Everyone consciously reduced conflicts and understood each other to avoid conflicts.

Make the whole world like a Pinghu.
But it’s like the calm before the storm is gestating the poor forces waiting for the moment to break out.
At this time, it is more precious but seems to be forgotten.
Such as a blink of an eye in a hurry for more than a hundred years, mortals have been replaced by generations.
And they have accumulated enough strength.
Zhang Yuan of Longhu Mountain stands at the top of the mountain with white hands.
Looking up at the eyes of the white clouds and pale dogs, it seems that a beautiful man in troubled times is in love with spring and hurting autumn.
However, looking at the mountains and mountains full of followers of the number one religion, they can feel a trace of majesty from his randomness
Everyone looked at the figure on the top of the mountain and waited quietly.
Today is a special day. Zhang Yuan Bai, Taiwei Emperor, Zhengyi Leader and Dragon and Tiger Tianshi, is about to become a god all over the country.
According to his own explanation, it is to anchor his own foundation, to prove that he is a fairy.
His move also broke the hundred-year calm.
At the moment, everyone turned their attention to the Dragon and Tiger Mountain and the figure standing on the top of the mountain.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixteen Zhang Yuan white card way
Io looked at Zhang Yuan White and found Thor’s figure again.
Looking at him, he still lingered on the peak and failed to completely ignite his own shenhuo. He couldn’t help but flash a trace of anger.
At a time like this, it’s his turn to do it.
After the trial becomes a god, all professionals become gods in the future, and he is qualified to preside over the trial.
With the honor of becoming a god for the first time in thousands of years and the subsequent trials hosted by everyone, it is bound to gather great hopes and beliefs.
At that time, Io will be able to borrow his hand to grasp the trial doom rules.
However, it is lost this opportunity now, and there will be trouble in the future.
Is he didn’t prepare for a long time after Zhang Yuan white finally combed out the last thought.
Complete one’s own Tao
As he silently transported Xuangong, a fairy light rushed to the sky as if to lead to the depths of the sky.
Then, in the fairy light explosion, a beautiful scene was spread out.
The 36 Heavenly Palace Treasure Que stands like a pagoda in heaven and earth and shines with thousands of divine lights.
On the distance, on being in the crystal wall world, you can see it.
Ang! ! !
A clear dragons sounded and nine dragons rose from Zhang Yuan’s white body.
Circling around the thirty-six Heavenly Palace for a long time.
Then he fell into the heavenly palace, and the visions such as Sinochem Nantianmen, Demon-slaying Platform, Divine List, Divine Whip and Tianhe were located in all parts of the heavenly palace.
A thunderbolt shook Taiwei Emperor and jumped out of Zhang Yuan’s white head to turn a fairy light into the throne of Taiwei Temple and Kowloon.
As he pressed his hands gently to count the real people, immortals, saints, jade children, jade girls, emperors of the heavens and so on, they appeared everywhere in the Heavenly Palace.
There are also the left and right dragon and tiger kings, the left and right official messengers, Tian Dingli, King Kong, the guardian deity, the star lingguan, the magic soldiers and heavenly generals, the lion to ward off evil spirits, the dragon forest beast, the snake god tiger, the phoenix peacock, the golden-winged suzaku, and the four spirits to defend the left and right.
In an instant, the heavenly palace is full of vitality and majesty.
At this moment, all the creatures who saw this heavenly palace had an idea in their hearts.
There is such a heavenly palace in the heavens that the heavens and the worlds control thousands of creatures.
All the gambling professionals and Aiou feel that Zhang Yuan’s white concept has covered more than one-third of the world’s creatures at this moment
Putting others’ ideas under pressure completely almost shook the pattern of the crystal wall world
All the real people, Taoist priests and believers in Longhushan kowtowed and bowed down in praise.
"Too tiny golden que clouds;
Big Buddha sitting in Kowloon Block;
The jade scroll contains three realms and ten sides of yin and yang;
Baojing brilliant light 36 Heavenly Palace scenic spots;
There are hundreds of millions of fairy clouds;
According to the good and evil induction of Heyi Division, it is clear that merits and demerits will be determined;
Taoism helps all beings to be clean and eternal;
Take charge of all the people and establish a humanitarian country. "
On that day, the real people in the palace, such as Lux and the officials of the stars, also sang in succession.
Praise resounded in the heavenly palace and spread all over the world.
Guatai in Zhuxian Sword Array