You can hurt me once, but you can’t hurt me twice!

He turned to the camera brother and said, "Go back and cut this paragraph."
"Oh …" The camera brother said that he received it.
What strange plants, what messy creatures, what bad words, I won’t let you affect my report!
Reporter’s first lesson is called truth.
The second lesson is called fraud.
A reporter who can’t fake is not a good reporter!
Fight for the year-end award!
Chapter 94 Accidentally brushed through the tunnel vice
Zhou Xiang’ an handed over the command to one of his colleagues, Zhang Dafan, and ordered him to help coordinate the finishing work behind him and to coordinate the command of the rest of the staff not far from Zhuang.
Soon, not far from Zhuang, we ordered everyone to clear the field and the non-work personnel department to evacuate the construction site.
Zhang Dafan refused to be near Zhuang, so he followed him. Anyway … Their video network on the construction site has already gone crazy.
Daniel is crazy to run around the video network …
That’s it. If you should come, you will come.
Zhuang is not far from the tunnel door, holding a hand platform "Xiao Weiliru?"
"All engines are ready!" Xiao Wei said, "I am the double magic teacher Xiao Wei, and everything is at ease!"
Not far from Zhuang "…"
Do your parents know that you are a second grader?
"water?" Zhuang not far ask again
"Sufficient water" Zhao Min inspected the pipeline tunnels around, so that the roadheader needed a lot of water to cool and lubricate.
"dirt?" Zhuang not far ask again
Cleisthenes!’ Daniel nodded cheerfully. Daniel likes to make mud! Give it to Daniel!
Looking at the dark tunnel in front of me, I don’t know what village is not far away. Suddenly, I have a feeling of excitement about entering the great secret or entering the mysterious side. He waved his hand and shouted, "Brush the tunnel side light!"
Xiao Wei hit all the engineering lights in the tunnel and lit up the whole tunnel as day.
"The name of Everbright Magic Mentor is coming!" Xiao Wei shouted, "Two big druids are here for you!"
Zhang Dafan stared at it.
This team looks so unreliable, but just now the rescue depends on them, not to mention the network madness. The owner of the construction site can’t help but shake the picture.
All this makes Zhang Dafan particularly look forward to whether something will happen.
But no matt how much I expected him, I didn’t expect something more frightening to happen.
A huge cow emerged from the forest behind it and licked Zhuang not far away.
No, this is not a cow, but a plant that looks like a cow.
Just when Zhang Dafan thought that Zhuang was going to be licked, he finally turned his head and got into the tunnel with satisfaction.
"This … this … what is this …" Zhang Dafan was so shocked that his legs were soft. Was this the thing that just got into the tunnel in the dark?