Hiraji, Conan and Mao Lilan took Sakata Sukehiro.

On the one hand, it is because Sakata’s parking location is good, and on the other hand, it is because Sakata’s face is familiar.
In Sakata’s pre-introduction plan, he wanted to get close to his last goal-a high-ranking congressman-with the help of Ubeiji, a bit impulsive and some background detectives
This Sakata Suksuke has no shortage of opportunities to make contact with the Ministry.
Mao Lilan actually wants to stay and keep looking for someone.
But Conan thinks that Baishi is not a field expert, and he should not run too far.
Since the police didn’t find it today, it is said that Baishi may have met someone else on the road after getting rid of Numabuchi Kiichirou and returned to the city by car or mistakenly entered a mountain house.
It’s better to stay in the mountain than to look for people with police dogs. It’s better to borrow Pingji Mountain from the Ministry to find out what’s the residence for more than ten kilometers from Panshan Road.
Conan’s analysis of Mao Lilan these days, Hattori silently stared at him in the rearview mirror.
The child is really strange, both in IQ and calm degree, which is too unlike a child.
I heard that he and Kudou Shinichi are good. If he secretly hides a bug or leaves his mobile phone and receives remote guidance from Kudou Shinichi …
No, Conan didn’t have headphones in his ears, and he didn’t pause when he spoke, and he didn’t memorize anything.
How can a pupil recite such a long line once?
….. There is something fishy. There is definitely something fishy.
The Ministry has decided to intensify its observation.
Intuition tells him that he wants to find Kudou Shinichi to fight it out. This talkative child is definitely a key.
Mao Lilan and Conan didn’t have a good breakfast, and when they arrived in the city, they all made hungry sound effects.
Ubeiji heard it.
Think of these two people behind somehow also solved the case friendship together and led to Kudou Shinichi bait his friendly discussion.
"It’s rare for you to come to Osaka. Let me treat you to some signature food. I just know a shop nearby where udon noodles are particularly authentic."
Bu Ping’s second visit is not a big hotel, but a small noodle restaurant with an ordinary appearance. He usually goes to rub a meal every once in a while and never gets tired of eating it.
Sakata tomosuke breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the decision.
Although a lot of planned foreign affairs have happened, fortunately things are still going smoothly.
After eating at the noodle restaurant, Sakata Suksuke pretended to pick up the phone and left the door first.
He called the noodle shop owner in the car with a transformer and told him that there was a strange person on the roof and asked him to go to the roof.
There’s nothing to lose by taking a look.
As soon as the boss knew it, he came to the top of the building and started the door knob machine. The body suddenly fell and slammed on the front cover of Sakata’s car.
-this position is also calculated in advance, and he is not worried about hitting other passers-by and making things big.
When the noodle shop owner went to the railing and looked down, he saw someone fall from the building. Hiraji and Conan had rushed out.
At this time, everyone’s first reaction is to look up at the place where the body fell.
When they looked up, they saw a backlit figure in the building. The "gangster" dared to stay where he was.
They rushed at once.
Mao Lilan ran out slowly, covering her eyes and glanced at the car body.
After seeing the wallet in the body’s heart, her face changed, her cuffs rolled up and she ran downstairs with two detectives.
If the murderer happened to be in the building, he might know where Baishi is now!
Sakata Suksuksuke watched them go away in the car, picked up the words again and pretended to contact the police station.
But in fact, he is calling a target, Gangqi Chengjiang.
Gangqi Chengjiang divorced last year and now lives alone in the nearby Xidu apartment. This person’s life track is very fixed, and she should be at home right now.
Sakata Yosuke tricked her into going nearby through a transformer so that she could see the body of Yeanhe.
Gangqi Chengjiang usually compares hexagrams and loves to watch the fun.
Counting that after she moved, Sakata Suksuke called again and left a threatening message like "One is you" on the answering machine.
Begging to go home after watching the excitement, Gangqi Chengjiang will tremble with fear and then do whatever the "police" who sent the door to help her do.
After completing a list of exercises, Sakata Suksuke called back to the police station and told them that there was another victim.
Bupingji three people went to the building to see a circle, except for cracking the technique of falling the body regularly.
There’s no Numabuchi Kiichirou on the roof. There’s a random question. I don’t know that someone called and asked him to come to the building to see the situation, boss.
The three men wondered why Numabuchi Kiichirou wanted to kill people in such a complicated way, and even more wondered how a fugitive who just ran out and hid in the mountains every day for a long time dialed anonymous words with a transformer
There are many doubts about this matter. No matter how you look at it, Numabuchi Kiichirou has few accomplices
When I went to my partner’s department, I suddenly thought of Baishi
Chapter 247 Reverse caution
For a moment, Hiraji suddenly realized that if Baishi and Numabuchi Kiichirou were a group, everything would make sense easily.
-For example, when Baishi was killed, he didn’t yell and ask for help.
Another example is that so many police and police dogs searched for a whole day, and the search area was so large that they didn’t find anyone or the body.
But in the final analysis, this is also an unreliable assumption.