Yang Guifei smiles appealed and stretched out his hand and winked a finger at Yang Ye’s lips. She said softly, "Grace calls me Yuhuan …"

"Jade … Yuhuan?" Yang night was a little surprised. I didn’t expect Yang Guifei to enter the show so quickly. Yang Guifei has been crazy in love by that whole bottle of aphrodisiac!
No, her eyes were wet before she drank the aphrodisiac! Did she already have a crush on me? Or do you really want to repay your kindness with your body?
Yang night stared straight at the coquettish Yang Guifei in front of him with a burst of thoughts in his heart. Where did he know that Yang Guifei had been put out of the fire by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty before this? I was worried that I couldn’t find someone to put out the fire!
"Yuhuan ….. if you come back …" It’s already this Yang night, and you’re not welcome. Just say the worry.
"I’m relieved that the male position will never come to Yan Xindian again today. He doesn’t have the energy anymore." Yang Guifei gave Yang night a smile like a clever girl, but her eyes were still lascivious.
"That … that … what do you want?" Yang night brain still has some hesitation but can’t wait.
"Well, give me a chance to repay kindness." Yang smiled gently and slowly pulled the shawl and silk scarf, and then tied herself behind her back to wipe her chest. A thin pink Chinese-style chest covering suddenly fell off, but it showed glistening and lewd flesh from around the Chinese-style chest covering, which covered half of the earth outside.
Yang night swallowed a smile and felt hot. The hormone secretion of aphrodisiac itself played a powerful role, and it was difficult to breathe.
I cann’t. I have to put out the fire, too It’s impossible to find Lan Yao. It’s impossible that she won’t let even Xin come! Besides, the two of them are still staying together. What should we do? Let’s solve it on the spot. As the saying goes, some people should do it when they are straight.
"That … that I don’t mention it." Yang said at night and slowly reached out with his hands and gently pressed Yang Guifei to cover Chinese-style chest covering.
Yang showed a quiver at the same time, deep in her throat, "ah" came out in a low voice.
This groan is absolutely true, and Yang Ye can’t hear it. This kind of sound not only indicates but also provokes, sighs and yearns, besides comfort and encouragement!
So Yang night hands gently across the Chinese-style chest covering rub up.
Yang Guifei’s moaning also changed from weak to strong continuously.
"Empress … Yuhuan is smaller." Yang night woke up while moving, thinking that a woman had touched it, but no one else had touched the emperor! That means cheating in China? Adultery? It’s fucking exciting!
Yang Guifei’s eyes closed slightly, her face flushed and her face smiled. "Don’t worry, Eun Gong, no one dares to eavesdrop outside the bedroom and enjoy the slave house!"
Yang night couldn’t help sighing that Yang Guifei really put it. This kind of words can also be said, and this groan also has a different flavor. Of course, this groan is a royal level to please the emperor.
Chinese-style chest covering brought gauze and silk to remove Yang Guifei’s body. Before Yang Night, Yang Night couldn’t help flashing his eyes as an aphrodisiac, which made him feel that his body was full of animal desires! Besides, Yang Guifei’s charming voice has been flooded with disasters.
Yang Guifei’s taste is not unbearable. After three minutes of shooting light bullets from Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, she has always felt uncomfortable today. This feeling will be solved when she returns to her bedroom. But today is different. First, I saw Yang Ye’s high morale and was hooked up. Then I drank Yang Ye’s medicine. I don’t know how my brain is still dizzy. It’s not hot. My brain is full of men and women. I can’t wave my thoughts. My body reaction is also strong. It’s like being burned to ashes. It’s like an explosion.
It’s normal to bring Yang Ye into the bedroom. Yang Guifei has already been impatient. It’s physiological needs, but she hasn’t been so impatient as today. But the turbulent heat flow makes her feel ashamed. She wants to let Yang Ye into her body as soon as possible. Yang Ye is also her favorite man. This has contributed to Yang Guifei’s deep heart. * * Shame is also a little ashamed but ashamed and happy
When Yang Ye teased her hand and mouth, Yang Ye was panting and took off her clothes, but then Yang Ye gently sat up to hold Yang Ye’s shoulder and pressed him down on the bed. His eyes were full of waves and he said, "Don’t move, please let me wait on you."
This Yang Guifei is so moved that she forgets who she is and who is opposite at the moment. It is like enjoying a long-lost perfect intercourse with someone who is in love with others.
Yang night silly wait for a while lay down in bed panting. I don’t know what it would be like for the Tang emperor to love the four ancient beauties, Yang Guifei, to serve men.
But at this moment, Yang’s body is sensitive at night. As Yang Guifei exhales like a diaphragm and breathes closer and closer, his body * * is also rising more and more, shaking and shaking for fear that he will end the battle before he can’t control it at the moment.
Yang Guifei undressed Yang Ye, not her hands, but her mouth. The two pieces of dexterous lips and vivid teeth got a little bit of understanding of Yang Ye’s robe, followed by lining pants, shoes and socks. Even the clothes and pants were Yang Guifei’s lips and teeth, and she bit by bit and faded Yang Ye’s body.
Especially when Yang Guifei’s lips helped Yang Ye to shed his pants, the wonderful feeling made Yang Ye almost dizzy. She felt that Yang Guifei’s lips and breathing were so close to her body, and when her lips were flying, she accidentally touched her, which made Yang Ye feel more and more hot and almost declared white chess several times.
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Both of them have been deployed.
Yang night lying on his back looked at himself. Yang Guifei’s * * wobbled and shook his eyes several times. Instead, he was smoked and dizzy by Yang Guifei’s delicious body, and he was blinded by a glistening * *.
Yang Guifei’s service is far from over. Her soft lips and clever tongue are full of skills. Every inch of her skin is full of picking, licking, sipping, rubbing, pinching and biting, which makes Yang Ye unable to help moaning softly except for the sound.
This is royal treatment! This is definitely the emperor’s level. Enjoy me. His grandmother is the emperor now!
Yang Ye closes his eyes and wonders why Yang Guifei is so loved by the Tang Emperor! With these moves, it will definitely not disgrace the reputation of "there were other ladies in his court, three thousand of rare beauty three thousand dotes on one"!
There are two cheaters in the bedroom, and this cheating is serious. How many people can steal the emperor’s head?