Many people know that Su ‘an Hou is going to marry a palace daughter. Although she is in front of the empress, she is also a palace daughter.

But look at this ostentation and extravagance. It’s no worse than marrying a princess.
"You said that in this case, why don’t you give a title? Why don’t you just make her a princess monarch? Isn’t it nice? " A young man in a cotton robe wondered
"Yes, God, where do we know about family matters?" An old man said
Another middle-aged man with a full face of Hu, with both hands in his sleeve, is very leisurely and comfortable. "I don’t know?" It’s also noble for ladies-in-waiting to come out from the side of our Queen Sue. Look at this ostentation and extravagance, not to tell everyone that it is good to be a queen. "
They didn’t say anything. They didn’t know if this statement was right, but they also had some faith.
In fact, Yan Gui suggested giving indigo a title, or at least a princess.
However, Su Mian refused, saying, "After I said that I supported my work, I wanted to make a higher position for women. Today, it is best for indigo to become a handmaiden."
Yan Gui doesn’t mind a higher female status, but there are too many concubines who are talented but can’t get to the front of the temple.
"Whatever you want."
I don’t know what happened today is gradually becoming a beautiful talk. The streets and lanes are very chanting.
Finally, someone actually wrote a sentence called "The Queen Marries a Handmaiden", which said that the master and servant are as affectionate as charity handmaiden and as loyal.
These two qualities are the best these days. Even if you are a handmaiden and a loyal servant, it will be completely different.
No one expected how famous this handmaiden was after she was born in Mrs. Hou. After "The Queen Marries a Handmaiden", more words came out, not praising indigo naturalis’s loyalty, queen Sue’s generosity and kindness.
Loyal Servant, Master Servant’s Grace, Hongluan Ji and so on are not counted.
It is not expected that indigo naturalis has gradually become a family figure from an unknown handmaid, especially after decades, people still talk about her and later generations have written about her
Yes, it has gradually changed, with all kinds of ups and downs and all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, but with one exception, both heroines are positive and beautiful
But that’s another story and it’s not
Said gongsunsu took indigo naturalis and knocked all the way back to Su ‘an Houfu, where red lanterns, colorful firecrackers were everywhere.
Who is GongSunSu? That was a great achievement. The general is still leading the military forces. After marriage, he has to go back to Lizhou. It is the most important person. Although he is married to a handmaiden, it can be seen from the mere mention of the reward that this rich man has a long history. Naturally, many people are rushing to present gifts.
Just giving gifts is full of corner rooms.
It was very good. The marriage was very smooth. When he entered the bridal chamber, Gong Sunsu was already drunk.
I didn’t do anything all night
Indigo doesn’t mind that she still knows her husband a little. It’s just that it’s a day late.
It’s because she got up after a good sleep and was refreshed.
Without gongsunsu still asleep, he packed himself up and sat down in the backyard and called the housekeeper and mammy.
"Did we return the gift yesterday when there were many people?"
The housekeeper and the mammy dare not despise this one, but that’s the head of the empress! She is too ignorant to cheat on this matter.
Busy reporting in detail.
"Hurry up and arrange a return. I won’t go anywhere for three days. What do you need? Let’s do things when the duke is afraid that the duke will have to go after fifteen." Qingdai said.
Mammy and the housekeepers were busy doing their own things.
Wait until we meet before saying, "When somebody else comes in, the new wife is in charge of lying high, but this one is full of worries."
"What’s the method? Our duke is in charge of everything, no matter what your wife doesn’t worry about. There is no mother-in-law and the duke can’t stay in the capital now. It is true that many things have been done quickly. Chapter 66 The queen wants to hunt.
"Yeah, even if the town is south and Yan ‘an is waiting, there are Su’s family and Yuezhang’s family to help our duke, but it’s good to rely on his wife to do it. Otherwise, if the situation in our house is good?"
Indigo picked up the things at hand GongSunSu also got up very embarrassed looking at Indigo "yesterday …"
"Did the Duke have a headache after drinking too much yesterday?" Indigo is also embarrassed, but she is fighting back.