Wei Yuan, frowning, came quickly and took her over with one hand. "What’s wrong with you?" Looking down at her, he then took a look at the murder of Liang Yefang and floated up. If he hadn’t kept Liang Yefang for negotiations, he really didn’t intend to keep him. Now he is dying himself.

Xiaoli came over and looked at Yan Liang’s long face. "What did Liang Ye say to you?"
Looks up at Weiyuan Yan Liang and slowly shakes his head. "I don’t believe a word he says." She chooses not to believe it.
"What did he say?" Weiyuan looks pale. He is quick to kill Liang Jiayou. Even if it is a negotiation, it is also taking out his own patience.
"Ask Liang Yejiu to know." Xiaoli kicked the door and strode to Liang Ye. He was so scared that he gave him a kick and Liang Ye couldn’t move.
Look at the room Weiyuan took Yan Liang from this Liang Ye probably really know what the secret is.
Backhand door Weiyuan looked at Yan Liang. "What did Liang Ye say?"
"He said that Liang Qingyu was still alive by Liang Zhenzhao." Sitting in the chair, Yan Liangbian said and shook her head. She felt that she could not believe it.
"How is that possible?" Wei Yuan also doesn’t believe the words "This is probably an excuse that Liang Ye wants to live. He knows who you are, and you don’t forget that Liang Jia has several masters, including mastering the whole master".
Looking at Weiyuan Yan Liang slowly nodded, "You’re right. What he said is true."
"He knows your identity and found an easy excuse to convince you. Liang Ye doesn’t know who to look for." He and Xiaoli pressed him for so long that he didn’t disclose anything and asked anything. He didn’t know it at the moment, but he told a shocking secret in one bite.
"Liang’s people are so cunning." Yan Liang took a deep breath and shook his heart to restore firmness.
Touched Yan Liangtou Weiyuan gently. "Liang Zhen sent someone to deliver a letter and he promised to negotiate." Weiyuan wanted the negotiation to succeed. Liang Zhen stopped harassing Yan Liang and withdrew all Dayan’s minions from now on. He also returned Liang Ye to him and never interacted with him from then on.
But now he’s going to change his mind. Liang’s people can’t kill him. "Let’s talk about it and see how he plans to talk about it. If he doesn’t have sincerity, he won’t want to see Liang Ye again." Yan Liang also moved to kill him even if Liang’s family was driven to death.
"Well" sit Weiyuan took her into his arms.
Warm against him, warm from his body, like a sunny day can wash away all the gloom.
Xiaoli pressed Liang Ye, and even if she didn’t go to see it, she knew that he was so forced.
Walking out of the room, he shook his robe casually and moved smartly.
Looking at the two people coming out of the other room, he can’t stir up the eyebrows. "This Liang Ye is desperate and undead." The line of sight passed through Yan Liang’s face. Obviously, she was influenced by Liang Ye’s speech.
"Yes, I can’t believe it." Even though Xiaoli is a little blind and enthusiastic, Weiyuan thinks that his words are very good and can make Yan Liang stop thinking.
"You don’t want to think about it. You should have been prepared for the cunning of the Liang family." Xiao Li came over and looked at Yan Liang, although he smiled when he spoke, but he didn’t want to hear it.
"Thank you for warning. I’m well prepared now." No matter who comes, she won’t be confused again
"Good" XiaoLi nodded to her firm position not to undermine it.
If others undermine it, it’s good to say that if Yan Liang undermines it, it’s mysterious
No longer pay attention to him. Yan Liangju walked to the door of Liang Yefang and looked at her again. She recovered as usual and didn’t listen to him.
Liang Ye was beaten at the corner of his mouth and vomited blood. He couldn’t speak, but he looked at Yan Liang with his eyes wide open. Just looking at his eyes, he could still see that he wanted to talk. He resolutely supported his words to be true.
Yan Liang withdrew his sight, then raised my hand to block Liang Ye, and then found a chance to tell his lies.
Liang Zhen sent the doll in red to deliver the letter, and he will come to negotiate. He still needs the release of Qi’s soldiers and horses.
At present, Xiao Li’s soldiers and horses have been stationed in the desert. If he wants to come from the desert, he has to inform him before, or he has to fight at once.
Xiao Liweiyuan responded that they went to the desert of Liang Zhen to negotiate.
Early that morning, when the team finished and was about to leave, the soldiers and horses in front came to report that there were dolls in red to deliver letters.
Can’t bear to gather face Yan cold cold hum "scheming exactly what to play" for three transgressions of four times when the horse to negotiate and send someone to deliver letters.
"Who knows?" Xiaoli shook her head and approved the guards to let the messenger doll in red come over.
A quarter of an hour later, the doll in red appeared. Although he was small, it was enough to alert everyone.
As he walked, he saw the line of sight, and the three of them swam around and finally decided to be cool.
"This letter from the Lord is for you, Captain Yan." This time it’s for Yan Liang.
Take a deep breath and look at Weiyuan suddenly. She doesn’t want to take a reason.
Before Weiyuankou Xiaoli sent someone to take the letter, "Your Lord really loves to play, but I still advise you not to fight."
Xiaoli escort sent the letter to me, and he directly took over the doll in red and turned away without saying a word.
I didn’t want to see Yan Liang and didn’t stop Xiaoli from opening the letter. Weiyuan held her hand and could feel his support even if she didn’t talk.
Xiao Li looked at the letter one by one, but finally sneered at "it’s ridiculous"
"What’s the trick again?" Weiyuan look at his face cold so.
Xiaoli looked over and finally set her sights on Yan Liangliang. "The father and son are about a thousand miles away," he said, handing the letter to Yan Liangliang.
Yan Liang didn’t pick up Weiyuan stretched out his hand and picked it up. The eyebrow peak was slightly frowning. The sight swept from the letter and his face became more and more ugly.
"Liang Zhen said that your mother didn’t die in his hand. If you can talk about my temple, he will exchange your mother with Liang Ye, but if you want his hand to stop, you have to continue to be harassed by him." This is the assumption that Liang Zhen really has Liang Qingyu in his hand. If Reagan doesn’t have Liang Qingyu in his hand, everything is a scam, then what he wants to do is obvious. Set a trap.
Not only should Yan Liang fall into this trap, but Weiyuan and Xiaoli should be caught in the net.
"It’s really morbid." Yan Liang didn’t believe it. If Liang Ye said it yesterday, she still believed it a little. Now she doesn’t even believe a punctuation mark.
"It seems that we don’t want to negotiate with him successfully and directly to the second plan." Xiaoli has no patience to think about the money. Now it seems that there is no shadow.
Weiyuan Xiaoli glances reach an agreement.
No matter what their second plan is, Yan Liang has no opinion. This Liang Zhen still wants him to keep away from each other. Now it seems that there will be no such result.