When the crowd clamored, Du Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly. At this time, his surface was calm, but his heart was somewhat worried

He did this because this young man threatened Song Qi, a stone pagoda. If Song Qi is determined not to let Qin Feng go, Du Yun can’t do anything about him, while Du Yun threatens his companion with so many people. If Song Qi is still desperate, Qin Feng will probably make his companion feel chilling.
Of course, Du Yun believes that Song Qi is not stupid. If he doesn’t know how to control humanity, then even if he is talented and afraid, he can’t practice at this point.
In fact, Du Yun was holding a square painting halberd and carrying a half-dead young man’s body. It was a measure of gain and loss that Song Qi secretly gritted his teeth. He finally decided to compromise temporarily.
"Hand over people at the same time …" Silence for half a ring. Finally, Song Qi still has a sullen face. He is also secretly making a determined effort, which will definitely make you a group of people not beg for death!
Song Qiyin is very light, but it is very clear to all people that there is a sense of doubt. Only those who really care can see Du Yun’s actions just now.
"Brother …"
"Brother … this person can’t put it or that Xiao Ni …"
Some people were anxious when they saw Song Qi’s decision to release the stone pagoda, but after Song Qi made a gesture with a sullen face, they finally stopped persuading.
"Don’t worry that none of them can leave. Xiaobao’s life is much more important than theirs!" Song Qi took one look at others and then sank his face and flashed a look at the same time.
Familiar with others all know that at this time Song Qi has moved to kill others. Seeing Song Qi’s look, Du Yun and others are secretly silent, and then they are even more moved.
Xiaobao is that they usually call the young man Song Qi to save Xiaobao and are willing to make concessions and exchange Qin Feng. This move makes these people who usually follow Song Qi secretly moved, and at the same time they are determined to follow Song Qi well.
Then these people slowly released Qin Feng from outside the stone pagoda. After seeing him in Du Yun, they also slowly put Xiaobao on the ground.
Pack up the painting Ji Fang Tian, and Du Yun immediately looked cold and pinched Xiao Bao’s neck with one hand, and then walked towards a dozen monks who took Qin Feng from the stone pagoda to Tianfeng Empire.
Du Yun’s footsteps are very calm. Outsiders feel the tension here, but Du Yun’s heart is calm. He grabs Xiaobao’s neck and looks at others coldly.
Just now, Qin Sisi insisted on coming and was stopped by Du Yun. He told Qin Sisi that although it seems to be an exchange of hostages this time, it has a dangerous position. Her going can become a burden to him.
This is the first time Qin Sisi saw this picture of Du Yun. When the little face turned white, there was some injustice. Du Yun’s good face was relaxed and he said that he would definitely bring Qin Feng back safely. Qin Sisi’s face looked much better.
When the two sides met, they were particularly jealous. Du Yun was not afraid of the spread of war gas all over the sky. The breath was amazing and creepy. The murderous look seemed to be too horrible to solidify.
Song Qi didn’t come. He is still looking at the stone pagoda coldly. Fang looks gloomy and almost drops of water. I don’t know what to think.
Du Yun swept the surface without looking at the stone tower, but Song Qi was always on his guard. He felt that Qin Feng was seriously injured, but his life was not in danger, so he was relieved.
"Substitution …" Du Yun light tone is with no doubt that there is nothing to say now. Once the hostages are exchanged, waiting for him is a fierce battle, which he has already prepared.
"Let Xiao Bao go first!" Twelve, three monks in front of a man took a deep look at Du Yun and then sink a way
Cut it!
Responding to this person is a bone rubbing sound. Du Yun pinched Xiaobao’s neck and gently moved his right hand to make this area even more tense.
"Exchange at the same time!" The man see Du Yun doesn’t like to do is likely to end the small treasure life when his heart a tight quickly way
Du Yun secretly sneers at these people for playing tricks. He has experienced so many things in Du Yun, which is comparable to them. Although his heart is somewhat nervous, his mind is calm. Chapter 133 Confrontation.
The confrontation between the two sides, Du Yun, looked cold and ruthless. His appearance really shocked the monks of Tianfeng Empire. They were afraid that Du Yun would kill Xiaobao regardless of Qin Feng’s safety
If he is not familiar with others, he will almost recognize it as true. But Qin Sisi’s heart is tight and some bitterness looks at Du Yun’s back for a long time.
Du Yun doesn’t care about these things. He doesn’t care about the process of doing things. He never deliberately changes his views on others. If he doesn’t explain himself in front of him, others will naturally be white.
"Go …" Du Yun’s mind moved to see that Qin Feng was pushed out by them at the moment, and then his body flashed in front of Qin Feng, and then he suddenly took Qin Feng back more than ten meters.
"Go to hell …" The two sides have just finished the handover, and the monks of the more than ten Tianfeng Empire have exhibited a crazy offensive. Their goal is very simple. At the same time, they killed Du Yun and Qin Feng.
This scene suddenly made many people can’t help but close their eyes. They didn’t think of this scene, but they couldn’t help but sympathize with Du Yun when they saw more than a dozen people so cooperating.
Obviously, when they came out, more than a dozen people formed a tacit understanding that Du Yun would send Xiaobao out and they would launch an offensive.
Looking at more than a dozen kinds of lighter and multiplier, and so on, the light is interwoven into a bright screen and suppressed toward yourself. Du Yun’s face does not show the panic that others imagined, but is a sneer.
See Du Yun show sneer at many people are secretly lose him more than a dozen monks also conduits is bad, but this time they want to break the scalp also don’t know Du Yun’s idea.
"Fire Dragon!"
Du Yun’s mind flashed a sharp flash in his eyes, and the overwhelming lighter and weapon light was about to be suppressed to his own time, and a mini fire dragon flew out from his abdomen instantly.
The fire dragon roared for a long time, which looked lovely, followed by a sudden surge in the wind, and then rushed to the overwhelming attack light. The eyes were full of flames, and a pair of crystal clear dragon horns were shining with monstrous flames.
Bang, bang, bang!
Violent impact on the fire dragon’s body is a faint step back. His body is composed of flame, which overflows through the fire element body and the fire element source blessing is not much hurt.
After vanishing, the dazzling light gradually converges, and then the huge body of the fire dragon hovers for a long whistle, and then it flies back to Du Yun, and the body gradually shrinks, and then the intimacy rubs against Du Yun’s neck, which makes people can’t help but give birth to a little love.
The appearance of the fire dragon has shocked many people. The strength of the fire dragon is not lower than that of Du Yun. The growth of its strength in captivity is also more terrible.
"Day peak empire good means! Don’t come without evil, you also try my Du Yun means … "The confrontation between the two sides just now didn’t want to, but the dragon power of Du Yun’s passive defense side didn’t show up just now. Of course, this is also because Du Yun didn’t want to expose too many cards.
People who watch Du Yun’s words are surprised in their hearts and then look at Du Yun’s figure in the field, and their eyes can’t help but change slightly.
And he Tianfeng empire that more than a dozen monks are different. Du Yun is full of strange tricks. Everyone doesn’t know his details. Can they not be afraid when he comes out?
"Blast …"
Du Yun carefully examined a Qin Feng’s body and found that it didn’t matter. After that, his eyes flashed a little cold, followed by a burst of words from his mouth, which made people feel confused.
And when all the people were out of time, it seemed to confirm Du Yun’s words. On that day, Xiaobao, who was rescued from more than a dozen monks in the peak empire, suddenly felt a flush and then went to dust.