The handsome man sighed, "A group of ignorant lambs can’t even see the law of causality."

"Isa, you have to summon me for such a thing. I question your contract."
"That’s not true, Asmode. They all come from hell," said Isa urgently.
"Hell?" Asmode laughed. "They don’t have a hell-"
He stopped suddenly and looked back at those monsters.
"I get it. You mean they come from the hell that this world is connected to."
When they spoke, the magic people had rushed in and roared to attack.
Asmode yawned and read, "Everything that offends me is blasphemy against purgatory."
The words sound just fell and all the magic people qi qi dun half.
They don’t move, including their expression and movement are fixed in an instant.
Asmode gently broke off a magic man’s head before flying.
He put his finger into each other’s neck and licked it with a little flesh and blood.
Asmode was intoxicated and said, "I feel the power of the law of the dead."
"But it’s strange that the dead soul appears in the human world?"
"… interesting. There must be something wrong with it."
"Is there any trouble caused by the devil here?"
Asmode look heavy.
He said, "Isa is going to sacrifice 1,000 living people, and I will come to this world to help you."
"Follow your will," said Isa.
"You did a good job this time. I’ll move nine layers of purgatory power. You can expand the card limit for one more day."
"Thank you," said her exultation.
"Let’s go," Asmode said.
"But … what about them?" Her hesitate to say
She pointed to thousands of magic people in the sky.
"The law of your world is out of control, and their souls are in my hands."
Asmode Tanshou
Many light spots appeared in his hand.
"windfall, isn’t it?" He chuckled.
"You are amazing," said Isa from the heart.
"Don’t talk nonsense. Hurry up and prepare the sacrifice. I want to come and see what’s going on."
"It’s Lord Asmode."