"You mean …"

Zhou Jia looked back at the trail.
"Bad for us?"
He could see that hundreds of people were actually secretly separating two forces.
One is naturally from the Warren family led by the Baron, and the other is the Yuetou in the Dragon, with different compositions.
Luo Ping and Zhou Jia naturally belong to the second category.
The two forces are not in harmony with each other.
The conversation just now represents Long Zhongyue’s compromise, and he will give up his management and leave everything to the Warren family.
"No" lupin gently shook his head.
"It doesn’t affect us much. It affects them …"
He reached out and pointed at the crowd.
"The impact is the biggest"
Hundreds of people were scattered around to rest, and the Warren family gathered together, while Luo Ping meant others.
People who are not strong enough to follow the team.
"The road is not safe, and the danger always needs some people to bear it, so there is a greater chance that the remaining people will live."
Sigh Luoping patted Zhou Jia’s shoulder.
"Be careful in the next few days. They need to bully some people."
It’s sweltering for three days
Nothing grows on the barren hills, and the ground is cracked and peeled off. The earth is like a hot iron, and people can’t help shouting and jumping up after sitting for a while.
"Brother Zhou"
Hong Shaoxiong is impatient with the low accent when he gathers near.
"How far is this road?"
"Three or four days." After all, Zhou Jia’s strength is fair and even better, and he got more news than others.
"Don’t be too far away. Although there are still three or four days to go, there is no danger. Just bear with it. It’s not so safe in the back."
Speaking, he looked at the crowd.
The line of sight paused in that family of three.
The drought has been going on for several days, and the team has hardly eaten any food, and the woman is also eating with her child.
I don’t know how she got through it without showing anxiety.
Can lock the body heat loss …
This can’t be done by four changes of blood.
"Brother Zhou said yes" next to a middle-aged male interface.
"There are not many safe places like this in the market world. You should enjoy yourself these days and you will know what suffering is."