The waves said, "You have been trapped by others. Do you know that there is an aphrodisiac in this wine?"

Ouyang first stared, her eyes were clear for a few seconds, apparently struggling with herself in her heart, but her last trace of sanity was finally submerged, and she ate and smiled at the waves. "Really? I don’t know, but I think it feels good."
The waves thought that Ouyang was broken, and now he has lost his sex. If he is entangled by her like this, he will soon be unable to hold it. If two people really do that, they will be skinned by Lan Tianxing.
The waves stopped talking. He picked up Ouyang and walked to the inner bedroom.
Ouyang laughed. "Are you holding my bed? You little villain, you used to pretend that you wanted to sleep with me for a long time! "
Of course, the waves have long wanted to sleep with Ouyang. If there were not blue stars, he would have tried to seduce Ouyang. It is something he has always dreamed of to spend time with Ouyang in Wushan, but it is not the time now. If he really and Ouyang were photographed by Li Jie and sent to Blue Stars, it would be miserable.
The waves smiled bitterly. After he walked into the bedroom without saying a word, he quickly looked around again. This time, he quickly found a pinhole camera in front of the bed and in the closet.
The waves know that now he and Ouyang have been watched by Li Jie. When he just looked for a camera in the living room outside, Hou Li Jie might have found out that now he is looking for Li Jie in his bedroom, and he is more sure that the waves know that they are being watched.
The waves are a little puzzled. If Li Jie knows that the waves will find out the secret, why set this trap to frame the waves and Ouyang?
At this time, the waves also felt something was wrong, because he smelled a ray of sweetness in his nostrils. If this ray of sweetness was intermittent, the waves felt more turbulent when they smelled the nose.
The waves realized that it was not the alcohol monster but this aphrodisiac!
This aphrodisiac is worse than Ouyang’s smell in this room for a long time. Of course, I just can’t hold it. Holding the waves with a smile requires me to be happy with the waves. What’s more, Ouyang has always been his dream lover. Now it’s warm and fragrant, and it’s a fool, but the waves know that he’s Ouyang Cai. It’s really a fool!
The waves brimmed with burning * * He put Ouyang in bed and got up quickly to get rid of Ouyang lingering and looked for it along the sweetness.
Sure enough, the waves in the corner of the wall found a thin piece of sandalwood that had not been burned.
The waves stamped out the sandalwood. At this time, his fire has burned to the extreme. He knows that if he doesn’t find a way to extinguish this desire, his body may be burned out. Now he is like a man who has eaten enough aphrodisiac. If he doesn’t vent his desire, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Ouyang saw that the waves never came with her. She came near the waves from the bed, put her arms around the waves and touched them with her hands.
The waves will push Ouyang when they bite their lips. As soon as he reaches out, he will know that it is worse, because Ouyang has no clothes and has been stripped off by himself in Ouyang crazy in love.
The scene is out of control!
The waves growled like a beast in their throats, so they pressed Ouyang on the carpet. The gentle and quiet lights in the bedroom shone on Ouyang’s body like white jade, like fragrant flowers, revealing the most delicate and seductive brilliance, attracting the waves to explore and win.
The waves of the brain have been aphrodisiac and Ouyang’s body burned to the extreme, and his last trace of reason has disappeared. His eyes have become red. * * He has been addicted to his brain, and there is no struggle. He wants to enjoy Ouyang’s vivid color. * * This * * is just waiting for him to gather, wait for him to be crazy, wait for him to be gentle and lingering-
The waves quickly took off his pants and pressed Ouyang’s body to kiss Ouyang’s chest like white jade. Ouyang’s two purples buds have become firm. She lay on her back with her eyes half closed and her lips half closed. She groaned and gasped. She put her arms around the neck of the waves and made the waves closer to her skin. She kissed her delicate chest more rudely and madly.
When the waves were intoxicated, his body moved. He kissed Ouyang and rudely faded Ouyang’s only pants …
Ouyang cheered, and the waves also saw the camera on the counter where the files were placed. There was a black lens in two folders, and if you didn’t observe it carefully, you wouldn’t notice this camera.
Ouyang’s slender hands gently hold the waves tall and straight, admiring the palm of your hand and rubbing it gently.
The waves are aroused by Ouyang, and if he doesn’t take action, he will be drowned by * *.
Ouyang not only rubbed his hand against the waves, but also bent over Zhang Hongyan’s lips …
The waves suddenly stood up and put their arms around Ouyang and rolled the carpet away from the camera shooting angle. Ouyang was caught in the arms of the waves and was still restless. She giggled and went to kiss the earlobe of the waves. Now Ouyang is like a flower idiot. If she wakes up and sees her coquetry, she will kill the waves even if she doesn’t kill herself!
The waves put their hands around Ouyang tightly to prevent her from moving. She whispered in her ear, "Who gave you the drink?"
Ouyang smiled and said, "It’s Xiaoyan who brought it."
The waves said, "You have been trapped by others. Do you know that there is an aphrodisiac in this wine?"