Yang Yebai’s father’s meaning, but he knows better in his heart that he may be hurt. It’s definitely not just his little mother Bai Jingjing. Now everything is getting better and better. Yang Yebai is also in last stand. Although there is a blue demon to help, Yang Yebai is still uncertain about all the unknown evils. He doesn’t know how much his strength is, but he clearly remembers the Zhang family’s time when the seemingly Zhang Wenyu Zhang Wenyu punched the south glory illusion, but he didn’t see the scene at all.

Yang Ye knows that evil can not be dealt with. What is the mystery behind Jia Lan Classics? And this Jia Lan is far more than just a simple one. It seems to be a person and a thing. It is more likely to be a place. Yang Ye remembers that Yu Jialan’s ore data was found in the darkroom of Zhang Tianshou’s room. What does it mean that all this is linked with the name Jia Lan?
Out of my father’s room Yang night, I bowed my head and thought about suddenly asking, "How is my little mother now?"
"It’s fairly stable, but I often say some inexplicable things out of control." I bow my head and my mood is not high. "Jingjing always makes us kill her when she is awake. I know she is in pain …"
With a red eye, Yang Ye sighed and patted her head. "It’s okay. I’ll save my mom. Look, I want the person who did this to my mom to kowtow to her and apologize!"
There was some silence all the way. Muyang was curious and kept asking questions here and there. Yang Ye walked back to his bedroom with Muyang. He planned to let Muyang stay in his bedroom first and then go to see Bai Jingjing with Muyang.
The accident was that when Yang Ye and the three of them went to the corridor of his bedroom, Yang Ye was surprised to find that the bedroom door was open, which was very strange because Lan Yao would never meet a stranger. She definitely didn’t want this person to know her identity.
Yang night worried about speeding up the pace and heard a sharp voice coming out of his bedroom. "I tell you! If you don’t tell me who you are again, I’ll make you stay away from you! I will never let you leave! "
Yang night head "om" one! My mother! This sound is too familiar to him. It’s a sweet sound! Even xin unexpectedly in her bedroom? Then what she said … was it a slap in the face of the blue demon or a little girl? It’s a disaster for everyone! Shit, shit! This is really in big trouble!
Yang night leng hesitated whether to turn and run away or go into the room to explain everything, and finally got up the courage and walked quickly into the room.
Fiercely push the door Yang night haven’t see everything in sight and shouted "even xin! What are you doing? What a shame! " Take people first! Yang night thinking I’ll kill her first and then say …
After shouting Yang night, I also saw the present situation. It was really lively enough-it was even Xin’s room, and she was eyeing up in front of her waist. Even Xin was followed by Xi Shi, Zheng Dan, Ru Yan, Xiao Xiao and tenderness. Although she was not as fierce as even Xin, her eyes were also hostile. She looked at the bed in a coma, and she followed even Xin to stare at the chair and cut the demon.
Lan Yao cut the quiet seat with his head down, but his face was slightly ugly and he didn’t speak.
However, it seems that there are two possibilities in this pair of even Xin. The first one is that even Xin said that this woman is having an affair with Yang Ye! So she bowed her head and dared not speak! Also sophistry; The second is that this woman has nothing to do with her presence, and several other women have answers, waiting for Yang night to protect her and bow her head and not talk.
Either way, it’s enough to make Evelyn mad.
See Yang night come in even xin is to find the culprit, twist a head mercilessly stare at Yang night, pointing to the blue demon chop big questioned "Yang night! Who is she! "
In a hurry, Yang Ye’s brain runs ten times faster than usual. He knows that to tell the truth, there is no explanation left, and even if it is reasonable, it will be suspected by Yun Xin. Besides, there are so many sister think tanks that are indispensable to each other. So Yang Ye glared at his eyes and roared, "She is my mother!"
Che Yangye has been wondering about one problem, one for Mu Yangzheng.
Before returning to Yang’s home, Muyang had promised Yang Ye to go with him. He had never been out of Mu’s house for 20 years. He used to be cared for by his father, Mu Taoyuan, who was afraid that this fool would be in danger of going out. Later, it was the eldest brother Mu Mingfeng who controlled the fear that this silly younger brother would go out and give him trouble.
Now I finally have a chance to go out and play with this masked superman fairy brother. It really excites Muyangzheng. When he comes out of Mumingfeng’s bedroom, Muyangzheng goes to his room with Yang Yelan demon chop to prepare to pack his things and go with him.
In Muyang’s first room, Yang Ye Lan Yao cut and watched while arguing that just now Lan Yao cut and made trouble for Yang Ye to expose his love scam. Lan Yao cut the base and didn’t talk. Yang Ye was angry and scolded for a long time. Seeing Lan Yao cut his roots and ignored him, he also felt bored and shut up.
Muyangzheng has dug up a lot of things to be all kinds of strange guys, but Muyangzheng is cheerful and casually raises something to proudly show the appearance of a child at Yang Yelan Demon Chop.
"This is my old friend! I usually sleep with it. He is afraid of the dark and a coward. Hey, hey, "Muyang is holding a dog-like striding doll and showing it off to Yang Yelan.
"This is my baby, it turned out to be my father, and it smells like my father! Don’t believe you smell it! " Muyang is holding a small button to Yang Ye and Lan Yao again.
"I like this hat best, too, with words written by my father on it! Dad gave it to me on my birthday! " Muyang is putting a hat on his head and yelling at Yang night. Hey, hey, happily, he gradually closed his smile and muttered softly, "I haven’t had a birthday since my father died …"
Yang night gently sighed and turned to take a glance at Lan Yao’s chop. Lan Yao’s chop was already very emotional and made no secret of sniffling at Muyangzheng and saying "poor thing"
Yang Ye nodded and stepped over to Mu Yangzheng’s side, squatted down, touched his hat and smiled and said, "Xiaozheng, don’t be sad. Tell me that I will give you a birthday every year after your birthday."
"really?" Mu Yang’s eyes lit up. "Great!" Then he frowned. "But … I can’t seem to remember my birthday. It seems like, it seems to be December 32 …"
Yang Ye was depressed and looked up with a smile and said, "Well, I will give you a birthday every year after I remember it!" " When he said this, he got up and walked back to Lan Yao’s side, like talking to himself and saying to Lan Yao’s side, "I will give him a birthday every week. If you want, send him a gift. Xiaozheng will be very happy."
Lan Yao nodded and turned to Yang Ye. He carefully looked at the sound and gently said, "You are a good person."
Yang night faint smile eyes have been looking at MuYang is low replied "don’t love me".
Lan Yao was stunned. Although he didn’t have red eyes, he was embarrassed to get up and stare at Yang Ye. "Die!"
Muyang is putting those messy things away in a big bag, and then he goes to his bedside cabinet and knocks on the cupboard door to take out a big box and put it on the floor. After that, he takes out many small bottles containing strange colors of powder and puts them in another pocket one by one.
"What is this?" Yang Yeqi walked over and squatted down and took out a small bottle to watch.
MuYang is mysterious smile close to Yang night low said, "I tell you you are not allowed to tell others! These are poisons. "
"Poison?" Yang night a surprised put the small bottle in front of one leng.
"Yes, I like to study this thing. These things can be mixed and can make many tricks to be fun!" Muyangzheng excitedly pointed to the small bottle in the big box and smiled.
Yang night gawk thought this mu brothers are abnormal enough! I was thinking about suddenly looking at Muyang and asking, "Oh! Xiaozheng, you like this thing, but you can see that the medicine your big brother gave your father is toxic, right? "
"Right!" Muyangzheng proudly shook his head.
Yang night stared at so many small bottles in the foot box in surprise and hesitated to ask, "Xiao Zheng, what are you doing after you have developed all kinds of poisons?" How do you know which of these poisons has what effect? Will you be a servant around you … "
"No!" MuYang is panic to "these poisons are very severe and will kill people! Can’t give it to others! "
"Then how do you …" Yang night looked at MuYangZheng puzzled.
"I’ll eat it myself!" Muyangzheng nodded with a smile. "I asked the housekeeper’s uncle to secretly get me all kinds of poison powder. When I’m finished, I have to match one and eat one. Sometimes I can eat enough when I eat this …"
Yang night stare big eyes how also can’t believe this! So he asked in surprise, "Do you eat by yourself? You test every poison you concoct yourself? You are not poisoned? "
"Of course!" MuYang is serious nodded pursed mouth a face of serious "a lot of poison is very uncomfortable! Some have a headache after eating, and some have a stomachache after eating! I will faint if I eat it. Once I vomited out of bed after taking medicine! "