a half-length decision.
And another Qin Ningxian, he did know that he also said hello. The bulging chest made him itch. This kind of woman can be cherished by men.
Eating today is really enjoyable, and adding a Bai Xuan is a fairyland.
Qin Ningxian doesn’t seem to like him very much. He is busy solving the food in front of him. She is fighting a protracted war.
"Aunt, don’t you eat?" Wei Tianyun asked Bai Xuan.
"Aunt, come and eat" Qin Ningxian also shouted.
Bai Xuan put a briefcase and walked over. It seems that she didn’t look at Ma Liang. In her opinion, Ma Liang’s only identity now is an ordinary guest.
"I don’t know what Ma Liang does at home," Wei Tianyun asked.
"He mainly does herb cultivation and vegetable research." Su Yuyao said, "He should do all the dishes in Grand Hyatt Hotel."
"I’ve heard so much about the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Now it’s very popular. It’s actually where you met Yu Yao." Although Wei Tianyun said this, he also defined Ma Liang as a vegetable grower or a big enterprise. At most, he is a well-dressed farmer.
"Village" Ma Liang simply answered a sentence, which further confirmed this speculation.
Although the food was delicious, Bai Xuan didn’t eat much and went upstairs directly with things without saying a word.
"Who cooked a great meal today is comparable to a chef in a five-star hotel?" Wei Tianyun said it was a compliment and found that no one paid attention to him. Suddenly, his eyes flashed a trace of unhappiness:
Chapter 449 Happy life
"The meal should be ready. I’ll help you to fill it." Qin Ningxian has been thinking about this thing.
After a while, she came back again, this time blushing even more, silently putting the bowl with the novel saying, "I forgot to press it."
"You stupid woman" Su Yuqi airway white jade pointing to her forehead and Qin Ningxian is also a honest scolded.
"Forget it. Anyway, so many dishes are delicious and there is no need to eat rice." Ma Liang said.
"Rain Yao heard from her aunt that you are going to the company class tomorrow." Wei Tianyun asked.