Lingqing thinks that this world is like purgatory, and the crime is full.

Then can we simply stop evil?
Of course, he won’t do it himself
Instead, I want to be like a demon star, a black-eyed boatman, a mountain-cutting strongman, and a man who kills and sets fires.
Give them a sign of gathering evil deeds and a ban on gouging out bones.
Let them put away the world’s crimes and then clean up the world with this big robbery and return a Lang Lang Gan Kun to this world.
However, he didn’t make it because of his worries.
As the saying goes, following heaven means being good and being evil.
This idea is his self-destructive idea of viewing this world.
Whether to follow the justice aside, it is definitely that Lingqing’s heart has moved and he just had this idea.
This is a good thing and a bad thing to do.
It is harmful to his practice.
Finally, Lingqing decided that if the cause and effect of this method could not be fully understood, it would never be again.
Take care of it when you encounter evil things.
Since the characters such as the Demon Buddha, Nine Days Xuan Nv, Zhang Tianshi, Fu Yang, and the old monk of Guangsi have already decided their doom.
Then follow this doom first.
If there is any law, these people have discussed it and agreed that it can be done, so it is not too late to change the number of days.
After being banned, Lingqing boatman still sent himself to Fengfu.
Then he gave him enough money for the boat, and warned him to leave the shore again.
The boatman looked at the money in his hand and had mixed feelings for a moment.
This money is enough for him to live a happy life for more than ten days, but Lingqing’s warning is still in his ear.
In the future, he will have to work hard to make a living, which shows that the silver will not stay in his hand for long.
But let him give it out, it must be refused.
"Let’s try it. What if that man cheats me?" After a battle between heaven and man, the boatman shook his money in his arms and went back.
When he didn’t return, he pulled a few more people, and one of them was a woman with a child who looked very poor.
He is bent on his own financial disaster, and he should always be on guard between them.
I didn’t dare to do business in the past, thinking that if I did this, I would go back to my old job.
Who thought that when he stopped the boat and wanted to catch a fish in the river, his arms slipped naked and fell into the mouth of a big carp?
The fish disappeared after eating, swinging its tail and spinning.
Yu boatman looked at his hand and ate a small fish that was only enough for him to eat a meal. He opened his mouth and wanted to cry.
There is a member of the tour who is charitable and likes fishing on weekdays.
On this day, I took fishing gear and planned to catch a yellow river carp for a rare sumptuous meal.
In a short time, I saw the pole sinking and drifting, slipped a little for a while, and suddenly pulled the pole to catch a three-foot carp.
He laughed. "It’s just that the master caught a big fish in a profitable market today."
Then let the page take the big carp and go home.