However, An Yuting’s clenched fist has revealed the reason why the whole face is black-she Qiao Shuyun! Touched her bottom line!

An Yuting quickly reached Qiao Shuyun’s neck and slowly pulled away from Qiao Shuyun’s feet. Her face became pale and it became more and more difficult to breathe. The three fathers could stare at this scene in amazement because their bodies were already stiff and they could not move …
Oh, the third one. Oh, dear friends, I’m worried. There’s a fourth one. Hey, hey, Frever, 34. Oh, it’s up to you? ②
Xia Qingyan couldn’t help seeing her friends like this, but she didn’t know that she was killed.
"Hey devoted to feather tong quick call AnYuTing put ShuYun! !” Xia Qingyan shouted
"…" Tong remained silent.
"See? She can’t hold on any longer. Come on! !”
"…" Keep silent … Silence is golden …
"You nnd old niang talk to you! ! Did you hear that? ? Deaf or something! ! It’s a life! !” Xia Qingyan also burst into swearing.
"Ha life? What else do you know about human life? Then why didn’t you know when you hurt me? !” Tong finally spoke.
"Is there …" Cherish out said.
"Human life is worthless to us!"
"Human life is worthless to us!" Two beautiful sounds bring shock!
Worthless … Worthless … Worthless … Who are they? What, they’re such a weak girl … What … They don’t care about life, they’re not afraid of killing people …
By sanshao
"It’s up to you three to make a toast!" Bai Mengjie came out and made a snap of her fingers, and then a dart flew to An Yuting. But how can this little ase hurt us? Right! D. a gorgeous turned and hid in the past, while Qiao Shuyun was left with half a breath and fell to the ground
With that, a lot of people came running around and surrounded Ting and six people at night. Ting wanted to expose her identity anyway, and she didn’t mind venting more … He said, she gave Night, Escape and Xian three winks, and the three of them stepped aside knowing and waiting for a good performance.
There are almost more than 100 killers in the field, although they are not top-notch, they are not very bad, and they are tall and powerful, but they are also a piece of cake for Ting, Tong and Xi.
"Give me killed to let them half dead were dead! ! Let An Yuting be as cheap as her mother! "
"yes! I want Mo Yutong to die completely in front of my eyes this time. I want to witness it with my own eyes! !”
"yes! ! White dream cherishes my good sister and dies! ! Ha ha ha ha … "
"I’m sorry you touched our bottom line."
"I’m sorry you touched our bottom line."
"I’m sorry you touched our bottom line." Three cold words sounded without a trace of foreign feelings.
"What? ! Bottom line? ! Just you bitches? ! ! Oh, funny! ! !” Qiao Shuyun, Xia Qingyan and Bai Mengjie don’t know the danger coming and continue to provoke a way
"Why? Can’t we? " At this time, they are afraid, they are afraid of D. What influence they will have, but because of the face, they try to be brave and say, "You … you … I don’t care who you are! ! I just want you to die! !” Qiao Shuyun urged.
Words fell in black but were solved by Ting, Tong and Cherish 35.
The fourth is more … I’m so tired. Oh, it’s even more. Frever, 35 red eyes and red hair-the underworld saint ()!
"Who the hell are you? !” Qiao Shuyun three incredible looked at ting three people, they spent a lot of money to hire more than one hundred killers was destroyed in an instant …
"We said that you touched our bottom line!"