The first black man wanted to think and then nodded his head.
So a black man touched the past and slowly touched the Ford car in the parking lane.
Black Han quickly withdrew into the car.
"No one in the car was run away by them."
Withdraw black Han Xiao reported to the first man.
"Let’s go back to this lane first. I am familiar with an exit. Maybe he will know if these three guys have slipped out."
The first black man decided to say
The four men in black quickly withdrew from the alley and returned to their original parking positions, but their Rolls-Royce car disappeared and their companions were knocked unconscious.
"Mom, we were played!"
The first black Han nu way is nai.
Rolls-Royce was naturally left by Zhouyi, Chen Hu and Xiaoxiao. At this time, they had already left the alley and had reached several miles away.
"Those four guys are probably so angry that they still come out to follow people."
Successfully dumped five stalkers Xiaoxiao was in a good mood and said with a smile
"It’s a good thing that we got a broken car, a Ford car that is almost scrapped, and a Rolls Royce. This deal is still not a loss."
After teasing a few stalkers, Zhou Yi also smiled happily. "Chen Hu is familiar with you, so let’s choose a place to eat supper and go to the night scene of San Francisco streets."
"Little Yankee food taken late at night is terrible or Chinatown food taken late at night is delicious."
Chen Hu replied while driving.
"Zhouyi Chen Hu is absolutely right. I came to San Francisco for a long time, but I can’t get used to Yankee food. I have been to more than a dozen countries, and I still think our food is delicious, delicious and delicious."
Xiaoxiao agrees
"Then let’s take a ride back to Chinatown."
Zhouyi thought about it and said that since Chen Hu and Xiao Xiao don’t like American food taken late at night, it is estimated that it is really bad and he doesn’t want to try again.
So Chen Hu spent half an hour driving around several streets in the city before returning to Chinatown.
"I remember there was a Chen Ji supper shop before, and it tasted good. I wonder if it was still there."
Chen Hu said as he drove, what seems to be remembered, so he asked Xiaoxiao way
"Chen Hu eat food taken late at night with rice wine to send the Chen Ji food taken late at night shop? Have you eaten there? " Xiaoxiao asked
"Yes, the rice wine there is said to be brewed by the boss himself. It’s a must to keep it fragrant after drinking it." Chen Hu said with some excitement
"Then I know that this snack shop is not far ahead. I’ve also tried it. It’s really delicious," Xiaoxiao replied.
"It’s been ten years, and this shop is still here."
Chen Hu sighed slightly, "Things have changed. My master and I liked that kind of rice wine very much when we were in the United States."
"Chen Hu, let’s go there for supper."
Zhouyi know Chen Hu remembered his teacher and said.
It didn’t take long for Chen Hu to find this Chenji snack shop by car.
The three men parked the car in a snack shop with a history of Chen Ji, and then chose a seat to sit.
Zhou Yi’s careful observation of this Chen Ji supper shop found that there was a feeling of being in the sea in the 1930 s, and it was easy to give people an illusion because the wall of the supper shop was pasted with the pictorial of the 1930 s.
There are not many people in the shop, and all of them are Chinese with black eyes and yellow skin. It’s like a country here, giving people a feeling of homeland.
Soon the clerk came, and she didn’t wear any formal ornaments. She was dressed normally, and a girl with a ponytail spoke fluently.