Chapter 132 Sue also want to play this trick.

Huadu established the Sunset River, which is located in the holy city, with a distance of 100,000 miles. At first glance, it is full of people.
There is a pine forest and a mountain on the east side of Huadu, which is located at the city wall. You know, there are quite a few desolate places like Huadu in such a big city. Maybe it was prosperous and prosperous tens of thousands of years ago, but it will always erase many things. The original residents here have now become bones buried in the ground.
For a long time, no one has stepped into this mountain covered with pine forests, saying that there are a group of man-eating monsters living in this mountain. Everyone who has stepped into the mountain has never walked out of it again, and it is shocking to see bones flying out of the pine forests in the daytime.
It has become a veritable death that people in Fiona Fang outside the pine forest dare to set foot here.
This day is just when the night is coming, and the shadows in the swaying pine forest are mottled, which is the most horrible time of the day.
A ripple swings out of the air and turns into a rune. A pale blue boat flies out of the virtual door. The boat ripples like a blue wave and gently falls to the ground as a ship docks.
"I was wrong in the evil temple. You are the boss and you are the best. Please leave me alone. I won’t dare again."
As soon as Guo Yi jumped out of the boat, the light flow was about to show three moves to escape and go to Pu San. However, Guo Yi, the first Buddhist, has now reached tens of thousands of miles when he breathed.
"Five evil dragon claws!"
A black hand shadow stretched out in the boat. This hand shadow is as slender as a needle and as slender as an onion. Five fingers are wrapped around a black dragon spirit. One claw grabs it out and the shadow jumps. Guo Yi, who has already flown hundreds of miles away, will be brought back alive.
"Depend and didn’t escape" Guo Yi almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, he is now making great progress to avoid being ugly this time.
There is a white jade hand sticking out of the boat canopy, which is carved by a skillful craftsman. It is more beautiful than a woman’s hand that Guo Yi has ever seen, as if the creator had created an uncanny workmanship.
You know, there are many beautiful women in this world, but beautiful women may not have a pair of beautiful hands. Some women’s hands are not slender, some are dark, some are bloody, some are rough, some are stiff and some are not smart enough …
When a man looks at a woman, some people look at her face at first sight, but they look at her hands. Looking at a woman’s face can tell her beauty, but looking at a woman’s hands can not only tell her beauty, but also tell her heart and person.
Sue’s hands are perfect, picky, soft, white, moist and slender, not clumsy and delicate, just like warm jade, which is the most perfect hand Guo Yi has ever seen.
Just one pair of hands can make a man willingly fall in love with her pomegranate skirt.
She slowly walked out of the boat, first a pair of long legs, then a waist like a water snake, then her plump and symmetrical charming body and her long black hair bathed in milk.
Her hair is more beautiful than her hands. You know, a woman’s hair can almost determine half of her beauty. A woman with the same hair has different temperament.
Some people say that a woman’s hair determines her temperament, which is not wrong.
Sue’s hair is black and shiny, and it hangs straight down to her knees, which makes her look evil and mysterious. It is an evil aesthetic feeling. If other women have such long hair, Guo Yi will surely see the female ghost, but how long Sue’s head looks beautiful.
Her face is still wearing an ice sculpture mask, and even Guo Yi can feel the cold from the ice sculpture mask.
She is still wearing a wide colorful robe with a thin and slender white neck, like a proud white swan wearing a colorful dress woven by a fairy!
"Guo Er’s bravery is getting bigger and bigger, and he dares to catch my sister." Su Eyin is a little cold and cold.
Guo Yi ha ha a smile "I’m kidding smiles send us light! How can I be a big man and a little girl care so much? "
The sound of eating flesh and blood can be heard faintly when the evil wind blows in the pine forest, just like a spectre biting a living person’s neck and munching.
"Evil female temple, look at this place. There is no romantic atmosphere at all. Why don’t you get busy first and I’ll go home for dinner. If you don’t go back, my brother should worry." Guo Yi feels that this place is full of evil spirits and will leave at this time.
Guo Yigang took two steps, and Su E moved sideways. His front body exuded a scent of every woman. Her glittering lips gently closed cold. "Your fiancee is here, and Guo Laotai is here. I want to ask if one Guo and two Shao are brothers’ home or here is home?"
Many wives will ask this question. Of course, at this time, every man will be smart and choose a wife without thinking, but Guo Ershao is an exception.
"Grandma is here? Where is she? " After hearing Su E’s words, Guo Yi’s face was suddenly overjoyed, and he wanted to see Lao Taijun Guo who had been away for a year at once, but he forgot one thing. Most wives have more prejudice against in-laws than friends, but we Guo Er are lucky. Fortunately, Su E is an exception.
"In the pine forest, there are hidden palaces and barren hills." Sue read a code word to the pine forest.
Two big men in black, four meters tall, ran out of the pine forest and collapsed a large piece of ancient wood. These two big men were quite fierce, just like two savages.
To Guo Yi’s surprise, one of these two guys is holding a hundred-meter-long dragon and eating it raw, and the other is fighting against a fire as big as a hill and eating them like eating dragons and eating phoenixes. Most people will be scared to sleep by them.
In their hands, Xiaolong and Huoluan are still struggling, but they bite their mouths and escape from them with such a hissing method.
"Visit the Temple of Evil Women", Tetie and gluttonous bite dragon meat and fire phoenix into their mouths and respectfully kneel down.