"It’s Master Shi"

Yu Ge flicker away.
Xiao Huang looked at Su Wan in the room and said, "Do you want to sleep for a while or go to see the Nine Emperors Hall?"
Su Wan smiled and said, "I slept for a while before, but now I’m not tired. I’m curious about what Nine Emperors are doing here."
Xiao Huang is also curious about what the Nine Emperors are doing here at this time. You know, he is a man of the hour.
Nine emperors and Ye Ting in the drawing room have been invited in. The nine emperors sit in the first position and are noble and sacred, but the nine emperors are not so imposing. It is unnatural for the whole god to be stiff.
Ye ting frowned, so it was not a mesa.
The nine emperors’ concubines came from the magistrate’s mansion in Beijing, which is not noble.
Especially, many imperial concubines in the palace come from a big family and nine emperors’ concubines are even more afraid to ask for help. In the past, they were very careful and cowardly, which led to nine emperors’ weak personality and cowardice.
timid and overcautious
However, since Ye Ting secretly found the Nine Emperors and told him that he could support him to ascend to the throne, the consort of the Nine Emperors, Anyi, became very proud, as if she was going to ascend to Dabao by herself.
The mother and son have become a lot more cowardly and high-profile from the original.
But this high-profile show is that people appear very stiff and mechanically copy.
Ye Ting has a headache every time he looks at it.
Today, the Nine Emperors came to Jing Wangfu because they listened to their mother’s arrangement to see Wang Shi’s attitude.
Although this is timid, it is not stupid. Ye Ting said that Xiao Huang also supported the nine emperors to ascend to the throne, but Xiao Huang did not show up from beginning to end.
Today, Nine Emperors are determined to come to Jing Wangfu to see Xiao Huang.
The real meaning is to see if Xiao Huang’s attitude supports him.
In the drawing room, the Nine Emperors and Ye Ting sat quietly drinking tea. Although the Nine Emperors pretended to be very noble, they were a little timid in their hearts. He had seen Xiao Huang before, and he was afraid at the sight of him. Now he is still afraid to see him.
But he straightened his back at the thought of talking to his mother princess.
The mother princess said that he is the real dragon day. He wants to be an emperor and sit on the throne of the emperor. He doesn’t need to be afraid of Xiao Huang. What is terrible?
Nine emperors are full of energy at the thought.
Then Xiao Huang and Su Wan came in. When they came in, Ye Ting got up.
Nine emperors also realized that in a short time, he thought of one thing. What should be Xiao Huang to salute him is that the nine emperors sat still.
Ye Ting didn’t notice the expression of Nine Emperors. He smiled and greeted Xiao Huang, "You are back."
Xiao Huang nodded and looked at the nine emperors in the middle of the drawing room
Ye Ting also looked at the Nine Emperors only to find that the Nine Emperors were sitting in the middle position and didn’t move-not only did they not move, but they seemed to be waiting for Xiao Huang to salute him.
Ye Ting hardly vomited blood. Is there something wrong with this cerebellum? Really, he is the emperor himself, even if the emperor in the eye palace is not so big.
He looked at the nine emperors and couldn’t help saying, "Nine emperors, you are 111."
Ye Ting didn’t say Xiao Huang, but pulled Su Wan to the front of the Nine Emperors and made a dignified ceremony to "see the Nine Emperors Hall"
Nine emperors were very satisfied when they saw Xiao Huang and Su Wan’s respectful attitude. They raised their hands and said, "Ai Qing, sit down."
Xiao Huang and Sue wan and Ye Ting corners of the mouth at the same time take a smoke.
Especially Ye Ting almost didn’t faint. If I had known this man, he wouldn’t have brought him here. Who?
Xiao Huang and Su Wan said thank you again and sat down from the side of the Nine Emperors Hall.
Xiao Huang looked at the Nine Emperors and then at Ye Ting. "What did you bring the Nine Emperors here for?"
Ye Ting wants to say that I didn’t bring him here, but he insisted on coming.
But this time he didn’t speak. "Ai Qing doesn’t have to blame Ye Xiaohou for letting him bring the temple here."
This guy has become more and more angry. When he is the emperor himself, Ye Ting can’t think anymore. Why didn’t he find this guy so brainy before? I knew he was a little weak before, but now he has a brain problem directly.
The emperor’s throne is thousands of miles away from him, and now he loves Qing.
Ye Ting’s face is black and yellow, but his face is calm. "Then I don’t know what the Nine Emperors Hall wants from me?"
The Nine Emperors’ Hall thought that his own concubine had asked him to come over, and things finally stopped pretending to be high-profile. He quickly looked at Xiao Huang and said, "Xiao Shi, do you think I can really be an emperor?"
Xiao Huang’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, "Nine emperors are joking, and I can’t guarantee that nine emperors can be emperors."
When the Nine Emperors heard Xiao Huang’s words, their faces immediately became bitter. Then they turned around and looked at Ye Tingye. Didn’t you say that Xiao Shike helped him ascend to the throne?
Ye Ting was about to speak, but Xiao Huang said slowly, "But I will help the nine emperors with one arm, but the good fortune is destined to be the true dragon day."
Xiao Huang was so happy when he said this, and his little face was lifted up as if he were the emperor.
"If Aiqing can help the temple ascend to the throne, the temple will surely not mistreat Aiqing and seal you as king."
Ye Ting corners of the mouth straight smoke Xiao Huang even if you don’t help him ascend to the throne, he will eventually become a sovereign. What is this gift?
But the Nine Emperors are still there saying in a high-profile way that "the words of ascending to the throne in the back hall must be more important than you"