"what! Go to shadow heaven! " Purple pupil exclaimed exports!

Sammul He nodded his head. After seeing the tragedy of Bo Dong and Su Hailun, he realized that waiting was the most painful thing, and no one knew what would happen during the waiting process. He didn’t want to stay like Bo Dong for ten thousand years. He decided to cancel the idea of traveling to the mainland. He wanted to go to the cinema to quickly improve his strength and then save Aiweier as soon as possible!
Purple pupil originally wanted to say something, but when he saw Sammul He’s firm eyes, he couldn’t say anything. He said, "Well, since you insist on going, I’ll accompany you. I’m your buddy."
Sammul He shook his head. "Purple pupil, I appreciate your kindness, but I can go to the cinema alone this time. I don’t want to bring you into danger."
Purple pupil a nu hum "I knew you would say that dangerous? Do you know the danger? With your present practice, if you can’t get lucky, I can guarantee that you will die very ugly. "
"I know, but that’s why I can’t take you there."
"You fart! That’s why I have to go! I have a treasure hand that can save our lives if necessary, and you can’t die if you really want to save Avril! What will she do if you die? Bah, I mean, if you die. "
Purple pupil words made him stunned. Yeah, what if he dies? However, the only way he can think of for rapid ascension is to absorb the spirit of Lingshi to chase the treasure land of the cinema. With the shadow sword, the birth quality has been greatly reduced. He must seek another shortcut. Lingshi is the best choice for him, just as he is prepared for it, so he is eager to go to the shadow heaven!
He hesitated at this moment.
"Well, don’t think so much. Since I promised to be your companion, I can’t let you die alone. We have to risk our lives together!" Purple pupil sound again "in addition to believe that you will be able to create a miracle! We all went to the field of death, and we will certainly be able to cross it. "
Boom Purple pupil’s words are like an awakening, which makes him feel a thrill. Yes, how many miracles he has created along the way, from a beggar to a young Junjie, to winning the second tournament, but he dares to take a boat to the bloody battle of China Everbright Land Thunder Gate … It’s all a miracle to come back alive from two shadow hunters!
He has an indomitable spirit-he can’t lose! Because once you fail, giving is life!
Only with victory can there be hope!
"Thank you for your purple pupil go together, we will pass the death field! I will protect you! " His black eyes became as firm and unshakable as a rock! An inexplicable momentum rises into the sky and never bends!
Purple pupil swore that he was most afraid to see Sammul He’s eyes in this life, because every time he saw him, his heart would tremble inexplicably, and he was deeply attracted by his sudden emergence of temperament. He seemed to be the source of charm, and people could not help but want to be close to him, and men were no exception. Perhaps this is the charm of the king. He Tian is destined to be a king! Will respecting Yamaraja’s life be mediocre?
Suddenly, a sound like bone fracture came from He Tianshen, and thick black gas overflowed from his body. He seemed to be turning into a demon!
"Sammul He, what’s wrong with you!" Purple pupil frightened he found Sammul He expression a spasm like very uncomfortable.
"I’m fine" Sammul He struggled to say these three words. His forehead was already sweating and his body was soaked with sweat, which made him feel miserable. He felt that his body was boiling like blood burning, and even Reiki was running several times faster than usual.
Looking at his body overflowing with black fog, he guessed what was going on. This should be what Bo Dong said. These shadows should remain all over his body, and now he has finally improved his body.
Black fog haunts his body, and it seems that there are many black magic lines circulating rapidly, and his momentum keeps rising.
As time went by, the pain became heavier instead of lessening. His tenacious will could not help but yell at the sky. It can be seen that although the black fog is thin, it contains great strength! The ancient saying is really powerful!
Just when he couldn’t hold on, the heart of the corpse and beast in his purse suddenly gave off a blue light and enveloped him. At that moment, it seemed that the pain was relieved when the drought met the rain!
Finally, after half an hour, the scratching bone fracture disappeared completely, and the black fog overflowing around him was actually absorbed by the animal heart.
At the moment when he finally opened his eyes, his eyes seemed to emit two bright lights, one green and one black, which were more frightening than others.
He is like a thoroughly remould oneself, and his momentum has risen a lot.
After opening his eyes, Sammul He felt like he had discovered something incredible.
"Sammul He, are you okay?" Purple pupil saw him open his eyes and put his heart a little.
"It’s okay that I feel full of strength and I’ve improved by twenty percent! I am now in peace! " His voice was full of amazement.
It is his aura in the abdomen that is compressed again, as if it has a tendency to condense into a solid. He has entered the prefecture level! Bodong improved his health and even promoted him to two classes at the same time. That’s why he was amazed!
His cultivation techniques are different from those in this continent. He absorbs the power of heaven and earth to enhance his strength. Wave strength can help him improve his health. He expected it, but his promotion to other disciplines completely exceeded his expectation.
"Don’t wave dong predecessors leave black fog is a kind of heaven and earth energy? Or can I absorb his shadow? "
"The two layers? This is a good thing! " Purple pupil surprise sound to his nature is not white.
"Forget it, don’t think about it." He shook his head. If he thinks about it, he will not think about it. As Purple Pupil said, the promotion is a good thing. This is simply an unexpected surprise. Now his body has improved as if he had eaten natural materials and treasures. In the future, his practice will be smoother and he can use more life-saving means when he enters the prefecture level! This added a little bit of life-saving chips to his death field.
"Let’s go to the field of death" with a faint smile on his lips.
"Wait!" Is preparing to suddenly from behind to a loud roar turned a look was Peter Lina four people.
"I’m chasing you, but I’m worried that you’ve gone far." Her voice is still gentle, and her face is smiling like a knot.
"Lena elder sister! Three big brothers, why are you here! " Purple pupil and Sammul He slightly surprised.
"Well, little purple pupil brother," came the boss. "After listening to your words, we all figured out who Irina likes best, so we might as well forget everything and live happily together."
"It’s great that you finally saw it! So Lena elder sister and you are no longer this matter have a headache "purple pupil is very heart.
"Yes, we were too persistent at the beginning, and now we find that plain and happy life together is the greatest happiness in the world. Love or not may not be so important, or all our love feelings are because of happiness and happiness together, then we will give up the end and be happy."
Three middle-aged corners of the mouth are smiling.
"Yes, too tough pursuit can backfire and destroy the original good feeling." Purple pupil nodded. "I really feel the heart for you."
Petrina smiled faintly and was full of temptation. "Purple pupil He Tianshi, we chased you to thank you. You unlocked our hearts and let us see each other’s hearts."
"Oh, Lena, I don’t have to talk about anything." Purple pupil is a little embarrassed
The boss shook his head. "No, this seems to be lip service to you, but it seems to us that it is a great favor. We can’t return what we are looking for. You want to give you something. Although it’s not much, if you are altruistic, you will benefit from finding something from your ancestors."