Before willy came, the arena spirit cried, "Bad arena formation has been broken. XuanYuanYuan God may escape at any time. Be careful of future trouble." It seems that he has been with willy for a long time and marveled at the fact that willy has brought him all kinds of surprises. He thinks it’s fair that the arena spirit has lost its original position. Well, the problem is also in the position of willy to take the exam.

Willy, of course, know the light and heavy Yuan Shen, which is different from Yuan Ying. Unlike Yuan Ying, Yuan Shen has no fighting capacity at all. Yuan Shen almost contains a monk. All J and NG Qi Shen can fight independently in independent cultivation and at a very fast speed.
But even so, in the arena, he was caught in the jar.
I didn’t expect that what happened just now would make the arena indestructible and broken. If Xuanyuan ran away, it would definitely be a poor thing for future trouble. Immediately, through the spirit, he said, "The ugly ghost can’t let him go even if he is dead."
At this time, throb’s chalk really consumes no energy to fight in a row. The only thing to do is to pray for a Xuan Yuan, and there is no broken one for the time being.
However, Xuanyuan and other figures, even if they lose their body, are still at the level of deification. The understanding of the law is far away from throbbing, and this situation is almost discovered at the same time when the crane is broken.
Immediately, like a ghost, he went outside the arena first, and at the same time, Youzi did not forget to leave a cruel word, "Little people will make you regret waiting for me to come back."
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Chapter DiSiQiWu God water of life
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Just as thunder chased me from time to time, Xuanyuan heard a scream that made him heart and gallbladder crack. "Xuanyuan, where did you get my daughter?"
"Ghost Emperor!"
The only thought of XuanYuanYuan God screaming in fear is to escape as far away as possible. The ghost emperor is a famous old-fashioned strong man. Even in his heyday, XuanYuanYuan was as strong as a baby in front of him. What’s worse, he has been crippled by thunder, and only YuanShen has suffered a lot.
"Want to go? Joke "Ghost Emperor disdained to sneer at a hand and leaned out a claw like a ghost claw. The ferocity directly tore the Xuan Yuan Yuan God and dragged him back. The same trick was better than throb. I don’t know how many times.
"You can’t kill me, I’m the God of Taizong." Xuan Yuan was so frightened that the God Hun almost destroyed Se Li Jing and screamed, "Otherwise, my Taiyi real person will not let you go."
The ghost emperor face se cold watched with great interest XuanYuanYuan god "too one? Well, I heard that it’s very powerful. I welcome him to come to the nether world to find me. "
Xuanyuan became desperate. It seems that he remembered that his ancestor Taiyi was at most a ghost emperor. If he dared to kill the ghost domain, he was almost unlucky. Where can he expect the ghost emperor to kill the ghost moth now? After all, the ghost domain is in a mess now, and he also regressed when he was seriously injured and still failed to recover, which made him hurt. If it was Taiyi, the only thing he could do was to hide in the deepest part of Jiuyou abyss.
It is also at this time that throb and small deep and remote side by side appeared on the spot. After seeing the current scene slightly stunned by throb, I immediately put my heart to Xuanyuan. Everything is good to say to the ghost emperor. J: Thank you for your help.
"You’re welcome. I’m just returning your favor." The ghost emperor saw Xiao You’s cold face and Se was a little warmer. "You’ll be missing for two days?"
Small deep and remote has adapted to the ghost emperor daughter identity swoops down in his arms and jiāo way "all blame the xuanyuan unexpectedly offering a thing called fair arena ancient Lingbao sucked her daughter and brother into the arena" Small deep and remote soon described the incident again.
"I don’t know what’s going on." The ghost emperor casually pointed out a wisp of blue ghost flame and provoked Xuanyuan God.
This wisp of ghost flame of his is still a wisp of ghost flame from Nine Ghosts. After refining, its power is extraordinary, even if the Godsworn accidentally touches it, it is also a great trouble.
Poor Xuan Yuan is only in a weak state, where can he resist such a level of ghost flame burning? Suddenly, he cried out in pain. When he didn’t hold on for ten breath, he begged for mercy. "The ghost emperor’s predecessors look at the same peak. Give me a break this time."
"Do you deserve the peak strength?" The ghost emperor disdained to glance at him and wondered how the goods were cultivated to the level of deification. Will power is so weak?
The ghost emperor didn’t know that if it were normal, Xuanyuan’s willpower would still be. However, in the fair arena, he was tortured for two years and his mind was already on the verge of collapse, so it is not surprising that he behaved like this.
"Father, since this Xuanyuan is still left to my brother, make him a ghost soldier and never turn over." The little girl chuckled.
"It’s really a big girl." The ghost emperor smiled at himself and threw the Xuan Yuan Yuan God to throb. "It’s a rare thing to make a small profit in this world." Otherwise, he sold it to throb. Even if the ghost emperor wants this Yuan God, he will never say anything.
A deified period, the strong Yuan God is absolutely rare to the extreme, and there are some surprises. I rushed to put him in a sealed hun ball. Think about it. Yuan Ying’s peak is not old. The power of refining pot-bellied artillery ghosts is already strong like this. If the strong Yuan God is refined into pot-bellied artillery ghosts, wouldn’t it be several times higher? You know, although there is a small difference between the peak of Yuanying and the level of deification, this step is a qualitative change in life transition.
"Thank you for the ghost emperor’s predecessors" said with great respect.
"You don’t have to thank me. Just don’t turn away when I need your help." The ghost emperor waved his hand.
"Senior, but even if it’s daoshanhuohai, the younger generation will never shirk." Willy said with sincerity, paused and said, "Senior doesn’t know about Monty?"
"The situation is not so good." Se, the ghost emperor’s face, seems to be a bit dignified. "The best I can do is to delay her Yuan Ying’s disintegration. Fortunately, I heard that Wang Zha, the hag, let his family treasure protect her Yuan Ying and the flesh, but even if it is out of the water, it can only maintain her life."
Throbbing face Se is as cold as ice. I really want Xuanyuan to have a taste of what ghosts eat hun on the spot. But at this time, I have to force myself to calm down and salute the ghost emperor respectfully. "Thank you for your help. The younger generation also wants to know if there is anything in this world that can save Monty."
The face of the ghost emperor is also difficult. Se "Yes, but it is very dangerous."
"Predecessors but hinder" thunder words move Se, although insipid, but firm than in my heart.
"Every day is divided into three realms, six realms and nine continents, and the ghost domain is one of them. Whether I admit the fact or not, the ghost domain belongs to the weakest domain among the six realms, and those birds occupy a domain called the light sanctuary. According to the ancient saying, the wing protoss is the top war in heaven, and the racial strength is very strong. Although it has declined due to the thin aura of heaven and earth, it is still far from my ghost clan." The ghost emperor Kan Kan talked about it.
"Does the elder mean that the medicine for treating monty is in the light sanctuary?" Willy face se is also a bit dignified. He is not just a young monk now. Of course, it is clear that the light sanctuary is so powerful.
"It’s true that there is a kind of water in the light sanctuary called the water of life, which can heal all wounds of the flesh or the god Hun. If you can get a small bottle, I can keep the monty safe and sick." The ghost emperor looked straight at the thunder.
"the water of life?" Willy’s eyes are calm and cool. "In that case, please ask your predecessors to say more about life and water information, such as entering the light sanctuary."
The ghost emperor stared at throb. "The strength of the small light sanctuary far exceeds that of the ghost moth alone. There are more than nine strong people, and two of them are no longer strong. Your progress and qualifications are limitless. It is also very likely that you will go to the point where we are waiting. Do you want to take such a huge risk for a mere woman? Have you thought about it for once in your life? Want to know the water of life in the wing protoss is no ordinary goods se wing protoss see this thing very seriously, only in the city of god have a chance to win "
"Elder" took a deep breath and said calmly, "The younger generation has considered it very clearly. Monty is very kind to me. Even if the younger generation cherishes her life, it is impossible to see her disappear when she dies."
"Well, you are a sentient being and righteous, so I will tell you the original information." The ghost emperor narrated it a little bit. What he just said was just a test. If this is really the kind of betrayal, the ghost emperor will surely force him to quickly lift the small blood sacrifice and never contact again.
But it’s because of throb that the ghost emperor is relieved to him a lot, otherwise he really can’t entrust the future of Xiaoyou to that kind of cruel and heartless hands.
"There was only one main continent in the light sanctuary, but in the ancient war, the Shura clan and the winged protoss fought each other for several years. That main continent was also destroyed into a small piece of land in successive years of war, but even if it was small, it would not be smaller than Jiuzhou and Yizhou. Every continent was floating with a main city with more than a dozen heavenly cities, among which the main city was presided over by a winged god king. Even if I dared to single-handedly, the best scene of a main city was to hit the escape and you were looking for a life god. Water is produced in the main city of heaven and earth, and it can catalyze and condense a drop of pure life water every year. This water not only has a strong therapeutic effect, but also helps the pterodactyl to cultivate light, which is a very precious thing for the pterodactyl. "
Willy heard his brow wrinkled. Although he had expected the difficulty, it was unexpectedly difficult to become like this. He asked, "Can the predecessors get the water of life through trading?" I’m afraid wing protoss will like lingshi, too? "