When Brother Gan saw that these two women had formed an alliance, he suddenly felt that this woman Zhang Xiaoyan had brainwashed the little witch so quickly. Then why are you still sitting here? Why can’t you afford to hide? Why don’t you hurry and go to bed? Otherwise, you might be able to do something about yourself later. So Brother Gan quietly went back to his bedroom to sleep, while the little witch and Zhang Xiaoyan still ate fried dough sticks at the table to discuss the woman’s things. It’s really a brief encounter!

At this time, in a pub in Pingyuan, four people in a bag were drinking a little wine around a table and chatting at home. Two of these four people were sent back by Ouyang Cheng to inquire about the details of kitchen knives. When the brothers of Loyalty Hall saw four people drinking one cup after another, the wine was welcomed by two others. A few people were all mixed up in the plains, big and small, and they were all characters. Later, they made some mistakes. In fact, they went to the harbor to work to avoid the limelight. In fact, they joined Loyalty Hall and left two younger brothers in the plains.
"Eldest brother, second brother, you two don’t go this time. You guys have been wronged since you two left! Think about our elegant demeanour in those days … we can’t drink … "One of them raised his glass and said to the two loyalty brothers.
"Ha ha old four what’s going on? Did you encounter any difficulties? " Called the eldest brother loyalty hall brothers heard something in the old four words put the glass and asked.
"Ah, eldest brother, it’s said that men are not brave in those days, but can’t you think that when the four of our brothers made their way to the south street of the plain, who didn’t know that we weren’t blowing the plain road? All four of our brothers had to give a thumbs up! But now, since you and your second brother left, your brothers have been scared to death! " Old four also put the glass and said
"Who bully you Si Er? Tell my brother to clean him up for you! " Asked the brother who was called the third brother Zhongyitang
"What bully don’t bully the second brother to live is to mix Bai, but now we can’t mix all have wives and children. Now the little boys are not as particular as we used to be. What despicable means can make him beat you? He can bully your wife and children. In the end, you have to be soft!" Old three a glass of wine belly sighed.
"But now these guys don’t pay attention to it. They are not mixed with hooligans. They are moral. Although they also kill and kill every day, they have never done anything unnatural. They are all top-ups! But now hooligans are digging up graves and kicking widows’ doors. What’s the wicked thing to do! " The brother called Big Brother Loyalty Hall said
"Eldest brother, you don’t know. Now those famous Jianghu people in our plain city are dying. Now the regime has changed. I’m not afraid of death. I’m also malicious, but people don’t give you a hard time. They give you a hard time with your wife, children and your family. What can you do? There is no way to recognize the bear! " Si Er said with emotion
"I heard that there’s a kitchen knife in our plain city, which is quite superior to Si Er?" Called the second brother loyalty hall brothers asked.
"Also said! We’re talking about these little bastards! His mother these dogs day te is not a thing! Do wicked things every day! A few people in Qianza City Road were bullied by them, and most of them quit the rivers and lakes for family reasons! " A kitchen knife to help small three flustered swearing way
"Are these little rabbits really so poisonous?" Asked the brother called Big Brother Loyalty Hall.
"Eldest brother, you’re right. They can’t compare with us, but we’re not their opponents. That’s really a mean thing! Don’t say that their boss, Li Datou, is so heartless that he has done all his wicked things! " Si Er drank a glass of wine and said.
"Oh? What the hell is going on? " Called the eldest brother loyalty hall brothers asked.
"Ah, it’s only in the last year or so that this kitchen knife gang became famous. The main reason is that they took the big bosses in the city and didn’t have much challenge from others. Besides, people on the road know that these guys are cruel and don’t bother them easily. Their boss is called Li Datou’s kitchen knife gang because of his big head. There are two or three hundred brothers. When they fight, they all take a kitchen knife and cut it. But it’s also cruel, but if they can’t beat it, they go to find someone else’s family knives, especially this Li Datou’s most fucking thing. This After the underworld, let his little brothers go to the street all day to find him beautiful women, and they have to be somewhere. When they find them, they will rob them to get a bed for two days. Recently, he has spoiled a lot of girls who are a little beautiful in our city! This dog day is not stupid. He is looking for poor people’s daughters. Even if they are finished, they will give two money. If their parents call the police, the next day, either their father will be cut or their daughter will be destroyed. It is very poisonous! " Third son drank a full glass of wine and explained it.
"This he niang or people! It is simply a beast! " Brother Zhong Yi Tang, who is called the eldest brother, looked up after listening to Saner’s words, drank a glass of wine and slapped the table hard and scolded.
"Ha ha, you don’t be angry with eldest brother. Recently, I heard that this group of little pups had a big loss and hurt many brothers …" Si Er looked at the frustrated eldest brother and urged with a smile.
"Oh … what’s going on?" He was called the second brother of Loyalty Hall, and asked the truth. He had already guessed that it must be their loyalty hall, Li Hushan, but he still proved it.
"Ha ha, don’t talk about it, eldest brother, listen to it! Now we’ve heard all the plain roads, and everyone didn’t shout … It happened last night. It was said that Li Datou had taken a fancy to a little girl who wanted to make people get into bed. People were afraid to call his father back from the harbor. I heard that his father was a disabled man and had a broken arm. It was time for a soldier to take part in the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam. It was time to save his comrades’ arms from being blown up. This time, two young people came with him in a Toyota overbearing suv. At that time, people found a kitchen knife to help this group of little pups, but they didn’t escape or hide Third son took a sip of wine and said it with relish as if he were commenting.
"What’s more, the two young people have a yard and another room to protect the girl and her family. Boy, it’s so verve to treat more than 20 gangsters with kitchen knives with their bare hands! According to a gangster who was chopped by a kitchen knife when he came back later, it was said that more than twenty of them were chopping around the man, and I didn’t know how many knives had been chopped. The man didn’t have any good meat, but he just stared and bit his teeth. As soon as he grabbed a kitchen knife without humming, he chopped it. According to the girl’s neighbors, the whole village dog barked and cried at night, and more than twenty gangsters were cut all over the street by that man. Later, the police went to the little girl’s house to investigate and collect evidence. It is said that no one dared to go into the yard and look like a red carpet I have seen it and I have seen it, but I have never seen it so bad! " Three son took a sip of wine to continue cheerfully said
"Ha ha, Si Er is the best. You haven’t told me, but I heard that the elder brother and a kitchen knife helped the little boy to cut a knife to see who died first. It is said that the kitchen knife helped the little boy to come first, and it was quite cruel to cut him. He cut the elder brother a knife, but the difference was that he bit his teeth and was cut so many knives that he just didn’t hum a word, but the little boy was cut a knife and then he let out a cry. Later, the two of them fully cut the knife, and the little boy finally lost his nerve and threw the knife. He knew that he didn’t run again. After the little boy entered the hospital, it was said that there was a kitchen knife to help people see him. He said he would do nothing! I’m afraid. I’m really afraid … "Said Saner, with a sigh.
When I heard this, the two Loyalty Hall brothers understood that Li Hushan was hacked last night. It was none other than them. They were investigating Li Datou’s kitchen knife to help the creditors. This time, it is good to know who cut it. The two Loyalty Hall brothers glances at a glass of wine and gulps it down. Chapter 34 Expedition.
After drinking, the two brothers of Zhongyitang were called the boss and said to Saner and Si Er, "Don’t worry, brothers, the kitchen knife will help those kids. Just wait!"
"Oh … what do you mean by big brother?" Three son heard eldest brother HuaLiYouHua asked
"Ha ha, don’t forget you just ride a donkey and watch it! Li big head hum also should tidy up him … "The boss drank a glass of wine and said with a smile.
Saner knows that the boss has never said anything for the second time, so he no longer asks why he looked up and drank a glass of wine and said to the brother called the eldest brother Zhongyitang, "If you come back to our plain after the eldest brother, Si Er and I will follow you!"
"Ha ha good that we have a date! By the way, pay attention to observe the situation of a kitchen knife and give me a call when there is any movement … "The boss should be generous and finally told.
"Don’t worry, eldest brother, I will report to you if there is any trouble with his kitchen knife …" Saner promised after drinking another glass of wine.
It’s already evening after drinking this wine, and it’s not difficult to beat these two loyalty hall brothers. They didn’t come home this time, but rented a room opposite a bathing center for the biggest field with a kitchen knife, watching Li Datou’s movements day and night.
After two people returned to the rental house, one person took out a cellular phone and reported the news about this afternoon to Ouyang Cheng. After the report, Ouyang Cheng asked them to continue to monitor and pay attention to Ann, and then hastily hung up the phone and reported the news to dry elder brother and Hu Debiao respectively, that is, Hushan was really suspected to have been cut down by a kitchen knife.
At this time, after a full day’s sleep in the bed, I found that the little witch and Zhang Xiaoyan were no longer at home for the first time. After answering Ouyang Cheng’s words, the dry brother told Ouyang Cheng that the special training base would be at leisure tonight. The dry brother took the key and just wanted to call the little witch and tell them to go shopping by himself. I haven’t found the phone number of the little witch yet, but I was beaten and saw that the little witch and Zhang Xiaoyan had a full bag in their hands. There were fifteen or six dry brothers who incredibly asked, "You …
"You can’t see … oh, I’m exhausted, but …" The little witch took a look at the dry elder brother and said that she dumped her high heels and said to the dry elder brother, "Hey, hey, husband, help me with the slippers …"
Dry elder brother nai shook his head, and women will spend money to buy them … Why do you spend so much money on these clothes, and you are so tired that you have to rush the "husband" of the little witch girl? So dry elder brother came to the door and took the pink bear slippers of the little witch girl and put them on the soles of her feet.
I didn’t expect the little witch not only didn’t appreciate it, but also took a white look at the dry brother and asked, "What’s the matter, baby?" Aren’t these slippers? "
"Yes, but what about Xiao Yan’s sister? Hurry up and bring your slippers to Xiao Yan’s sister to wear first!" The little witch pointed to the blue slippers of Brother Gan.
This little witch has never looked down on herself since she had this little sister Xiao Yan. Two women were so good that they couldn’t wait to wear a pair of pants when they were less than two days old! Dry elder brother nai went back to the door and took his slippers and put the little witch at Zhang Xiaoyan’s feet. Hey hey smiled and said to Zhang Xiaoyan, "Xiao Yan’s sister, you should be wronged first and wear his smelly shoes. Sometimes I’ll buy them later …"
"Ha ha, it’s okay. Sister Xiaoxuan is better than nothing …" said Zhang Xiaoyan, wishing to wear slippers with a very manly atmosphere.
Brother Gan was bullied home by the little witch this time. He knew that if he didn’t flee quickly, how could he command the little witch? Now that Zhang Xiaoyan’s wings are hard, he doesn’t rely on himself so much. He has to hurry and withdraw, so he smiled and said, "The two big ladies first rest and go to the supermarket to buy some food and come back to cook …"
"Yes, I approved it, but come back quickly. Now that you mention it, I’m really hungry …" The little witch said with an air of propriety.
Brother Gan looked at the little witch and smiled. Hey, little woman, silly woman, people are here to rob you of your man, but you regard them as your sisters. But it’s not bad. Silly is better than those women with calculation. Brother Gan walked out of the house and thought that you should have fun for a few days first. When Zhang Xiaoyan left, I’ll take care of you!
Brother Gan served two big ladies for one night. This guy welcomed Zhang Xiaoyan. The little witch specially ordered Brother Gan to make a dried vegetable. How dare you not go to the TV show after dinner? Two days ago, Xianhui took Zhang Xiaoyan. Brother Gan can clean up the dishes and chopsticks by himself, and then brush it. Brother Gan just wanted to wash and sleep on the sofa. The little witch talked, "That husband saw that you did better today. Your nest was returned to you. Sister Xiao Yan and I slept in a room …"
"really?" Dry elder brother asked a little don’t believe.
"Of course it’s true. Why did I lie to you …" The little witch said with a smile and then turned her face back to the video.
"Ha ha, that’s good. I’ll wash and sleep. Don’t be too late, you two …" Brother Gan said with a smile that his nest is even worse than this living room sofa.