After Ye Han said this, Lin Jie seemed to have a conscience, so he agreed to bury the bodies of the two men first and then move on.

In Lengling, she is naturally willing to listen to Ye Han. She also agrees with this decision, and she also helps.
The two bodies were carried to an ice cone, and then two neither deep nor shallow pits were chiseled from the ground with the help of the vitality printing formula.
Ye Han holding the white woman’s body is nothing wrong, so he will put it into a deep pit, and then put the number of broken ice cut out by cold ling around it into the white woman and bury it in this deep pit.
Ye Han, who buried the female corpse in white, felt a sigh of emotion in his heart. A beautiful woman died like this. This is really a loss for mainland men!
However, Lin Jie has a hatred for the cold waves. Although this hatred has gradually disappeared after Ye Han’s guidance, he is still reluctant to ask him to bury one of his own who has been cruelly injured.
So I saw him drag the body of Han Tao to the side of the deep pit and then push it into the deep pit, regardless of whether it was straightened or not, so I buried the ice and snow fragments
After burying the bodies of two people, Lengling cast a cold seal in the pit to restore the original broken ice.
If you look at nature from a distance, you can see that two bodies are buried here, but if you look closely, you can vaguely see the appearance of the two bodies through the ice.
Ye Han couldn’t help smiling at the two people beside him. "If someone passes by here, I don’t know if they will be scared to death by these two bodies?"
"Cold brother, what are you thinking? You look at the icebergs surrounded by cliffs. How can anyone pass by here? " Gave Ye Han a white LengLing wry smile.
Hearing the cold lingyan, Ye Han’s face turned awkward and immediately looked at the cliff not far away and smiled naively. "So how can we get there?"
"Don’t worry, you won’t die if you fall, or you can hold me tight and I’ll take you!" See Ye Han a face of concern color LengLing busy laugh laughed
To this, Lin Jie naturally had a wry smile and soon went to the edge of the iceberg and soon came to the edge of the iceberg.
Ye Han saw this and was busy following it. By the way, he looked at the iceberg scene and saw that the terrain was not the same when he came in this direction.
When the iceberg comes, it is a little steep, so everyone can rely on climbing the mountain. Although this mountain road is not very flat, it is not like a cliff. When you climb this mountain, you don’t worry about the danger of falling off a cliff.
This Ye Han heart worry instantly disappear and turned to a face of embarrassment looked at LengLing unexpectedly don’t know what to say at the moment.
The mountain road is relatively flat, but we should not be careless. After all, this is an iceberg. You know, there will be many accidents in the iceberg.
The landslide is the most likely to happen, and the three of them can’t help but take a breath in a gasp 3.
When the mountain was steep, no matter how steep the cliff was, everyone was worried that they would be attacked by people, but they never thought about the risk of landslides. Now it’s really creepy to think about it.
If the mountain road meets a landslide, it’s not so worrying. After all, it happened before the Great War.
But for Ye Hanlin Jie, it’s very dangerous, and Ye Han has a cold ling, and he naturally doesn’t worry too much about Yu Hantao because he has a white woman.
However, this is a lifeline for Lin Jie. If this really happens, he thinks he can’t hide from this mountain. He is extra cautious for fear that things will happen.
On the other hand, Ye Han is not too cautious, but he is also close to Lengling and ready for any danger, which is what Lengling has just found.
As Lengling said, if you are worried about anything, you can hold her tightly, so that the danger will not happen and Ye Hanshen will suffer.
Naturally, this is relative to Ye Han, and Ye Han can enjoy this sense of security, so he can pray that this kind of thing will not happen.
At this time, a group of four people has become three people, burying the body of Han Tao in an iceberg. Although everyone is still worried about the crisis, it is much easier now than it was in the mountains.
It’s obviously unreasonable to put mountains in this situation. Everyone knows clearly that it’s difficult to have mountains this time.
Finally, the three people at the foot of the mountain looked up at the mountain scenery at the same time, and after a sigh, they got up and prepared to continue their northbound journey.
However, at this moment, there was a sudden boom of icebergs, and then the earth suddenly trembled and there was a crack in the ground
To this, the three heads didn’t return, so suddenly the one-dollar cyclone will not be inferior even if it runs quickly towards the distant leaf cold ling.
Judging from the shaking of the ground before the noise, it is obvious that the things that everyone was worried about are still happening today, and it is enough to say all this.
After the three men ran far away, they listened to a loud bang behind them and looked back to see that they had just reached the iceberg. The place where they stood was already covered with snow and ice swarming from the top of the mountain.
After another burst of sighs, the three men just slowed down and immediately sighed lightly, then ignored the matter and continued to head north.
After a long journey, the three finally came to a inhabited place, which was very close to the Cold Forest School after Lin Jie woke up.
Seeing that it has been five or six days since the ice city finally found a place to stay, the three of them were naturally very happy, but they did not forget to find a place to rest.
Now it’s getting late, so the three men stood outside a farmhouse in the village. Lin Jie repeatedly begged and finally got the owner’s consent.
However, from the appearance of the farmhouse, it is obvious that the farmhouse is not very large, that is, there are four rooms, besides a kitchen and a woodshed, there is a living room and a master’s accommodation room.
After all, there are three people in a family. Now it is very difficult for people to agree to spend the night. These three people also live in a woodshed temporarily.
Three people crowded into the woodshed, and naturally no one could sleep. Therefore, they practiced in the woodshed until the next morning, and the three people were ready to leave the farmhouse owner without paying strong attention to it.