Rogge has pulled out the waist iron sword figure fast toward the horned monster.

However, it was still too late for the leader’s knife to come near, but his own body was hit by the big steel fork raised by the other side.
The leader’s body was directly cut in the middle, and two blood sections immediately filled the slate.
The thick smell of blood filled the stone room. Looking at all these terrible scenes, Rogge couldn’t help but have a churning in his stomach.
This is not a fucking person. It’s a heartless animal. Only a cold-blooded animal can do such an exterminating thing. Looking at the girls in the iron cage, looking at the girl tied with ropes, looking at the naked woman lying dying, Rogge’s anger is aroused. It’s unforgivable. It’s unforgivable!
Rogge didn’t come to react when he heard a few broken bones around him.
It turned out that there were two people left in the end, dragging their bodies and fighting with the horned monster.
Rogge looked at the last two people lying on the ground, and his heart was twisted and hateful! How hateful!
Rogge’s eyes looking at the horn monster at the moment seem to be full of flames that can’t be burned. I want them to take revenge. Although they have nothing to do with themselves, he respects their courage and determination to be United as one.
"Leave the rest to me, and you will be finished if you don’t finish it." Rogge bitterly gnashed his teeth.
Chapter 30 Die!
Rogge turned to mercilessly stare at the horned monster. "I didn’t expect you to be so ugly not only with an ugly heart, but I must not let you go today. Come on!"
Say Rogge pointed the iron sword at the horn monster’s body, and it was wrapped with rich white Se qi. At this moment, the iron sword also shook violently.
"And you are?" And the horned monster has recognized Rogge at this moment. Isn’t that insulting one of our own by the stream during the day? ! The horned monster will never forget that moment during the day, nor will he forget that this is the man who has made no secret of his dislike for him. At that time, his eyes looked like needles, which made him extremely uncomfortable. At this moment, when he looked at this man, the horned monster wanted to kill him, would he let him go again?
The horn monster’s mouth is crooked. "It’s a narrow road to go. It’s doomed that you will be buried by my hand today. I’ll cut off your head and avenge your humiliation!"
After all, the horn monster should go to the steel fork in his hand towards Rogge. At this time, the dance is more powerful. The fork can rock the mountain!
However, Rogge did not show weakness. Rogge’s knowledge has already probed into this hateful horn monster. The strength of the second stage should be an intermediate summoner. It may not be the same as Rogge’s, but it may be higher than Rogge’s. This horn monster can’t be slack.
"If the wind has the wind to win, there is a sword method!"
Rogge, holding a big iron sword with a blade, poured poor power and went straight to the Horn Monster.
Keng Keng!
As Rogge’s body constantly changes, the iron sword and steel fork are constantly struck together and separated, and then the two weapons are hit again, which are thicker than natural gas, and violent sparks collide and a sharp weapon sounds.
"Go to hell!"
In the stone room, a white Se dragon suddenly appeared on Rogge’s head. Of course, it was a small white dragon. As soon as it appeared, it was angry and abnormal.
The dragon body swung fiercely, and the body went straight into the body of the Horn monster.
Blast a stone chamber in the gravel cracking and violent shaking.
However, the strange eyes of the horn looked at the situation, and when the dragon ran directly towards him, the strange horn quickly pulled out a thing from his arms
"Up, up, up!"
See a yellow Se gold circle from small to large, and finally rapidly change the size of a wheel, and the yellow Se gold circle constantly scatters gold Se light outward.
After a blow, the little white dragon quickly pummeled the stone room, but the horned monster showed no signs of injury. His golden circle successfully resisted.
Looking at each other without success, the ox horn monster held a steel fork in one hand and a yellow Se gold circle in the eyes of God Se, and immediately yelled at Rogge, "You’re coming to kill me!" Come here, will you? ! If you can’t, then die! "
After that, the Horn Monster will never give each other a break. The gold Se collar in his hand blooms with bright gold Se light, and then the Horn Monster rushes up and goes straight for Rogge.
And in situ Rogge watched a blow not at the moment is also angry.
A hard look at Rogge’s clothes and clothes "come back!"
Then float in the white se dragon whoosh and flash back to Rogge’s body and suddenly dissipate in shape.
"ah!" Rogge screaming a whole body qi violently floating.
Rogge’s department of knowing the sea and airflow came into being at this moment.
Either you succeed or you die!
Rogge jumped up and jumped directly into the iron sword, standing horizontally and cutting it.
The iron sword smashed the gold ring violently, and there was a deafening metal intersection. Let’s take a look at the horn monster biting its teeth and desperately resisting it. Rogge’s violent blow directly made the horn monster tremble, and the horn monster almost squatted on the ground.
Take this opportunity!