But it is absolutely impossible to change course easily.

Xu tui is not stupid.
Although it is the 22 nd century, universities have freedom of choice of subjects.
But he is a special talent. If you change your subject, it will mean a different thing.
Xu return is very firm.
See Xu tui didn’t let go. Wen Shao once again issued a deep sigh.
That’s three sighs.
"Oh, what a pity."
"Well, why don’t you try it first? If you can enlighten the extraordinary genetic basis, you can come to me again." Wen Shao said suddenly
Xu tui is at a loss.
Wen Shao abrupt took out a dozen projection cards from the safe and put them in front of Xu tui.
"You said that you are most interested in the extraordinary ability. I will give you our extraordinary and unique cultivation method.
You went to try to see which direction you can turn on your extraordinary abilities.
Come to me if it’s on.
Then it will be justified.
Even if you don’t transfer your minor, you can, "Wen Shao said.
Xu back stunned.
There is such a good thing!
This treatment
It’s just …
Is he a blessed one?
The extraordinary vice bishop gave him the extraordinary secret method and asked him to choose at will.
In the future, I promised to let him take part-time courses!
Isn’t it stupid if he doesn’t move on this condition?
"Is this teacher really?" Xu asked cautiously.
Wen Shao stared back at Xu. "Do you think I’m teasing you?"
"Come on, I’m really sorry for your talent …" Wen Shao sighed again.
Four sighs
Xu tui was a little excited. When I was a child, I watched some dramas, and I snapped my fingers, so I burned a fire and lit a cigarette. It was awesome.
Fire Magician can also claim to be the strongest output in conan the destroyer.
Naturally, I have to try this.
"Well, this is it."
Wen Shao picked out a projection card and handed it to Xu for "choosing another one"
"Still choose?"
"Everyone’s genetic heritage talent will still be different after all. Try more than one."
"That’s … President Lei, that’s awesome."
"Well, I’ll choose another one for you."
"Water or ice?"
Xu tui thinks it must be very cool to snap his fingers and turn coke into ice and beer into ice at room temperature.
It’s just a snap of your fingers.
"Well, choose one of these two."
"Still choose?"
"Try in many directions, and the chances of success will be greater," said Teacher Wen Shao.
"So … is there any metal control acceleration?"
Xu back to think of him playing the avatar.
In the future, changing to elastic alloy beans will definitely be very powerful.
If you cooperate with your spirit, it must be very severe.