If Harry has just succeeded in robbing, Sam will not hesitate to turn against Taiji Gate directly, but since it has not succeeded, it has already lost the opportunity to rob. After all, this is Taiji Gate. Although the strength of the top ten Xuanmen of Taiji Gate is lower, the fighting at Taiji Gate is definitely several times that of them. Since these Christians have lost the opportunity, they are honestly waiting to see how to negotiate with Taiji Gate.

711. Xiaojing Dan
Seeing that Harry was reprimanded by Sam at Huangfuhang, ha ha smiled at Liuxuan and waved a gentle force to the silver cross and slowly floated up and flew to Huangfuhang’s hand.
Any suspection.i owners holding a silver cross refers to the cross a little bit. The color cross immediately goes round and round and rotates slowly and flies to the middle. A blurred color floats out from the cross to form a vortex around the cross that can be whirled slowly by the naked eye.
Seeing the cross, sitting beside the head of Huangfu, another elderly man with the peak of pulse order, picked out his eyebrows and saw the details of the cross. He gently coughed "Head …"
HuangFuHang a wave of his hand, "I how do you say what line you all recede, I need to have a good talk with Bishop Sam. By the way, LiuXuan has made great contributions to the Taiji Gate, and won a flying prize from the same-order small border Dan. Since this LiuXuan has something to do with you, I’ll leave it to you to deal with. You go."
Say that finish can’t help saying that all the people in the garden will be driven out of Kyrgyzstan. There are three third-order dharma repairs besides Harry and another deacon. These should also be the elite brothers of Kyrgyzstan. After they were driven out of the garden, these people glared at Liuxuan and saw that their hatred for Liuxuan was not as deep as usual.
LiuXuanKe no matter how they see themselves as soon as they come out, don’t fly to "don’t ShiShu this small border Dan is not conation order Dan medicine? Why did the head master give me this thing? It doesn’t matter if I come. "
Laugh at the old man but don’t fly to the side to listen to Liu Xuan. He is ha ha a smile. There is a teasing meaning in his eyes. "How do you say it’s almost a year since you started? Why don’t you understand these basic common sense now? It would be strange if Elder Dantang heard this and didn’t blow Hu away. "
Don’t fly, but you don’t put your elders in front of Liu Xuan when you know about Liu Xuan. Therefore, Shantou smiles. "This small-scale Dan is a general term. There is a kind of medicine called Small-scale Dandan in every realm. Although the medicine is different, the effect of the medicine is the same. If you have enough money, you can also raise a small realm, which is called Small-scale Dan. Of course, small-scale Dan is the most basic gas coagulation order, which is rare. Generally, if you get it to the market, you can sell it to 30,000 Lingshi,
Liu Xuan’s thoughts suddenly came alive when he heard the words "Don’t fly to the sky". I really want to say that his advanced gas coagulation intermediate stage is not long in real time, which is not about two months. It is also because he rushed to the stage through Taiji Gate’s ghost vision. But if you think about it carefully, it is time to enter the first stage again. It is estimated that no one is more stable than he. When the longevity map is usually three or five times, I am afraid that it will be advanced for about a year, but the vitality of longevity map is definitely far better than the practice speed of his abode of fairies.
It’s really time to go further. Liu Xuan thought about finding out if there is any suitable way to cultivate Dan medicine by himself. Unexpectedly, there were surprises.
Liu Xuan is in high spirits here, and the Kyrgyz side is not happy that Liu Xuan rewarded them there. That’s what killed them. In exchange, it can be said that they stepped on their Kyrgyzstan to reward them if they are not angry.
Harry didn’t speak. He knew in his heart that this Liuxuan was not an ordinary person. He just rashly shot himself and ate a lot. It can be seen that this kid is not a provincial oil lamp. Although he still believes that the Christian was not killed by Liuxuan alone, he believes that there are few Liuxuan who have a lot of credit. Otherwise, why should the strong pulse order give the silver cross to Liuxuan?
Just because Harry doesn’t leave doesn’t mean that others won’t leave Kyrgyzstan’s education department, and it’s not monolithic. At least another deacon Booker, who is in the same rank as Harry, is very different from Harry. Just now, the two of them, echo each other, a white face and a red face, have been invited out of Taiji Gate. In addition, Harry didn’t look down on Harry just now. It seems that Harry has always been acting in front of Bishop Sam. But if Bishop Sam doesn’t, Harry won’t. Sure enough, Harry hasn’t been pitted since they came out of the garden
When Liu Xuan was in high spirits, she heard a cold hum: "What top ten Xuan doors are just hypocritical pseudo-monarchs? It’s shameless to say that we should stay out of the secular war and send a third-order strong sneak attack to kill us Christians."
This sound comes from behind Booker. If you look at Booker’s meaning, it doesn’t mean to scold your hand at all.
Harry’s face moved slightly when he heard the sound, but I don’t know what he thought. Instead of stopping it, he gave way to the side, so that Booker and what he said behind him were directly revealed
Booker looked at Harry with contempt. In his eyes, Harry’s image has fallen to the end. He is a villain who can gossip in front of Bishop Sam and has no good advice at all
It is common for a young man with blond hair and blue eyes to make ridicule, but blond hair and blue eyes are quite rare, and the country attaches great importance to blond blood, and most of them are pure nobles.
This one is actually his name is Hams, of course, Hams is the last word of his name, but his name is quite long according to their country. If you write it, I am afraid there will be dozens of words less. Although he is a Christian, he is also a king of a small state. Usually, this guy is quite arrogant.
A few years ago, Booker was the national missionary of Hams, and Hams was being admitted to the Kyrgyzstan Institute. Theoretically, Booker was actually a teacher of Hams, and it was for this reason that he had the opportunity to come to Taiji Gate with Booker this time.
The influence of Kyrgyzstan is quite huge. Just being a new parish is far from Taiji Gate. It is really not too much to compare with a bishop-level figure like Sam.
712, a recruit the enemy
It’s very obvious that Huangfu will drive them out of the garden, which means that the two sides have entered the negotiation stage. Compared with the tense moment, it should have entered a gentle period. The edge of Taiji Gate is already a handle on Kyrgyzstan. It is quite clear whether Harry or Booker provoked them, but Hams didn’t stop Harry from sincerely watching Booker’s drama, while Booker looked down on Harry’s desire to let his brother show Hams, but the absolute elite among the Christians was killed by Liu Xuan and was not Hams’ opponent.
Now he is bent on hitting Harry in the face and immediately put Sam Huangfuhang’s negotiations behind him.
After all, Tai Chi Gate is too small for him. One of the three parishes in Kyrgyzstan is much bigger than Tai Chi Gate. Because of this psychological advantage, he certainly won’t look at Tai Chi Gate.
"Xiao you this is fuck? Do you dare to insult me at Taiji Gate? Do you really think that there is no one at Taiji Gate? " The first person who heard Hams’ words turned out to be Wan Hongsong.
If you really think about it, you don’t have a particularly strong sense of belonging to Liu Xuan, a disciple of Taiji Gate. Compared with Liu Xuan’s life in Taiji Gate for more than ten years, Wan Hongsong naturally has a sense of superiority. At this time, Hams insulted Taiji Gate, and his listening was particularly harsh.
There are actually four pulse-changing steps on this side of Taiji Gate, but in this case, Harry and Booker didn’t talk to each other. Naturally, they couldn’t directly reprimand Hams. Of course, Hams’ words were also very harsh to them, but they had to face the top of Kyrgyzstan.
However, Wan Hongsong’s reprimand is gone. It is normal that everyone is in the same order and dislikes each other.
However, sneer at Erxian or frown slightly. After all, the other party is insulting Taiji Gate. Harry and Booker’s attitude is obviously vertical. This may show the attitude of Kyrgyzstan. No matter how Huangfuxing and Bishop Sam talk about it, if this matter is just forgotten, Taiji Gate will be humiliated and lost home. But if they hurt each other, it seems that Taiji is overwhelming.
Hams shook his head. "What am I wrong? How could you have killed our Ji Jiao elite brother without the help of a third-order strong man? "
"You …" Wan Hongsong heard these words, but he got stuck in the other party. If it was insulting Taiji Gate, of course he turned back, but when it came to Liu Xuan, he didn’t want to stand out. He didn’t have any old feelings with Liu Xuan, but there was a little holiday to let him stand out. Of course he wouldn’t.
Listening to their conversation, Liu Xuan is bored. He is very interested in what Huangfuhang said about Xiao Jing Dan. He can’t wait to try it now. He just jumped out of Hams to spoil it. He was greatly annoyed to see Wan Hongsong hesitate. Liu Xuan directly reached out and pulled Wan Hongsong.
"Come on, let’s say more, don’t you say it? Have a fight, don’t tell, okay? I agreed in advance that if I was killed or injured, don’t blame me for not telling you in advance. This is called self-humiliation. "
"Come on, I’m afraid you’re a yellow monkey!" Hams originally wanted to provoke Liu Xuan to take the opportunity to teach him a lesson. Now Liu Xuan not only came out but also looked down on him so much that he was furious and immediately retorted. However, Hams was arrogant and used to being like a yellow-skinned monkey, and the racial discrimination was too strong. The Taiji Gate, which was not yellow-skinned, glared at these words. If he was not afraid of being told by Kyrgyzstan that he would bully the little, I’m afraid someone would have made a move.
Liuxuan is even more direct, and his body slightly shakes his foot, making a crack. At the same time, people have bullied Hams’ front and got stuck in Hams’ throat. Before he can react, he slammed Hams’ whole body into the white court. Because of the strength, the jade floor is paved with jade. The center of Hams shows a cracked texture, which can obviously feel that Hams was pushed into the ground by Liuxuan, less than half a foot deep.
At this time, Liu Xuan’s whole body shows a blurred black color, but it can be clearly seen that the hidden muscles of the clothes are raised high, and some exposed muscles are twisted and twisted. At first glance, the body is quite explosive, and there is a gold and silver double-color symbol pattern flashing. If some symbols are cracked, everyone knows that this is definitely not an ordinary achievement method, not to mention the common treasure surface of the achievement method. If there is a gold symbol pattern, it is already too strong. What’s worse, it is even more rare for the gold and silver double-color symbol pattern to assist.
People don’t know that this is an image that monty forging body solution has shown when practicing in fairyland. With the deepening of monty forging body solution, this method of spiritual practice will become more and more demonized. At the end, when monty forging body solution is practiced, the whole body will be like a fiend.
The scene was quiet when Liu Xuan made a move. Although Liu Xuan was more or less suspected of sneak attack, you have to be white. This was Hams’ insult to the Qin people first, while Harry and Booker finished it. They both knew very well that even Booker claimed to be Mr. Hams, but he was not sure of winning now.
Hams, after all, is a king, who not only cultivates a strong body, but also has a considerable number of treasures. If it is really polished, it will be enough for Liu Xuan to have a headache. However, they never expected that Hams would come to Liu Xuan’s brazen hand, which made Harry and Booker have something to say. After all, Hams humiliated others first, and not only insulted the other mountain gate, but also attacked their race. This is really tolerable. If Taiji Gate doesn’t say anything, it will really make people laugh.
But all the people who didn’t expect LiuXuan just a recruit is not a recruit, simple words is a step to explore a hand directly to climb the Hams, on the other hand, Hams doesn’t even have the reaction to the present face is still stuck in the ground.
713, you dare to start work?
Even Harry didn’t expect this result. He knew that Hams was no match for Liuxuan, but he should be able to cope with dozens of tricks, but he never expected to be directly killed by Liuxuan.
Booker didn’t react for half a day, waiting for him to react. Hams has been pressed to the ground by Liuxuan. I don’t know if Liuxuan is too strong or if Hams has been stunned by the shock. All the people at the scene reacted. Hams actually kept twitching, which means that Hams was beaten to the point of striking back.
"Bold, you dare to openly attack our Jijiao Christians. Who gave you the strength? Don’t bully me if you dare to commit crimes in Taiji Gate."
Booker became angry from embarrassment, and his hand was rapidly forming, which turned out to be to want to be against Liuxuan’s opponent.
"You’re the bold one. Who gives you the strength to dare to instruct my brother to abuse the Tianqin people and the Tianqin land? Do you want to be the enemy of the whole Tianqin New District? Do you dare to repeat what your brother just said? "
Liuxuan looked at Booker and wanted to shoot him, but he was not afraid, but he couldn’t give up the initiative. If he was occupied by the other party, this incident would really be his own.
Booker was stunned by Liu Xuan’s roar, and then he woke up. What Hams said just now was really nothing, but when it came to Tianqin, it was really impossible to say a word. It was like when the Qin people scolded Beifan and Xifan white-skinned pigs. You can curse whatever you want when there is no one in the Qin State, but you must never say it in front of them. It is aimed at a race unless you are in the majority, otherwise you really don’t know how to die.
By the same token, here in Tianqin, you dare to scold the yellow-skinned monkey of Qin people, and the result is of course to bear the anger of Qin people
Booker looked at already deceives the body to come over several pulse order this just to react he hurriedly held out his hand "wait a minute this is misunderstanding, misunderstanding …"
He didn’t dare to sneer at Erxian with the four spiritual practitioners. It’s a good thing to say, don’t fly to the top of the pulse order with the other one. These are two people. He and Harry are not necessarily opponents of each other. It’s not certain whether Harry will make a move. This is not the same as the situation just now, but Hams has already made a heavy anger. Harry doesn’t have to do this to help.
"I don’t think this is a misunderstanding …" Don’t fly to sneer at two directly raise my hand with a golden light. Heaven and earth suddenly become discolored. The peak power of pulse order can definitely be regarded as conan the destroyer. Although it is not as good as Xuandan’s territory, it can move mountains and fill seas, but it is also different. Don’t fly to a hand and immediately attract patrol guards around. Note that if it is an ordinary fight, it will just trigger an alarm immediately. I’m afraid none of these Christians can run away.