"wow! Wow! "

The little monster doesn’t seem to appreciate the smell speech, and his face shows impatience. Several tentacles are trying to gesture.
"You want me to leave here?" Zhang Yang zheng asks.
"wow! Wow! "
Little monster willing nodded and a stroke of strokes.
"Do you want me to find the remains of Lord Wu Manzu as soon as possible?"
"wow! Wow! "
The little monster shouted and his face was full of expectation.
Zhang Yang hesitated and finally nodded.
"Brother monster, rest assured that I will search the remains of Wu Manzu’s adult completely. I inherited the blood force of Wu Manzu’s adult and assumed a mission. Those enemies who hurt Wu Manzu’s adult are my Zhang Yang undead enemies! I will kill them for revenge! It will also make you walk with the two rattan brothers in a fair way! "
Zhang Yang’s tone is extremely firm and full of strong confidence.
That’s the truth. Whether Zhang Yang wants him to inherit the bloodline of Wu Manzu or not, those who once regarded Wu Manzu as a thorn in the side and a thorn in the flesh will regard him as a thorn in the side.
Of course, Zhang Yang has benefited greatly from Wu Manzu, so he has to take revenge.
And assume the responsibility of letting the witch people see the light of day again.
"wow! Wow! "
The little monster is barking and his eyes are shining, which seems to be looking forward to that day.
During this period of time, Zhang Yang told the little monster that he was almost desperate to find two people with excitement.
Is a foreigner now can’t find rattan rattan far little monster although urgent can also put all hopes on Zhang Yang.
Chapter four hundred Kill the kiss
Cang solicitation!
Little monster don’t know where to take out a long knife handle to tentacles rolled up and handed it to Zhang Yang in front of a pair of very sad.
This long Dao is naturally Zhang Yang’s artifact long Dao. Since it was captured, the little monster has always kept it as a treasure and took it out from time to time.
Obviously, the seal rattan forest mana in the artifact long Dao makes me feel familiar.
"You keep this! Even as a souvenir! " Zhang Yang gave a push and said
"wow! Wow! "
At this time, the little monster’s attitude is very firm and direct. He thrust the long Dao into Zhang Yang’s hands. Obviously, it also knows that this long Dao is a great fighting force in Zhang Yang, especially the seal mana key can always be a lifeline for Zhang Yang.
Zhang Yang a little hesitation is no longer polite to flip things away.
Say goodbye to Zhang Yang’s body, flashing into a light and flying quickly into the soil.
And the little monster behind him followed closely behind his face.
Zhang Yang also stopped from time to time to wave the little monster back.
Until Zhang Yang escaped from the soil and returned to the ground, he could feel the little monster wandering back and forth in the soil.
Out of concern, the little monster didn’t dare to show up casually
Perhaps it is because of its cautious character that it has lived alone in that world for several years without being discovered by the enemy.
Zhang Yang heart sighs a finally a dun light from completely disappeared from the sky.
Cangshan Mountain is green and luxuriant.
Zhang Yang, a mountain in the hands of the law should not even shake hands.
A lux bottle is a flaming bottle.
A flash of red light disappeared into the land.
Then Zhang Yang sleeve robe with a wave of his hand.
In the buzz, nearly 3,000 large silver-winged magic ants flew into the ground and disappeared in a flash.
Prepare for these two things. Zhang Yang nodded and smiled with satisfaction.