Guanghua instantly blocked Xu’s team in all directions.

"Bad is the particle chain play! Three hundred! " Silver six frightened roar loud!
Chapter seven hundred The cause of Blue Star
Medium particle chain bomb is a new generation of nuclear weapons, which is half a generation ahead of Blue Star.
The single power of this nuclear weapon is not much worse than that of a three-phase thermal explosion bomb.
But the key is the word "chain"
In a certain number of medium-particle chain bombs, the particles will burst into pieces due to the force field and then form a series of explosions.
This kind of continuous explosion is not to mention the strong stars. If there are enough, a planet can be shattered into nothing.
In addition, the most important thing is that the blockade can attack on a large scale.
Unlike a three-phase thermal explosion bomb, there is one point with the strongest lethality.
The chain bullet explosion of medium particles forms a chain barrage range, and the lethality is the same at all positions.
Ten medium-particle chain bombs can threaten the life of the strong stars.
This will visually bombard this side with at least 300 particle chain bombs.
The coverage of 300 medium-particle chain bombs is at least over 100 kilometers.
Even if the strong star has Raymont blessing, it will take three seconds to flash past.
At this moment, Xu retired!
Holding an evasive word in his hand, AnXiaoXue’s hand hesitated in an instant!
What a hesitation!
Just ran away?
Xu back this moment mood complex to the law.
At the same moment, the silver five trees and the silver six dragons suddenly deformed. "Colonel, the one-medium particle chain bomb is my family."
The cost of self-collapse of our energy core can create a pure grain area, which will greatly weaken the power of the medium-particle chain bomb, "Yin Liulong said."
"You …"
"quick! Colonel! "
Silver Six Dragons and Silver Five Trees are in a hurry. "Thank you, Colonel, for staying with this group."
At the same moment, Xu retired the personal com and suddenly came to the commander Raymond’s big roar "Call your box before you leave! Among all the people in each team! "
Raymont, the commander-in-chief in the distance, suddenly flashed a mysterious man dressed in war behind him.
The mysterious man appears instantly, but the earth appears instantaneously than the fluctuation.
It is almost that Xu tui will play the black box before departure, and then jump out from the inside to directly cover Xu tui and his party of 14 people.
At this time, the particle chain bomb also broke out in pieces, and the energy fluctuation of the earth covered the whole domain in an instant.
At the same time, Xu tui and others will be shrouded in fluctuations and disappear in situ.
Guanghua appeared 300 kilometers away in a flash
Fourteen people were completely injured
Silver five trees and silver six dragons first froze and then cheered.
God knows how much courage it took them at that moment to think about the head of the delegation and make a sacrifice!
At this time, Xu retired and took a deep look at the five silver trees and six silver dragons.
These two mechs were the earliest prisoners of Xu tui, both of them were transmutations, and then they were deliberately cultivated and broke through to the quasi-planet, and now they are in the late and middle stages of a quasi-planet because of the strong things in the stars.
The strength is also quite good.
But today, the two of them just made Xu retreat very surprised.
It seems that in addition to cultivating their strength, Xu retired without deliberately taking care of them, just treating them as normal members
But they just have a very high sense of identity with Xu tui, the head of the delegation.
The same scene happened in four teams at the same time.
Four teams locked by medium particle chain bombs were saved by this mobility!
Xu retreated in a cold sweat!
Almost blue star master was killed in this ambush.
There is rape!
Nine times out of ten, the black hole betrayed the news!
Xu retreat couldn’t help staring at the direction of the team in India.