"This should be Aoki’s control of spiritual beads." This message first appeared in Feng Yang’s mind. It was also explained to him before the smoked month that gathering together and strolling around the spiritual beads could inspire the world to be crazy and mysterious. What is the smoky month in the six spiritual sanctuary but did not say it.

"Don’t struggle, Aoki Lingteng will struggle harder and harder, and it will absorb your life force. If you control to struggle, life force will be absorbed. If you don’t want life force to be sucked dry, just stay still and answer my question." The girl looked around with confidence and was controlled by Aoki Lingzhu floating on her chest. More than a dozen people proudly said.
"Oh, there was a solution to the life force." Feng Yang nodded thoughtfully and then asked, "What do you want to ask?"
"Is there an attempt to arrest me here?" The girl lost her sight and said angrily, "And what have you done to me?" It seems a little hard to say here, but she continued, "What have I been stripped naked?"
"This is a brothel. You are the chief auctioneer of this brothel. There is a fat man who spends money to buy you. We stopped that beast from being fat when we were going to practice animal lust on you." Fengyang said truthfully.
The girl is full of sneer that "the ability to make up stories needs to be high"
Feng Yang’s arms suddenly and suddenly stretched out, and Aoki Lingkui, who was bound to her body, easily broke the girl’s surprise, consternation, eyes, stroke, and calmness. "Why should I make up a story?"
"How can you break my Aoki spirit so easily?" The girl looked at Feng Yang in amazement as if she were watching a freak.
"This is another question?" Staring at the girl, Feng Yang’s eyes flashed a playful light. The power of his body is a wonderful attribute. The energy does not belong to the life force, nor to the energy of heaven and earth. It is a special energy. If you really want to name this energy, you may say that the body contains potential. Aoki-controlled spirit beads can control many people and absorb the life force of the controlled human body, but it is obviously effective for the wind without life force.
Feng Yang sat in the chair in the room leisurely, looked at the girl with a smile and said, "Maybe we can sit down and talk it over."
"What’s there to talk about with you who rob women and animals?" The girl seems to have finally decided that she was taken captive by the wind, and she has always had a bad look on the wind.
"Hey, don’t be ignorant. We saved your life. It’s too much for you not to say thank you, but to keep swearing," Downing said crossly.
"Be careful"
Suddenly, the wind Yang’s face suddenly changed, and his body suddenly appeared like a ghost. The girl’s consciousness around the girl hasn’t been able to hug * the girl and fly to one side.
"What are you doing?" The girl screamed and met a daring pervert, but the sudden explosion has answered her question. The gang gas room blaster set off a huge wind, which swept the tables and chairs, and others were also blown to the ground by this gang wind. Because of being tied up by Aoki’s spiritual beads, Fa and others fell to the ground like a dead fish.
"Don’t drive us away" Wu Hua shouted sharply.
"Oh," the girl seems to have been stunned by the sudden situation. God was awakened by Wu Hua’s explosive drinking. Put away Aoki’s spirit beads and let Wu Hua and others restore their freedom of action. But everyone knows that this girl’s heart is not bad, otherwise it is impossible to absorb their life force for so long. If Aoki’s spirit beads are bred by some vicious people, I’m afraid it will endanger the whole life.
At this time, the wall outside the house has been bombed and collapsed, so it can be clearly seen that people can’t help but be surprised by the power of this sudden attack.
"Go" and feel the terror around him, and his face suddenly changed. His harsh words and harsh words have already scolded Mom in his heart. What is the position of this girl just after waking up? It’s really troublesome for such a strongman to attack.
Wu Hua and others rushed out from the blasting wall for the first time and protected the girls around them better than considerate, that is, the body was attached to the body for protection.
Fengyang also flew out with the girl, and they were all away from the room at that moment. The room where Fengyang was located suddenly shot out several rays of light, as if it were a riddled object, and shot out several bright rays from the inside. These rays were extremely bright in the night.
An earth-shattering explosion shook the whole building of Yichun Hospital violently, and the room in Yichun Hospital was filled with dust and fog at the moment when Yang Feng and others missed Yichun Hospital.
Everyone in Mengmeng Street was shocked by the explosion, and it was only a moment before they saw that Mengmeng Street was full of people. Everyone was horrified, and their bodies could not help but tremble with fear.
They couldn’t help thinking that it would be a tragedy if this happened to their brothel. I’m afraid I’m really going to the grave with the brothel girl now
Yichun courtyard people also rushed out for fear that the sudden collapse of Yichun courtyard building would crush them to death. Renyi and his dozens of brothers also ran out safely, and then they saw that Yichun courtyard building suddenly collapsed into ruins. Yichun courtyard people couldn’t help but feel concerned and were surprised out of a cold sweat behind them.
At this moment, Feng Yang, Wu Hua, Liu Zhe and others ran out first, and stopped to dream street, because there was a man in a purple gown in front of them. This man didn’t deliberately hide his appearance, perhaps because he really looks quite handsome. Not only handsome faces, but also some mature men have vicissitudes of life charm.
"Leave people or leave their lives." A lot of male words in purple shirt are also very cold, and there is a murderous look in the awe-inspiring voice that makes people feel numb.
"No way" Feng Yang also categorically refused to gather six people with this kind of beads, which has always been Feng Yang’s dream because he knew that these people were inseparable from the Elf Gate.
"It depends on what you take to protect her," said the purple shirt man coldly.
The girl seems to realize that Feng Yang and the purple shirt man are enemies or friends, and she will not hesitate to sacrifice Aoki to control the spirit beads, so that she can clearly feel the rapid consumption of nutrients.
Wu Hua, Hua Tian, Luo Lin, etc., who were tied up by Aoki Lingqi, made a long-range attack on the purple shirt man in situ, and the colorful and powerful attack on the purple shirt man maser in the past.
The male voice in the purple shirt is full of playful charm. When the body shakes, it will easily shatter the Aoki spirit, which is bound to the body. Soon, the fists will be understated and a strong force will be rolled out. Wu Hua and others will attack and collide, just like a sharp blade shreds pieces of paper, Wu Hua and others will attack the instantaneous ashes.
At the moment when Aoki Lingkui was broken, the girl with Aoki Lingzhu cried and opened her mouth to spit out one mouthful blood. Fortunately, Fengyang’s eye disease hand took her in, but the girl’s body carrying impact force made Fengyang slip back a few feet.
"Danger" See that all attacks are easily torn apart. Liu Zhe’s facial expression changed and he did not hesitate to offer the earth royal spirit beads to prop up the wonderful poor defense gas mask to defend everyone.
When Liu Zhe’s defensive gas hood was propped up, the purple shirt attack had already impacted the defensive gas hood.
"I played" and felt the huge impact of the defensive gas hood. Liu Zhe’s mouth was already overflowing with blood. He clenched his teeth to control the rapid contraction of the defensive gas hood and prepared to bounce this impact back, but it was the first time he missed.
However, the strength of the shock wave far exceeded the limit that he could bear. When he contracted, the defensive gas shield was forced to inflate again, but it was shattered by this shock wave.
A group of people, such as Liu Zhe and Wu Hua, who are in the defensive gas hood, have been impacted and shot out one by one, and they have already spit out several mouthfuls of blood in their bodies. Liu Zhe’s situation is miserable. He flew out of the far ground in a whirl and slipped back several feet. If it weren’t for the clothes, it would be a good defense. The body of the battle suit would definitely be rubbed and bloody.