Afraid to part with it

But after all, it is a hope, and it needs to be said that I hope that I can calm the pain in the other person’s heart a little.
Clear face dull mouth mumbling.
"What chose us?"
"Well …" Zhou Jia squints.
"It’s true that Zhou asked himself that it wouldn’t affect anything if he didn’t sleep for a while, but he was also pulled into a dream this time?"
His eyes flashed and he suddenly grabbed the fire behind him.
When they fall asleep, the reality is different. In their feelings, it seems like a long time has passed, but it is only a moment.
The fire
Still burning, not extinguished.
Zhou Jia, however, looked at the flame burning and went straight into it, grabbing a piece of wood that had been burnt in half and putting it in front of him.
Then face a heavy throw wood toward the team is the bank of China.
It’s where Hu Li’s brother and sister rest.
"It’s your turn"
Long-lost audio and video is the last straw to crush the dam. Yuye nodded to several people and fell asleep.
I fell asleep almost at the moment when my head touched the ground.
A quiet in the field
Several people just stood on the spot.
A moment later
In the field, several people showed strange smiles and expressions, and a lag accompanied by a cool breeze blew away.
Take its place
Is a few drowsy figure.
They never woke up.
"Well …"
A population groaned and struggled to get up from the ground to see the situation in the field, and the color behind it was a change of throat rolling.
The person who woke up was Hu Laoda Hu Peng.
"Former … predecessors"
"I gave you all the food. You said you wanted some quality food to help you achieve great success in the near future."
Hu Peng’s eyes rolled and he was surrounded by a small mouth, but he seemed to talk to people.
"I wonder if you are satisfied with these people?"
The sound in the wind made his expression change and he couldn’t help listening.
"You want me to kill them?"
"This …"
A little hesitation Hu Peng hastily nodded.
After the sound, he stepped forward to the exhibition and took the wind, and suddenly grabbed at each other’s throat.
A muffled sound
With a black iron late repair exhibition, the body trembled and the blood flowed out of the throat and died on the spot.
This person is also a hero somewhere.
It’s humbled to die and resist.