Ding Xian should shake hands and offer a flying shuttle to sweep the two of them away in the distance.
How generous!
Zhou Jia put away his bag and couldn’t help sighing.
Maybe it’s because of too little experience, maybe it’s because of nature. It’s rare that this woman is innocent.
Unfortunately …
As the other party said.
Don’t see each other again this time.
"Did you hear that the Yun family has disappeared!"
"Sooner or later, there will be chaos in the future, and people will not be able to settle down. They will either go back or go somewhere else."
"I heard that someone has a hand?"
"Shh …"
"Be careful what you say, make rumors at random, and be careful that the law enforcement team comes to the door."
"Yes, we don’t talk about business, let’s have a good drink today!"
Many messy and orderly ears, among which there are many whispering in the cloud family.
Cloud begonia walks abruptly.
Don’t say that outsiders don’t even know about Yun Jiafeng. I’m afraid that only Zhou Jia got the news before this kind of good news.
Naturally caused a lot of speculation.
Shook his head.
Zhou Jia rose and headed for his responsible area.
Before Yun Haitang left, he was arranged to leave the front line and go to the rear after the handover.
Pick up
It needs to be cleaned up
Soon after
Zhou Jia eyebrows a pick face dew light smile.
"Haven’t you left yet?"
Is not far from his abode of fairies and immortals impressively perceive cloud Haitang breath.
When you escape from the light and go straight to the breath, the speed of Tianpeng’s vertical and horizontal method in dzogchen is amazing, and it falls nearby in the blink of an eye
Standing on the top of the hill, Zhou Jia did not approach but hesitated.
The situation of begonia yunnanensis is very wrong
A gentle ring.
"Don’t you come and see your main house?"
Zhou Jia frowned and looked at the sudden appearance as if his eyes were not shrinking.
"Guan Jiafeng Zhang Xizhou!"
"Oh!" Zhang Xizhou looked surprised.
"Do you know me?"
"I’ve heard a lot about your name, but I haven’t seen it." Zhou Jia surrendered, and he even killed a few people in the crown family. How can he not know that the seventh-order silver in the crown family was the grave?
"What does this mean, senior?"
But beside Zhang Xi’s body, the hair of cloud begonia is scattered, and the charming body shakes with the wind, which is obviously in a state of being controlled by others.
Zhang Xizhou looked indifferent with his hands on his shoulders.
"Where is that thing?"