How much money has been earned or lost, but the auction house is different. How much money they have earned is titrated and published, so it is not surprising that everyone is dissatisfied.

Jin Pang nodded and said, "Yes, such a question really makes me feel strange at this time. This situation is a little more. That is to say, at this time, a less generous performance has made you antique dealers earn 10 thousand yuan. Those who buy antiques may not feel distressed because they don’t know how much money you have earned. But if it is said that we have earned 1,000 yuan, then they may swear at this time. After all, it is all in vain for you to auction antiques at this time.
But we didn’t force you to hand in these at that time? That’s because you people want to auction your antiques at a better price, which will make them more valuable, so that they can entrust them to us. But if it is not successful at this time, those people are interested in seeing the truth, and it is even worse for us auctioneers. At this time, it is nothing if we say that it is not human inside and outside.
Anyway, it’s normal for some people to put bowls to scold the kitchen, and I quite understand it myself, so I’m getting used to it. Since I’m in this business, I need to have such a psychological endurance. If I don’t have such a psychological endurance, that means I shouldn’t do such a thing at this time.
At this time, go to the antique market and do your own antique business, even if you say that our business is just like this, they will not be understood. That is to say, they will see some immediate benefits. At this time, they simply don’t know how much money they will earn without our auction house.
In a word, there is no auction house in the antique market because the antique market has developed to a certain stage, then there will be such a full line at this time, and we will be there. Everyone means that we will be in front of everyone, so that we can show a less good state at this time.
If the development of the former antique market was not so good, that is to say, the country didn’t really liberalize the antique market. What kind of things did our auction house have? Even if we wanted to auction antiques, it would be impossible. At this time, there would be more things, that is to say, there would be more disputes or interests. They regarded those interests that we should get as their own interests
At this time, more and more people say these words because they show such a state of jealousy. Our money is legal and approved by the price bureau. It doesn’t mean that we can charge as many procedures as we want. What do we want to do at this time is what we must do? How do these people not go to the price bureau to ask questions? It is just this time that they are bothering us. "
At this time, it is also very unfair to be fat. This matter is really decided by the price bureau, but is it always an indisputable fact that the auction house has earned the money? Therefore, at this time, this guy is crying for poverty.
A person like him really knows more at this time, that is to say, this situation makes him feel more dependent or envious of antique dealers.
Antique dealers make more money than auction houses. Of course, that means experienced antique dealers. Most antique dealers don’t say that antique dealers earn black money. That’s because most people don’t know how antique dealers make money.
That is to say, it is impossible for the well-connected price bureau to price antiques, and it is impossible for them to price antiques at all. Therefore, at this time, of course, everyone will not talk about those antique dealers
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "Don’t say anything about the Price Bureau at this time. What people are most dissatisfied with now are two places: one is the Statistics Bureau, and the other is the wages, house prices and gdp counted by the Bureau of Statistics of the Price Bureau. What has never satisfied the people, and at this time, some things are even more criticized.
People say that the Bureau of Statistics is a place full of genius, and the people generally don’t understand it. There is also the price bureau, and the price bureau is not very good in everyone’s mind. They have done two things, one is to raise prices, and the other is to defend the price group.
Hehe, anyway, ordinary people are quite dissatisfied with these two places, so don’t say that your price is determined by the Price Bureau. Everyone’s anger is not that big, but if you say something, it will lead to even greater anger. You should be very clear that the Price Bureau is a shield, so you and I will talk about such things here, that is, forget it. If you go to other places, don’t say such things. Otherwise, what complaints will be caused at this time? "
In fact, sometimes the Price Bureau and the Bureau of Statistics are quite wronged. They are just statistics and averages, not that the people actually see something. For example, the Bureau of Housing Price Statistics will count all the welfare housing units, assets and houses together. This price is of course different from the market commercial housing price, and the gap is unacceptable.
However, this is the actual figure, and the statistics bureau itself is quite wronged, and so is the price bureau. The price bureau also acts according to market rules, but if he charges the same price, it will inevitably scold a group of people for being heartless, that is to say, will his own interests be lost at this time? Is he really not the average?
It’s not that easy to solve this problem. Wang Haidong did an investigation in this field when he was in college. Even a master like Chen Jingrun, a talented mathematician, could not solve this mathematical formula. There is no such thing in Wang Haidong, so he quit after half of the investigation. Even if he didn’t investigate, he didn’t want to do it himself. This guy said that such a thing certainly made him feel uncomfortable.
At this time, the profit of the auction house is a bit enviable, and it is reasonable for everyone to say something. If this situation involves any price bureau, then God knows what will happen at this time.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-six Exchange terms
Jin Pang said naively, "Good people are just not easy to do these days. At this time, I think it is such a situation. It is more about the price bureau. What do they do for themselves and what do I have? Do I dare not listen to the price bureau? Isn’t that the same as dying? At the end of the day, it is even us businessmen and antique lovers who are scolded. Sometimes it is too unreasonable. "
It’s really hard to say whether they are unreasonable or not. After all, this phenomenon is quite contradictory at this time, not to mention the fact that the price bureau itself is fat. It is also impossible to tell clearly what this thing is all about. Sometimes it is more professional for professionals to understand the pricing of the price bureau, which is more inclined to ensure the profits of the industry. This should be done, but sometimes it violates the interests of consumers, so consumers themselves are certainly not satisfied, so it is also right for everyone to complain.
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "Don’t say that everyone is being unreasonable and seeking truth from facts. What is actually going on? You know that I know that everyone knows that you didn’t do anything when you told me this. Don’t say that you are here to play. If you still have the mind to come out to play at this time, even if you are good, it is estimated that everyone in your company is busy. You can’t come out casually when you are in charge."
At this time, the auction company is said to be very busy. Jin Pang is supposed to be looking around for some auctions at this time, but he didn’t do so at this time, but said that he came to Jubaoge at this time, so Han Si and Jubaoge must have greater profits.
Jin Pang nodded and said, "Hehe, this is really the case. I actually thought of these things myself, that is, there are so many such situations. We should be busy, that is, it is almost an auction, and we are also nervous. Therefore, after listening to the arrangement of the head office, our auction will be postponed to the back appropriately, so I have a little spare time to come out and see the market changes."
No one believes these words, and Wang Haidong won’t believe them. This time, there will be more. That is to say, at this time, the character of a person like Jin Pang has long been clearly understood by Wang Haidong. Such a person is very cunning and sometimes he can’t believe anything. Therefore, at this time, Jin Pang said that he was running out for a stroll. This kind of thing is simply nonsense. It is impossible to have a situation.
Wang Haidong said rudely at all, "You don’t have anything to do with me. At this time, you will stop to shoot in your company in the autumn. I have never heard of such a thing. If you don’t do this autumn shoot, how will the invited guests inform others when they arrive? Boy, at this time, you say that the date will be rescheduled. So what kind of place do you put these guests at this time? Does that mean that you don’t want to do business with those people anymore? No, it’s impossible for people in your head office to make such a decision. What is the purpose? "
Sometimes, if you hear a sentence, you can analyze something very informative, just like saying that there are more such things in such a situation, that is to say, if there is no greater benefit in such a situation, will their head office do such a thing? That is to say, it’s impossible. The head office decided to do this. That is to say, this auction is already out of control, and there is also the problem of those guests. This has already notified others. If the date is changed casually at this time, then such a thing is not good either.
Jin Pang walked over and said, "Actually, at this time, it doesn’t mean that there is anything different. At this time, we just postponed the autumn auction. It doesn’t mean that this auction must not be going well. At this time, there are other auctions that have been postponed, so those who informed the guests to come over by themselves will become I guarantee that they will have an unexpected harvest. This matter is decided by the head office."
Jin Pang himself is very sure about such a thing, and that is to say, at this time, he has already done such a thing and made some arrangements. Although it is said that there are some twists and turns in this arrangement process, basically, this matter has been settled. Rich people still like jade.
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "I know exactly what kind of attention you want to make, so that you can postpone the autumn shoot. Then this kind of thing should not be a trivial matter. This time it is more, that is to say, in this case, your head office must have found a more influential thing, otherwise it would not have made such a sudden decision. Is it because you teamed up with Mr. Liu?"
Such a question is true. Wang Haidong heard Jin Pang’s self-confidence words, so this is what he thought of. At this time, the auction was postponed long ago, and at this time, the guests and the rich people still didn’t protest. Think about it, that is to say, something better should have appeared. At this time, it is obvious that Mr. Liu, the guy, the original jade stone, is very good, and a project like this can attract more attention. This is a very good thing for Jin Pang.
Jin Pang walked over and said, "Almost everything is hidden, but we are Mr. Liu’s six guys. The original jadeite stones in their hands delayed the autumn auction, and after we informed those guests, they were also quite interested in these jadeite stones that appeared with ghost face jadeite. Some guests just decided not to come, but they decided to come when they heard that such things were postponed because of the original jadeite stones."
Of course, those rich people will know what is more interesting in this situation. Antiques are always the same when they are auctioned anyway, but the original jade stone is especially said to be a ghost face jade with original jade stone. At this time, there are not many opportunities, and everyone knows how to choose.
Wang Haidong walked over and said, "That’s true. At this time, they should be white. What do these jadeite rough stones represent? Sometimes it may be great luck to come out with good jadeite, but sometimes it may be that these jadeite rough stones and ghost-faced jadeite don’t have a dime. Such a thing depends on how their luck is. If it is said that their luck is good, then they can get greater returns. But if it is said that their luck is not good, it will be difficult then."
Gambling on stones depends on luck. Of course, eyesight is also very important, but sometimes luck is also very important. The original jade stone does not mean that because you are rich or not so good, the rich will treat you differently. It is impossible for such a thing. Therefore, at this time, gambling on stones with ghost-faced jade will arouse everyone’s interest. That is to say, everyone hopes that this situation will be lucky with the help of a ghost-faced jade. This is an important reason why everyone is very happy to agree to such a thing. Wang Haidong knows this thing very well
Jin Pang nodded and said, "That’s the same, but more people believe that if you can occasionally come out with a ghost face jade, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for others to come out with something else at this time. We always want to connect with that ghost face jade, but the face has not yet figured out how to make this ghost face jade, so I haven’t synthesized it in such a situation."