"Want to run? How can it be so easy? "

Hector even never saw each other sneer at what a former red devil younger brother said and returned it, and at the same time grabbed the axe and chased it.
"David tang …"
At this moment, another figure who followed the owner suddenly pulled out a sword and killed Hector even from the side.
"How can the immortal master be bullied when we are red-tempered?" Another man’s sword in his hand pulled out a gorgeous sword thorn in a flash to Hector even unique.
"Hum! Two go against the sky, so I will be afraid of you! " Hector even unique eyes narrowed is a horizontal axe generous axe blade crashed into the other sword.
In an instant, the beautiful sword flower is broken like a blooming flower smashed by a rough fist. Generally, the petals are four splashes, and the man’s heart is sweet and he flies back in an instant!
The man flew straight out for more than ten meters, and then fell heavily to the ground and spit out a big mouthful of blood
"Ah … this … deputy head was seriously injured!"
"The immortal masters are so easily injured by each other. Who are they?"
"This … how is this possible? How could they look so embarrassed before they were so powerful!"
Red refined door everyone looked at a wounded deputy head and froze one by one. They never thought that the other party would be so severe. At that time, they saw that the other party was a master of fate and realized that they would bring each other to Bai Xiao’s master.
Even if they saw that the other side had an immortal master, they were surprised. They didn’t think that the other side would be so fierce.
The other side has been hurt before, and it seems that they are all hurt. It will not be particularly severe if they want to come. This is why they dare to do it, but everything that happened in front of them exceeded their expectations.
Red refined door owners looked at being hit by vomiting blood, and the deputy owners took a step back and looked at the opposite man with an axe. He suddenly said
"Wait a minute, brother, you and I are coming to my red smelting door to make trouble!"
"Resentment? Ha ha, old man, you must be blind, right? "Yue Yichen burst out laughing when he heard the words of the head of the door suddenly.
"It’s not that we want you to make trouble in the red smelting door, but that you find our head in trouble and want to take our dinggang and say resentments? How to beat us now and say that there is such a good thing in the world? "Yueyichen ruthlessly stared at the head of the red smelting door opposite.
"It was all a misunderstanding. If you had shown your strength earlier, we wouldn’t have done that." The red refined door owner took a look at Yueyichen and then turned his head to look at the man with the axe.
"You are very powerful, I admit that I am not your opponent, but my younger brother and I are both masters of fate. If you want to hit us hard, you have to pay a lot of money. I have also known about your situation before. It is not easy for you to be injured so badly and want to come to your enemy."
"When you deal with us, you will naturally be hit hard. At that time, if your enemy comes to you again, it may not be as simple as getting into a mess. Besides, you and I are both immortal. At most, you can hit me and teacher younger brother hard and it is impossible to kill us."
The head of Chilian Gate looked at Lian Jueshen and said, "I can pretend that nothing happened before, and you can leave here, which is good for all of us!"
"oh? It’s reasonable to say that, but it’s a pity that we won’t promise. "Yue Yichen sneered at each other’s words before he wanted to start work. It was Guo Feng who said that he didn’t know anything until he came here. It was not suitable to start work.
But the strength of each other is already very clear. It’s just two ordinary fate immortals. Before Hector even died, one person fought against five fate immortals.
Although the final result is that Hector even hit hard, it’s five immortals, and all of them are the hands of Ying Wuhou. Which one is not a genius? Which one is not much better than the general realm?
Eye Hector even off is to deal with two ordinary fate immortal, this is absolutely nothing to say, besides, there is a stronger side than Hector even off Changsheng himself and others will be afraid of them? Even if they are killed, Chang Sheng and Hector will never suffer any damage.
It’s not his style for Yue Yichen to sneer at a sudden turn to a red-tempered younger brother and fly to get revenge.
At the same time, Yue Yichen started work, and Hector even rushed out from the other side and rushed to the other owner.
Moment to see two people begin Guo Feng and Fang Wen at the same time began to rush to the nearby red refined younger brother.
Bai Jie stood looking at several people who suddenly rushed out, and their handsome faces suddenly showed horror. It was not only the axe that went against the sky, but also the few people left were masters of fate!
These guys, they all look as old as themselves, even less than twenty years old. Why are they all so powerful?
Looking into the red devil’s younger brother, a few people immediately occupied the wind. Bai Jie’s eyes fell on his side again, and his face remained motionless. There were more doubts in his heart.
These people don’t look weak, but why does this person around them look so weird? And how dare he look so stupid?
At the same time, the red devil took the lead in front of the door to surround Chang Sheng and others, but the male face suddenly revealed a smile.
This group of outsiders is really unexpected, but one of them seems to be special.
The man’s eyes fell on Chang Sheng’s body and mind, and he thought quickly that this silly guy seemed to have been this expression since he first met him. It is estimated that this guy is a fool.
A fool is with these people, and when these people walk, it seems to be his head. It’s so simple. This fool’s identity must be unusual. These people may all be this stupid bodyguard. These people are all entangled in their own sects. That fool has no one to protect him. There is a Bai Jie around him
Own strength to capture Bai Jie, that’s the mistresses, so it’s no problem to capture this fool. If you want to capture this fool, the other party will get the boat and all problems will be solved! The so-called catch the thief and catch the king first is this truth.
Think of this man’s mouth tilted with a strange smile. At the moment, his strength suddenly broke out.
Male leg lifts a step suddenly the ground collapses out of a round pit, but it is like a left arrow at Chang Sheng.
"Not good!"
Bai Jie saw a thump in the man’s heart, and the other party also found this stupid problem around him. It would be really troublesome if this stupid was caught.
Bai Jie’s face suddenly turned ugly around his eyes. It’s silly. These companions are all entangled with the red master at this time, and they don’t seem to notice the situation here. These people really have to leave someone to protect this silly even if they make moves. Maybe they can protect this dumbfounded hand, but master elder brother!
Don’t say that you are injured now, even if you are not injured, you can’t be a big brother’s opponent. Big brother is terrible!
See master elder brother has rushed up Bai Jie heart although blame this silly companion can have no way to oneself can’t watch this silly being nabbed by each other at that time, bad luck is yourself.
"Hey … can spell!"
Bai Jie sighed in the heart and pulled out a handful of soft sword’s ten-story peak soldier spirit from the waist, condensing out the instantaneous soft soft sword and stretching straight.
Seeing that the master elder brother has rushed to the front, Bai Jie raised his hand to stop the other side with the soft sword. Of course, she knows that she will not be the opponent of the master elder brother, but it is enough to stop the master elder brother from letting the silly companion come to the rescue when he wins.
"Come and help!"
Bai Jie shouted, waved his soft sword in his hand and stabbed the master elder brother in the past.