"You are talking nonsense!" Mammy Liao is pale at the moment, and the bottom of her eyes is also dying, but she won’t admit that she was killed.

As soon as the blood fell into the sea bowl, the drop of blood involuntarily leaned closer and closer to Aunt Liu’s blood. Mother Liang swallowed hard, looked at the two drops of blood and prayed not to merge.
"aye? It turned out to be true! " Gu Jinxi leaned over and saw that the middle of the sea bowl had merged into a drop of blood, while the old lady Gu’s blood was still on the side. The drop of fused blood seemed to be confrontational. "john young, you are so amazing that you can even guess this!"
John young’s face suddenly showed a proud look. "Hey hey, Miss Gu, I’m flattered."
"Huh?" Qin Rui’s eyebrows are shallow and her eyes are slightly narrowed.
"You are well-trained." john young immediately raised his eyes.
Mammy Liang looked at the two drops of fused blood in disbelief and turned to look at Mammy Liao. "It’s you. It’s really you. You got miss there. Say it! Say it! Liao! Su! English! "
"You Ingrid turned out to be you." Old Mrs. Gu couldn’t believe it with thick.
"Didn’t you say that the child is gone? Didn’t you say you had knocked the child out? " Sister Liang kept shaking her head. "You lied to me! You lied to me!"
"No, no, no,no." Aunt Liu kept shaking her head. Her identity changed from a previous life daughter of Amber Houfu to a daughter of the old lady Gu, and now she has become a personal female identity. The gap is too big for her to believe.
Seeing that things have been exposed, Mammy Liao’s pale face finally showed a cruel expression and turned to look at Mammy Liang. "That’s my child, a piece of meat in my stomach. Why should I abort her? We are all dowry maids. Why can’t we wait on the master?"
"You …" Gu old lady stared at Mammy Liao with thick disbelief.
"Old lady, I have been doing my best for you all these years, but what do you want to stop your master from loving us?" Mammy Liao’s eyes are thick with disbelief and faint with hatred.
Mammy Liang closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and gnashed her teeth at Mammy Liao. "So you seduced her when she was drunk. I blame you. If I hadn’t been soft-hearted at that time … where did you get the young lady?"
"Tell me, where on earth have you taken my daughter?" Mrs. Gu clutched Mammy Liao’s arms tightly and kept shaking. "Say it!"
Liao Mammy gave a cold hum from her nose and raised my hand to block Gu Laotou’s hand. "Where have you been?" Ha, ha, ha. I left her in the dirtiest place … Where is she? "
"You … you …"
Gu old lady smell speech suddenly breath didn’t come white a turn straight to faint.
"Old lady, old lady!"
Mammy Liang was in a hurry and quickly said to the little maid next to her, "What are you staring at? Why don’t you call a doctor!" Said and turned to look at the old god fu housekeeper "fu housekeeper to tie up Liao Mammy and Liu Hongyan"
"Yes," said Fu Guanjia.
"How about this good play? Do you like it?"
Watching the whole room chicken fly a dog to jump scene Gu Jin sunseeker is low head hanging eyes holding a teacup I don’t know how to think about it Qin Rui will face suddenly gather together in the past.
"Uh-huh" Gu Jinxi didn’t know if it was possible.
Qin Rui asked for a boring and bitterly raised his hand and touched his nose. "Although you have completely drawn a line with your family, what are you going to do with Aunt Meng and Aunt Qiu?"
"Who is going to deal with things by himself" Gu Jin sunseeker caught a glimpse of Gu Huai grumpily.
Gu Huaiwen’s face suddenly froze. Although he didn’t like Aunt Meng and Aunt Qiu, he also had a baby with them because of the majesty of the old lady Gu, even though he hadn’t touched them since they were pregnant.
"I will take care of this matter."
"Hum" Gu Jinxi let out a light hum from his nose.
"Forget it, sister."
Have dealt with the salute outside Gu Qian and Gu Chu came in from the outside at the same time and looked at the chicken fly a dog to jump. I couldn’t help frowning slightly. Looking at the tied-up Mammy Liao and Aunt Liu Gu Qian gently raised her eyebrows. What seems to be white? Turn to Gu Huai and say, "We will move to Hengwu Garden from Gu Fu."
"Uh-huh" Gu Huai nodded. "I have two private houses in the cool capital. I …"
At the beginning and from the time, these children were strongly wanted by Xie An. Although the emperor didn’t say it, relying on a few children to support him after leaving his family also gave up his face. "I will take two aunts and Jin Xiang and Jin Yu to live in the south clause of the city, and I will go back to see you."
"Wenxiang nephrite embraces the left and the right. It seems that you will not be too bad in the future. Second brother and third brother, let’s go!" Gu Jinxi coldly caught a glimpse of Gu Huai.
Gu Huai pursed his lips and tried to say something, but he couldn’t say it after all.
I know Gu Jinxi cares about two aunts, but he can’t leave them alone, can he?