A slap in the face draws a strong arrow, at the same time, the palm is surging, and the flesh trembles to melt the arrow strength in an instant.

However, it is difficult to catch Su Yunwen even though he has avoided a fatal blow.
While YiHuan Su Yunwen has cut down and dashed a few strides, he rushed to the wooded place in an attempt to plunge in.
A bloody knife tip appeared on his chest first, and juli pushed him into the forest.
Chapter 37 Saint
Su Yunwen threw himself on the ground, thorns cut his cheeks, clothes and blood flowed and infected a piece of ground in a short time.
His eyes were wide and his body twitched slightly.
Master Su’s family background is noble, even if it is not the office, which is far from that of Zhou Yi, a refugee from a nursing home.
But it happened that …
Before his own eyes, the dog leg around Liu Zhen has now become a dirty fighter.
I secretly pursued Li Yu for many years and didn’t get any response, but I showed interest in that stupid, dead wood.
Jealousy and resentment have led to today’s accident.
I hate it!
Su Yunwen’s eyes are full of anger and hatred, but if there is substance, he can’t stop the passage of life, and his expression is permanently frozen.
"He … he’s dead?"
Chief instructor julee some panic packed my clothes to see this scene is also appalling.
"You killed him!"
"Obviously," Zhou Yi shrugged and stepped to the body and pulled out the nod with one hand.
"He died when he was stabbed in the back. Why doesn’t Miss Li think this person deserves to die?"
Chief instructor julee face pan panic stamp way
"Sue’s family is a big Su Yunwen matriarch in the city, and there is a lot of potential. If you kill him, Sue’s family will definitely not let you go."
Zhou Yi’s face remains unchanged.
"Can the Su family still dispose of the Lin family nursing home?"
Li Yu’s expression is sluggish.
Sue’s family is not weak, but the Lins naturally can’t be better than adding Zhou Yi’s desire. It’s really possible that it’s okay.
Sue home certainly dare not do anything to him.
But …
This is murder or master Su’s family. How can you be so relaxed?
Ranging from chief instructor julee to Zhou Yi, he looked at the side forest.
"Can you come out after watching it for so long?"
Chief instructor julee was shocked, conscious and tense. Is there anyone here?
"Going …"
The leaves shook and a man slowly walked out of the forest and handed over to Zhou Yi for fuels.
"Brother Zhou meets again"