Tang gaozu squinted and watched, hoping too much to give him a satisfactory answer.

Li Jiancheng was silent for half a ring before he slowly said, "Father Sui Jun’s move is very suspicious, but since Sui Dynasty gave up Xiyang County, it is a good thing for Datang."
"No matter whether the Sui army has a plot to make the king of Qi slowly and steadily fight for absolute strength, the trick is just empty."
Li Jiancheng said slowly, but this made Tang gaozu not very satisfied, because Tang gaozu’s needs were not the answer.
Li Jiancheng suddenly coughed and continued, "Father, judging from the information held by my son and minister, the military forces in Nanyang Basin in Sui Jun have been frequently mobilized. At present, the military forces in Nanyang Basin are less than 20,000."
Twenty thousand soldiers and horses to hold the whole Nanyang basin is stretched. Once Tang Jun enters Nanyang basin, can Sui Jun still hold it? The answer is no.
Now it seems that Datang root can take Xiangyang and Nanyang without Wang Shichong’s help, but it is more favorable for Datang to have Wang Shichong’s help at this time, because it is very good to drag Wang Shichong into the anti-Sui alliance. Once Datang needs it, it can use their strength to fight against Yang Sui.
Tang Yuan-hsin’s question is too half-told, that is, tang style or some of the entire Tang Dynasty is not blind. Since Sui Jun’s main force is South, it is time for Tang Dynasty to start seeking benefits.
Tang gaozu felt that it was necessary to send troops to support the king of Qi to consolidate the achievements, because in his view, it was not enough to have Xiyang County alone, and only when Nanyang Basin was occupied could it blossom and unify the sky in all directions.
Tang gaozu said slowly, "What do you think if I send troops to support the King of Qi?"
Li Jiancheng was shocked by his father. This is intended to expand the idea of war. However, if you think about it, it is also an anti-Sui attack. There must be insufficient troops on all sides. If you can seize the anti-Sui in Nanyang Basin at this time, you will be hit harder! Everyone knows that you are going to die while you are sick. Wouldn’t it be silly if Datang didn’t send troops? Once this opportunity is lost, it will never come back, and you will regret it if you miss it.
Li Jiancheng has already understood his father’s idea at this time. He laughed. "Dad has harvested food this year, and I have just finished counting about four hundred mangoku."
Tang gaozu’s heart was so happy that there were 400 mangoku. This harvest is not small, which not only proves the necessity of the military camp, but also proves that recruiting people to plant is a very important means. Learning from Sui Jun has some benefits.
Li Jiancheng then added, "Since my father is going to send troops, I suggest that Jiangxia Wang Lingbing should be cautious now, although it looks very favorable. After all, it will be a disadvantage if he is careless."
Tang gaozu nodded, and that’s what he meant. After all, the king of Qi is his son and naturally doesn’t want him to have an accident.
Li Jiancheng added, "In order to let the king of Qi successfully seize the Nanyang Basin, I intend to let Yang Wengan go to Jingxiang to preside over the overall situation of tang style. In addition, I recognize that the king of Qin will attack the Nanyang Basin from the northern section of Funiu Mountain through Zhu Yang."
There is nothing wrong with Tang gaozu’s hesitation when he heard the last sentence, but will Wang Shichong agree? It’s not just a matter of Zhu Yang. Tang Jun will be in Nanyang, and Wang Shichong will doubt Datang’s intention to get their hands on Nanyang County!
Dealing with Wang Shichong is like coaxing a child. You must give him something sweet, otherwise he will be scared away and return to the arms of the Sui Dynasty, which is obviously something that Li Yuan does not want to see.
Tang gaozu gave a way: "King Jiangxia sent troops to take away less than 20,000 people, so let the king of Qin go back to the army to care about it."
Tang gaozu said it was very pleasant to hear, but he didn’t know it until he was white. This is to prevent the king of Qin. The arrow that the king of Qin always shot at Li Zhiyun, the king of Chu, was not directed at Li Zhiyun, but at him. It pierced Tang gaozu’s heart like a thorn! Whenever he thinks about it, he will be particularly angry. Li Yuan is afraid that he can kill his brother and maybe his father. This is Li Yuan’s worry!
Li Jiancheng is not white father that little mind, he got up and hurried to tang gaozu sighed a continue to look at the fold.
Chapter 521 Wrestling
Wang Shichong in Luoyang holds Li Yuanji’s letter in his hand, and his face can’t see his expression. Wang Shichong is no longer a young guy. He is no longer impulsive. Time has made him more calm and let him know that interest is the most important thing. He can smile when facing Li Yuanji’s language.
Wang Shichong can calm doesn’t mean that Tai Wang Xuan should be able to calm down and listen to his cold hum "Dad Li Yuanji, who is very reasonable, is willing to lead the troops to catch him back to Luoyang to trap to feel avenged".
Wang Xuanshu, the second king, should also say, "Father and child are also willing to lead troops to war."
Wang Shichong sighed in his heart and thought that he was always waiting for a hero, but the two sons were so far-sighted that he couldn’t figure out the current situation. It seems that it is really depressing to have a balance in his lifetime before he can safely leave.
Chen Wang Duan Da narrowed his eyes. Hehe smiled. "Li Yuanji is just a young child with a yellow mouth. It is normal to be arrogant. Ying SHEN WOO is broad-minded. How can such a child care?"
Duan Da’s words made Wang Shichong ha ha laugh, and his heart was as comfortable as eating honey. Duan Da was his confidant, and this person had very rich experience in war. It can be said that with his help, Zheng had a great chance to unify the sky.
Wang Shichong coughed and smiled. "What do you think of Wang Chen?"
Duan Da stroked his beard and thought for a moment, "I have sent many people to Nanyang these days. As Li Yuanji said in his letter, Sui troops and horses have been mobilized frequently. Now there are only 20,000 soldiers and horses in Nanyang Basin."
"Twenty thousand people are defending Nanyang and Xiangyang, but I have a good idea." Chen Wangduanda suddenly smoothed her beard and smiled strangely.
Wang Shichong was busy. "Chen Wang, if you have any good suggestions, just say so!"
Duan Da took a sip of tea mysteriously and then smiled. "On the surface, Zheng Da Sui is close, but in fact everyone knows that Da Sui will eventually become an enemy and the most powerful enemy."
"Now Zheng Datang secretly formed an alliance. I think Yang You must not know that it is greatly convenient to act. Now Li Yuanji’s soldier front reaches Junyang. One step is to attack Tang Jun’s soldier front in Yincheng County, Xiangyang County. It is like a sword that has stabbed Jingbei’s heart. I think Sui Jun should get the news even if he is slow."
Wang Shichong look a clot Chen Wang Duan Da analysis is very reasonable. Tang Jun has taken three counties in a row. How can Sui Jun not get the news?
"In order to prevent Tang Jun from attacking Xiangyang, Sui Jun will send troops to support Xiangyang, but the southern boundary of Xiangyang will draw troops, so Sui Jun can draw troops from Nanyang County, and perhaps Huai’ an County will draw some troops, so that Xiangyang North will be particularly empty."
Wang Xuan should clench his fist and say, "Father, since the troops in Xiangyang North of Sui Jun are particularly weak, it is time for my father to make great efforts to recover lost ground!"
Wang Shichong nodded but didn’t speak. Still looking at Duan Da is very obvious. Duan Da’s words haven’t been finished yet. Does this man have anything to say?
"My suggestion is to write a letter to tell Han Shihe, the manager of Nanyang, that tens of thousands of Tang Jun are going to Xiangyang, so that Han Shihe will be empty to hold Xiangyang Nanyang." Duan Da continued.
Wang Xuan should frown Duan Da. This doesn’t make sense. Since Sui Jun X already knows about Tang Jun’s invasion, what does father have to inform them to do? Isn’t this unnecessary?
Wang Shichong was a little white. He asked in a tone of inquiry, "What do you mean, Chen Wang?"
Duan Da ha ha smiled. "It’s just paralysis. If possible, you can write a letter expressing your willingness to send troops to support Nanyang."
Wang Xuan should stare big eyes, didn’t he agree to attack Nanyang? How did it become support? Wang Xuanshu is also very white
"Ha ha!" Wang Shichong laughed and thought Duan Da was really his brain trust. "Chen Wang is really a good plan. If you can win Nanyang as the first credit of Chen Wang!"
"Thank you!" Duan Da ha ha a smile when you’re welcome.
Wang Xuan and Wang Xuanshu still want to ask something, but Wang Shichong has got up and personally written a letter and immediately sent it to Xiangyang.
After Tang Jun took Junyang County, he temporarily stopped moving forward. It is not surprising that Tang Jun hesitated in Yang You’s plan. Otherwise, Yang You would not have sent Ma Wenjie and Ma Wenjie to change the outcome of this battle to a great extent.
There is no movement in Tang Jun for the time being, and there is also no movement in Wang Shichong in the north. The Royal Guards will send the news back to Yang You every two days, knowing that Wang Shichong had rushed to Hakodate the other day, but he did not have much contact with Li Shimin.
Wang Shichong rushed to the valley of letters. Yang You could guess that some Qin Shubao surrendered and Wang Shichong felt the crisis. He was so nervous. Wang Shichong was wise. He certainly wouldn’t fall out at this time. It is conceivable that he must have blocked the valley of letters. It is strictly forbidden for people to enter and leave.
Yang You was waiting for Wang Shichong to attack, so this time the layout made sense. While Yang You was waiting, a fast horse came from Luoyang and arrived in Xiangyang in only three days.
This is the emissary of Wang Shichong, who came to Xiangyang to meet Han Shihe by name. When Yang You received the news, he immediately asked Han Shihe to meet the emissary. The emissary’s name was Tai Yuanzhen, and Zhai Rang was a close confidant of Zhai Rang. Later, Zhai Rang was killed by Shi Biao, who was forced to be loyal to Shi Biao, but he was Cao Cao’s heart and never wanted to take revenge on Zhai Rang.
Later, in the Central Plains War, Wang Shichong took the initiative to attack Mangshan and smashed Shi Biao. This person immediately gave up the city and took refuge in Wang Shichong. It was fatal to take refuge in Tai Yuan. Because there were many generals in Shi Biao’s account in the city, these generals had to take refuge in Wang Shichong, which made Shi Biao lose again and again and finally gave up Xingyang County.
Taiyuanzhen was held in the hands of the assistant minister of the Ministry of Life for his great achievements.
Han Shihe met Tai Yuanzhen while Yang You watched the performance of the two men behind the screen.
When they met, it was very harmonious. Tai Yuan was really a man who smiled but didn’t smile. At first, he smiled at Han Shih-fu without showing any trace, saying that he was the mainstay of the Sui Dynasty. Without Han Shih-fu, the Sui Dynasty would collapse.
Han Shihe is not stupid. He has been wandering around the Jianghu for many years, and naturally he has his own advantages. He responded with a smile and also said that Tai Yuan is really a great Zheng Nengchen, and he will be able to seal Hou and worship Guangzong Yaozu some day.
Two people flatter each other to make Yang You feel that both of them are wasted. Just when Yang You was thinking about drinking tea, they started talking about things.
Tai Yuanzhen’s observation ability is very strong. He saw a slight worry from Han Shizhen’s brow. Although it was very inconspicuous, Tai Yuanzhen smiled and handed over Wang Shichong’s letter. "Manager Han, this is a great letter to the manager!"
Han Shizhen was shocked when he opened the letter. He hurriedly asked, "Did your Lord know about this?"
Tai Yuan really coughed mysteriously. "Some people in Tang Jun took refuge in today and learned from his mouth that Tang Jun was mysterious this time. They deliberately sent troops to Tong to attract today’s attention, but in fact they were trying to capture Xiyang County, which might have an idea for Xiangyang."
"When I learned this, I immediately sent my horse to inform the manager of Korea that I hope that the manager of Korea will be ready to prevent Tang Jun from invading!" As TaiYuanZhen spoke, he kept observing the expression of Han Shizhen.
"Han thanked your Lord!" Han Shih-wai shook his head as soon as he said, "It’s a pity that just a few days ago, I got the news that Tang Jun has sent twenty thousand troops to seize Junyang!"
Tai Yuanzhen was shocked when he heard this. He picked himself up and lost his way. How is that possible?
Han Shizhen’s expression was somber and his words became more dejected. "It’s true, Assistant Minister Tai, that several counties and counties where Tang Jun passed all the way south surrendered one after another, which caught someone off guard!"
Tai Yuanzhen retreated two steps. "Xiyang County is an important town that holds martial arts, and it can lead to Fangling County through this place. How can there be no heavy troops in such an important place?"
Han Shihe waved his hand and said, "Assistant Minister Gao didn’t know that a few days ago, Lin Shihong, the Chu army of our army in Poyang Lake, had a war. Because he was not familiar with the geography of Poyang Lake, Lin Shihong ambushed tens of thousands of troops."
TaiYuanZhen face changed again and again.
At this time, Han Shihong continued, "Lin Shihong’s power grew stronger after his victory, and our army’s Jingxiang troops were particularly weak. Lin Shihong sent troops to attack Jingxiang, and now he has even reached Wuchang and Hanyang. It is reported that he has arrived in Baling County, which is not far from Gangneung, the south county."
"South county satrap Xiao Chen hold Jiangling has to positions to mobilize Nanyang military forces to support Jiangling real: now Nanyang troops but twenty thousand! These 20,000 soldiers and horses should be stationed not only in Nanyang, but also in Xiangyang and Fancheng. " Han Shizhen shook his head repeatedly and looked very worried.
Tai Yuan really smiled to himself. He was about to speak when Han Shihe spoke again.
"A few days ago, Junyang County was arrested and reported this matter. I hope that we can allocate troops to support Xiangyang as soon as possible. Otherwise, even if Xiangyang city is tall and there is a shortage of troops around Hanshui City, it will be difficult to hold it!"
Tai Yuan really moved his beard in his heart and smiled. "South Korea’s manager Nanyang has at least 5,000 military forces to mobilize and support Xiangyang. Besides, there should be about 3,000 soldiers in Huai ‘an County who can support less and support more."
Screen hear TaiYuan truth Yang You heart sneer at a fox’s tail will be exposed Yang You will be interesting to see TaiYuan really continue to say something.
Chapter 522 Lobbyist TaiYuanZhen
Deploy troops from Nanyang County and Huai ‘an County? Han Shihou smell speech is one leng, and his face shows a difficult look.